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  1. 2 years has passed since you registered at VerticalSleeveTalk! Happy 2nd Anniversary *Lib*!

  2. My weightloss was fast, and I have been pretty lucky with excess skin. I started about the same weight as you, and I think my goal weight is about the same as yours is. I tried to stop my weighloss. It wasn't as easy as it seems.
  3. I am doing really well now thank you! Last christmas I was really sick. I was underweight and having issues with keeping anything down, now 12 months down the track I am feeling fantastic! Still can't eat much and having issues with maintaing a healthy weight, but feeling great. Its weird to read back over this post. I thought I'd really made the wrong decision, now I tell everyone I can about it I have lost about 119 pounds. And sit fairly steady on 119 pounds.
  4. *Lib*

    Drinking and Eating

    I thought that the food is more important that the liquid, and if you drink you can't eat as much?
  5. Well done Tiff. I am now 12 months out, I am working on now putting on some more weight , I have lost a little too much now. You are looking so great, I don't get on here much anymore, but wanted to say well done!
  6. Lib,

    I just found you! I had never seen your pics or anything and was completely blown away. You have done such an amazing job.

  7. I was back in with dehydration a couple of weeks post op, but I was throwing up over christmas too Hope you are feeling better!
  8. *Lib*

    My journey

  9. *Lib*

    Does anyone else do this???????

    Yep I do the same thing, and I end up feeling terrible. Deep fried food makes me feel heavy and uncomfortable. I love a good salad now and can't believe it keeps me full for so long! I'd have the shakes after a salad in the 'olden' days!
  10. *Lib*

    New Addiction?

    You can have mine if you want Steph :thumbup1:
  11. *Lib*

    Scars from Surgery

    I can barley see my scars 7 months out.
  12. I am only 31 so I don't think my weightloss has made me look older.
  13. I too eat whatever and whenever I want, and I dont exercixe, glad to hear it hasn't effected you 2.5 years down!
  14. *Lib*

    Carbonated drinks?

    I drink soft drinks, but not alot because they make me uncomfortable. I have found with alcohol a little gets me silly very quickly but I also sober up very quickly too!