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  1. mizzchrisv

    Head hunger!

    Omg i thought i was the only one my boys will eat and make bagels and sandwhichs and im just like oooommmggg i have never cheated not even on my liquid before surgery ill be two weeks on thursday not looking forward to the puree goodluck to all
  2. mizzchrisv

    Any Az sleevers?

    Hey janett, congrats on the surgery how is it coming along... I am getting mine at banner dessert hospital with Dr Chen I heard he is amazing soooo yay!!
  3. mizzchrisv

    September 2013 Sleevers :)

    I am so happy this thread was started we are all so close to the same dates or on the sane date all around the same weight we can share our struggles and success like a September family haha lame I know but it feels good to know your not alone and remember we are all beautiful/handsome as we are and this tool is gonna help us stay that way..
  4. mizzchrisv

    6th day into liquid diet

    Thank I will look tomorrow good luck to u too
  5. My Dr said no to yogurt but they are all diff. And look at all these 12th surgeries this is awesome I've lost four in four days
  6. mizzchrisv

    September 2013 Sleevers :)

    Hey everyone!! I am in my liquid diet for 2 weeks ill get my surgery on the 12th so excited but really freakin scared... can someone tell me how to get that count down for the weight and goal thing
  7. mizzchrisv

    extra skin, and stretch marks

    Haha thank you so much and congrats
  8. mizzchrisv

    Any Az sleevers?

    I have been to the support groups at my local hospital but I feel like everyone already knows each other so they don't pay attention to the newbies ;(.. so if your a az sleever let me know love to chat
  9. My surgery isn't until the 12th of this month and I've been hearing you'll have so much extra skin and your stretch marks will stay the same... Is there anything besides coco butter that will help and the extra skin I know excersise but anything else to help with the elasticity.. thanks all and good luck
  10. mizzchrisv

    Who Are You?

    My name is christin I am 25 I have a 6 year old named Talin. We were in a horrible car accident I was in the hospital for 1 month and rehab for 3. I gained most of my weight then due to the fact I wasn't able to walk run skip hop lol. Four days ago I was 290 5'4 I am 4 days in my diet and I am 286 and super hungry haha. My surgery is set for the 12th of this month so excited but really scared. Before my son was born in 2007 I was 130 - 150 lbs after birth I was 220 and kinda stayed that weight until 2010 when I became 290. I have tried everything lost weight here or there but it never stayed. My Mom and I went to an education class cause we were thinking of the lapband and we found out about the sleeve. So a year later with supervised weightloss I am here its been along journey and I haven't even begun. Best of luck to all hope to make friends for a lifetime. (chandler az)

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