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  1. 2 years have passed since you registered at VerticalSleeveTalk! Happy 2nd Anniversary pattan59801!

  2. pattan59801

    Dr. Miguel Zapata

    Thanks so much:thumbup1:
  3. pattan59801

    Wanted To Clarify Something

    lol yeah I did........
  4. Dr. Miguel Zapata Anyone have any info?????:thumbup1:
  5. pattan59801

    Wanted To Clarify Something

    :thumbdown:Holy cow!!!! people come here for comfort and friendship and support.....NOT to listen to petty bickering....get a life people!
  6. pattan59801

    New member just joined

    Hi my names Kim....And I joined a gym about a month ago.......and you would not believe the results.....I have not lost any weight but I am building my muscle mass back up.... which helps burn fat faster......anyway because I am so big ...excercise is extremly painful mainly in the hips and back........well my PC sugested water exercise. and wow I can exercise pain free for 1 and a half hours or more, I just join all the classes going on and learn my own things to do, and I can now do things I couldnt do before.....so dont be afraid of the gym just jump in the pool you will be amazed... Today I actually did a land exerciser for 12 min. without pain just keep on trucking you will get there....OH and be faithful and go at least 5 times a week... I go 6
  7. :blushing:OK well I read about every ones fears of getting the surgery done....and um well I have a fear too.......but my fear is kind of hygiene related... anyways here goes....my fear is how am I going to be able to wipe my hinny with my tummy hurting? (blushing) but really worried, I like to be clean, but will it hurt your stomach inside to twist to wipe?:cursing:
  8. I am going to Mexico, Very scary but the DR's are way more experienced,
  9. pattan59801

    December surgery

    I am also having surgery by DR Aceves in December but not until the 29th, good luck with yours :biggrin0:
  10. pattan59801

    chickened out

    I too am having DR Aceves, Dec 29th, have you sent your deposit, do you feel comfortable sending money, I am afraid I will send the money and find out it is a big hokes:scared0:
  11. pattan59801

    Dr. Aceves

    the email address did not work:ohmy:
  12. pattan59801

    Dr. Aceves

    :001_tt1:How do I get a hold of Dr. Aceves he is my chosen surgeon ....yea me
  13. OK The stomach is stapled as the stomach is cut, the cut off part is removed. So what is left is stapled part, OK so the staples are they for life? Does the stomach ever heel where it wont leak? hmmmm
  14. pattan59801


    Thanks so much:biggrin0:
  15. has anyone used BridgeHealth to find their there surgeon? and how was the experience?

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