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  1. So if you go to the doctor and someone asks you why, you don't have a problem telling a coworker that it "burns when you pee" and you have a "smelly discharge from your genitals"? Instead of just saying you weren't feeling well? Not everyone needs to know everything. People have an actual RIGHT to privacy. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  2. circa

    Follow up care in the U.S.

    If your PCP won't see you anymore, you probably want a new one anyway. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  3. circa

    I Need a Bake Good!

    You pretty much can eat whatever you like - just watch how much/often. I've stayed away from chemical sweeteners in favor of real sugar and stevia. I feel so much better for it. We tend to overdo things because its "sugar free" - I think that we are more apt to control our intake knowing it has sugar in it. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  4. Mojitos! Vodka and cranberry, jack and coke. Beer - I have a drink whenever the desire hits. I don't notice any reduction in my tolerance. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  5. circa

    Pre-op diet and diet coke

    Quit drinking that crap. Switch to coffee or iced tea. No point in prolonging the inevitable. I was a diet coke junkie - easily 6-12 a day. Dropped it for iced tea. Don't miss it at all Sent from my iPhone using VST
  6. circa

    Any Colorado sleevers?

    I'm in Aurora. I was sleeved almost a year ago - down about 159 Sent from my iPhone using VST
  7. Keep walking! Sent from my iPhone using VST
  8. I guess the best way to describe the reasoning for some people is as a preventative measure. That horrible struggle that you, I, and many others face with the morbid obesity isn't something I would wish on my worst enemy- so for someone who can stop that from happening - which, for many, it's inevitable, more power to them. Why wait for something to be so bad that its hardest and more dangerous!? If you have a toothache, you don't wait for the tooth to abscess before dealing with it. Or at least you shouldn't! Sent from my iPhone using VST
  9. Nothing. I researched every big and little aspect of this surgery. No surprises at all Sent from my iPhone using VST
  10. I lost probably 2/3 of my hair. I was fortunate to her extremely thick hair. I felt like I was bald though. I was in near years with my stylist. She reassured me and even took pictures to show me that it wasn't noticeable by anyone but me. My loss lasted about 3-4 months and now, even though in still losing hair (always have) I'm getting it back faster than its falling out. Rest assured - it's normal to have the hair loss. Anesthesia alone can have this effect. It will get better. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  11. so...now the question....is the regret still there?
  12. circa

    Submitting To Insurance! :)

    good luck!
  13. My hair thinned but I and my hair stylist were the only ones that noticed. Take your vitamins and get your protein - that'll help. Its a side effect for many just due to having surgery - the anesthesia can have that effect. You don't go bald - but you probably will lose some hair. Small price to pay to keep your life and be healthy.
  14. circa

    Smoking Test

    please please please - if you really want to do something for your health, please quit smoking! I KNOW how hard it can be. I did it - several times. I finally did it for real almost 6 years ago. You have to really want to make the change in order for it to work - and I'm telling you - it'll be the best choice you ever make for yourself - even better than this surgery. Why? Because it ALLOWS you to have this surgery and allows you to BREATHE again! Good luck! Try anything! Chantix worked for me!
  15. circa

    Beer - Ouch

    We are talking about BEER! . Sent from my iPhone using VST

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