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  1. nice and congrats!!!! sorry to hear about your friends, i am sure you will find good friends out there who will support you and empathize with you.
  2. Mary Gordon

    Surgery on Tuesday

    wish you the best, i am sure everything will be fine.....welcome to the loser;s bench.....enjoy your new journey to weight loss.
  3. Mary Gordon

    Eating out

    i always try to teach my kids to order healthy things on the menu, and they share with me or i order a vegetable soup....and salad.
  4. you have made the best decision. for now just listen to anyone and everyone, then you will show them your results and they will stay quiet.....rock that sleeve girl....you deserve the best and the sleeve is the best!!! wish you the best of luck.
  5. Mary Gordon

    Exercising with the WII

    i don;t have a Wii but my nephew does, and i have really worked up a sweat....i am seriously thinking of getting one for me......i have also been in the zumba class at my gym and i really love it too!!! i love any exercise that really makes me sweat.
  6. Mary Gordon


    i have heard that doing exercise at Curves is less intense and i personally like more intense exercise, more on the note of kickboxing and weight lifting....but any form of exercise always helps, so try it, go for it....if you don't like it the first month, then try something new....best of luck.
  7. Mary Gordon

    Surgery done 2 days ago

    congrats!!! you will do just fine, welcome to the loser's bench...and please keep us posted.
  8. Mary Gordon

    Too Uncoordinated To Dance

    i second this, it is a challenge at first, and after some and some more repetitions, you will start getting the hang of it......the important thing is that you are doing your exercise and physical movement that burns calories. best of luck\!!!
  9. Mary Gordon

    Ok here I go...me at 168

    now or never....this is definitely your year!!! you look greattttt.....keep up the good work, you will have the best year because this is just the beginning of your journey to weight loss.....congrats.
  10. Mary Gordon

    I have a question about alcohol

    i cut down to having 2 glasses of anything....call it beer, wine or whisky.....at the beginning couldn't finish the whole glass....now i do but i can't eat anything.....when i do drink, i make sure to not skip my exercise routine......this has helped me maintain my weight.....very important to also drink lots of Water.
  11. Mary Gordon

    Mexican Fudge

    thanks for the recipe, i will for sure try it out.....sounds delicious.....
  12. hi anna, have you checked out dr. aceves information? his charging 8750, and he is totally worth it. every penny is worth the price.
  13. Mary Gordon

    Frustrated - need some cheerleaders

    hang in there, be patient....sometimes we have good and some others are bad days. but the majority are good, and we should be grateful for having had the opportunity to have this surgery. so cheer up, all will be well.....smile and chin up.
  14. Mary Gordon

    What brand of yogurt

    thanks for the tip, i have tried krogers as well....but i will be sure to try out the ones you have mentioned.
  15. Mary Gordon

    Sleeved December 8!

    hi i am doing great...good to hear you are doing great as well.....taking care of myself more than the usual, getting ready for next week, xmas food, don't want to over do it. welcome to your new journey to weight loss. enjoy and best of luck.
  16. Mary Gordon

    Eve of My Sleeve

    wish you the best of luck, you really sound calm and ready to enjoy your new journey to weight loss.....go for it,....may God bless you and rock that sleeve. Please keep us posted.
  17. Mary Gordon

    Need to get serious about exercise, AGAIN.

    excellent!!! today was my first day of my xmas break so i also walked jogged for 50 mins....excellent morning, sunny and warm.
  18. Mary Gordon

    Dr. Aceves

    yep, i think one person can be included, and they can stay with you at the hotel.....but if you need further information, please feel free to call NIna, she's the patient coordinator.....dr. aceves is totally worth every penny and effort. goodluck
  19. Mary Gordon

    Chicken Salad

    thankyou for the advice, ill make sure to try it out.....
  20. Mary Gordon

    How long were you off work?

    well i took like one week off.....pretty strange when i went back to work, but i survived. you will too....wish you the best and welcome to the loser's bench!!!
  21. Mary Gordon

    wanting surgery in February

    i recommend Mexicali, Mexico - with Dr. Aceves....he is definitely your best choice. He and his staff are very reliable and professional. If you need more info, please feel free to contact NIna, she's the patient coordinator and she's great as well.
  22. i totally agree with you blackberry - if it's your time to pass away to a better life, it'll happen anywhere, either in Mexico, or china or usa....so remember live your life like if it were your last day!!!