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  1. My weightloss was fast, and I have been pretty lucky with excess skin. I started about the same weight as you, and I think my goal weight is about the same as yours is. I tried to stop my weighloss. It wasn't as easy as it seems.
  2. I am doing really well now thank you! Last christmas I was really sick. I was underweight and having issues with keeping anything down, now 12 months down the track I am feeling fantastic! Still can't eat much and having issues with maintaing a healthy weight, but feeling great. Its weird to read back over this post. I thought I'd really made the wrong decision, now I tell everyone I can about it I have lost about 119 pounds. And sit fairly steady on 119 pounds.
  3. Not sure if this is the right section for this thread, but it sounded right. Just having a whinge, and I am surrprised its taken me this long. I am 8 weeks out from surgery tomorrow, and I feel shite. I can't eat anything, and if I do its tiny tiny amounts. I hear "read" people talking about eating a saucer of food. I am lucky if I can eat 2 or 3 teaspoons. I am vomitting most days, no reason, just feel sick, and up it comes. I can drink fine, but food is a real issue. Surely my body can't survive on such little food. For example, yesterday I had a couple of sips of a hot choc, 1 cracker with vegimite and a sip of Soup. I can't seem to find any information on why I feel a blockage in my throat. I think this blockage is whats causing me to be sick. Its like when you poke your finger down your throat and you need to retch, like its just sitting there ready to make me spew! Food is such a huge part of your life and every single meal is affected by how I feel. We don't go out any where because I can't eat anything. I haven't got the energy just to cruise the shops. I have lost 20kg but I worry about it coming back when eventually I start to eat. **Little gap there where I went to be sick** I am just so over it, and soemdays find myself wishing I had never done this to myself. :lol0:
  4. *Lib*

    Drinking and Eating

    I thought that the food is more important that the liquid, and if you drink you can't eat as much?
  5. Well done Tiff. I am now 12 months out, I am working on now putting on some more weight , I have lost a little too much now. You are looking so great, I don't get on here much anymore, but wanted to say well done!
  6. *Lib*

    Dad and I

    From the album: My journey

  7. I was back in with dehydration a couple of weeks post op, but I was throwing up over christmas too Hope you are feeling better!
  8. *Lib*


    From the album: My journey

  9. *Lib*

    My journey

  10. *Lib*

    Does anyone else do this???????

    Yep I do the same thing, and I end up feeling terrible. Deep fried food makes me feel heavy and uncomfortable. I love a good salad now and can't believe it keeps me full for so long! I'd have the shakes after a salad in the 'olden' days!
  11. *Lib*

    New Addiction?

    You can have mine if you want Steph :thumbup1:
  12. *Lib*

    Post Op diet

    So I am looking for ideas for daily intake. At the moment my usual day consists of Breakfast 1/2 a Weetbix Morning tea Black Tea lunch 1 cruskit with vegimite or creamed cheese some watermelon Afternoon Tea Fruit dinner Pasta I need some variation, can anyone post what they eat inn a day to give me some ideas please! Thanks in advance!
  13. *Lib*

    Scars from Surgery

    I can barley see my scars 7 months out.
  14. I am only 31 so I don't think my weightloss has made me look older.
  15. I too eat whatever and whenever I want, and I dont exercixe, glad to hear it hasn't effected you 2.5 years down!
  16. *Lib*

    Carbonated drinks?

    I drink soft drinks, but not alot because they make me uncomfortable. I have found with alcohol a little gets me silly very quickly but I also sober up very quickly too!
  17. I have just had a phone call from my surgeons receptionist. She has asked me to talk at an information seminar they are holding TOMORROW night. Ekk!! I haven't been to an information session, so I have no idea what they are like! Do you have some thing particular you think I should mention? I am surprised they want to hear from me, the first few months were pretty difficult! I will read through my blog tonight to refresh my memory, but I'd really like to know what others found helpful.
  18. Hi thanks for asking, I tended to ramble on a bit, but someone from another forum was there and she said I did ok! I had before and after photos to pass around as well!
  19. *Lib*

    Vitamin Question??

    All the vitamins I found were huge and horrible, so I didn't take any. Now I have a vitamin B12 deficencey and have regular B12 injections. I wish I'd found a good liquid vitamin and taken it
  20. *Lib*

    Cup of Noodles??

    I don't have an issue with Pasta or noodles. Bread makes me feel horrible though.
  21. *Lib*

    Wanted To Clarify Something

    Hmm this was all well and truly forgotten, why drag it up?
  22. *Lib*

    65-70 lbs to lose

    Hi guys, I have lost 88 pounds in 6 months. Its very achievable!
  23. *Lib*

    Complications after Sleeve Surgery

    I'm not a doctor, when I had my surgery I was informed of the risks involved.