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  1. Itstime

    Friends on VSG Forum?

    Tiffy, Count me in this fall, would love to have a good get together down there. Have you noticed any tar balls on the beach. My heart goes out to the coast and what BP has done to the economy and environment there.
  2. Itstime

    When were you cleared for weights?

    150 lbs!!!! Awesome. But hold on until you get the clear for this exercise. You do not want a hernia or complications so give your body time to properly heal. Time for that coming soon!!!
  3. Itstime

    Moving forward with RE

    The best to you Dee, I am excited for you!
  4. Itstime

    Getting down

    Anna, I hear you! I am slowly losing a pound here and there, sometime nothing for a week/ two weeks and then lose. I am doing exercise 3x a week and do notice my clothes size going down when no weight change on the scale. I think if you measured you would notice lost inches and you only have about 20lbs to go so guess you will have to keep on keeping on and tell yourself you are going to make this tool work for you! I tell myself also that this is a way of life, not a short term goal. Good luck!
  5. Itstime

    High Protein Vegan/Vegetarian Options for Us

    I was looking for a vegetarian thread here and saw Tiffy's list. I got Alicia Silverstone's new book The Kind Diet and I want to try again to limit my meat and dairy. I know I will have to concentrate on the protein and still have my whey protein shakes, (they really help control hunger for me), but needed to hear from other sleevers that are vegan. I switched to vegan last year and lost weight and felt great! I was not a full vegan but only had fish, soy milk instead of milk and cheeses. Publix had some good selections but know I will have to get more creative with recipes if I want to stay on it. I loved that the book had three different levels to try and didn't have to jump right in with the strict guidelines, like "flirting" to full vegan. My main reason is the method of killing our animals with no respect for them and expect that meat to nourish our bodies. Then there is the issue of hormones and antibiotics which we and our children do not need. It is a small thing I can do. Thanks again Tiffy for the links.
  6. Very informative Daisy! We must be our own advocates on this issue and investigate! Thanks so much for this link. I am so much better but plan to up my probiotics with yogurt. I was really surprised how easy it was to stop PPI's.
  7. Itstime

    I Finally Did It...

    Glad you are home and on the losers bench with us. How are you doing?
  8. I'm with you Jane. I did have a bone density test and was osteopenia and I am now off my PPI with no problems. If I have the odd twinge in the evening after an acidic meal I swallow Maalox and its gone. I am trying to get off any unnecessary pills also, (never a pill taker). It might be a good thing to check on your bone density, it will sneak up on you and you can prevent any additional loss with....another med. A fracture is not a good thing as we get older.
  9. Oregon, I am so glad to see you on here!! I thought you were banned!! Did I miss something?
  10. So glad you are feeling so good! I really loved my experience with Dr. Aceves and his staff, very caring and kept me comfortable throughout my stay. I loved his weekend nurse on duty Adriana who couldn't have been any more solicitous. I had some nausea the second day and she always stayed on top of it with meds, made all the difference. You are on your way!!!
  11. Itstime

    6 Month Update

    Sorry to hear you might have a hernia, guess you should check that out, could get worse. Congrats on the 75lbs!!! Also good for you on your KW trip, I LOVE that island. Are you still exercising often? Size 6, awesome!
  12. After surgery Dr. Aceves had me take Nexium mups which dissolve in water for 3 months. Then I could move on to pills. He said he just rec this to everyone even though some might be able to tolerate pills sooner, just for precaution.
  13. I think we all agree we are not following what WE want to do, our doctors know what is best, I would hope by now. Each patient has different reasons for discontinuing PPI's OR staying on them. Its good that we can share what our experiences are IF we stop, not trying to influence the decision.
  14. Itstime

    WLS and Seniors

    CavyGuy, you are in good company and we will all be rooting for you. I know you are making the right decision for your health and you will love Dr. Aceves and his staff. Good to hear from you Stoongal and your new pics are so pretty! O.K. Lee, an hour you say??? Guess I need to up the exercise. I do water aerobics that feels so good and then 30 mins of treadmill but only 3 x week. I need to up that. So far my abdomen is shrinking nicely, only little sag top of my thighs and upper arms little crinkly but I am working on that. I haven't felt this good in years!!
  15. Itstime

    First Setback - Hopefully Nothing

    I think this is not uncommon. A lot of people don't even know they have this and its good they can evaluate what kind of conduction problem it is. My daughter and I both have this, (pvc's) and I bet it won't matter at all with having your surgery.

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