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  1. Sherlock1969

    Help, lunch ideas!

    Oscar meyer carving board turkey, tomato slices, lettuce slice, low fat mayo, slice of thin toast...open faced sandwich, cut up in small bites. My current fav. Chili...when I make it I measure one cup portions in freezer bags.
  2. Sherlock1969

    2nd fill not feeling any different.

    @ Countryheart...hang in there. You had a set back due to the hernia, but that is all it is...a bump in the road. Stay the course, keep getting fills and it WILL happen!!! Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. Sherlock1969

    2nd fill not feeling any different.

    I have been banded over a year. My doctor is conservative with fills every month. I have had approximately 13 fills. I am just now entering the green zone. It can take time. For some no fills, others one or two and yet some that are totally filled. Also, You probably had some saline put in the band the day of surgery. When your doc/NP put more saline in they draw a bit out first to make sure they hit the port before injecting the predetermined amount they are putting in. I think that is rather standard practice. Hang in there!
  4. I have had approximately 13 fills over the course of 16 months. I 'think' (HOPE!) I am finally in the green zone. (Noticing a real difference in this last fill...hoping it lasts). Anyway, my point is, while it can be frustrating not to get there immediately, I have to say because it took so long, I learned a lot along the way and have not had such a hard time with the rules of eating with the band. I have had over a year to adjust and I think that is a good thing. Since January of this year I was only losing a pound/pound and a half a month, But with this last fill I have dropped 3 lbs in 10 days. Be a patient. I am up to a little over 9 in a 14 cc band. Don't panic, relax and practice the rules of eating...you'll get there. And remember EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!
  5. Just curious if you can get the recommended amount of protein per day using these meals...?
  6. Sherlock1969

    Vacationing with the band

    Congratulations of EVERYTHING!
  7. Sherlock1969

    Anyone having trouble with friends?

    As they say..... When a door closes, a window opens. And now we can FIT through that window!
  8. Sherlock1969

    Needs some suggestions please

    I have to be extra careful when I get too hungry...then I want to shovel it in and squash that hunger quickly. So I cut my food in VERY small bites. That helps a great deal to keep me on point. I often cut my meat so it is not much bigger than a pea. I still have not hit the green zone....and I am over a year out. (close but not quite there). All this time I just pretend to be in the green. Fake it til you make it. I imagine my stomach being the size of a fist and I look at food and think that should logistically fill me up. Works sometimes better than others. I make myself wait an hour and then start drinking. If still hungry I will eat something else. You'll get there! Exercise....maybe sit in a chair and lift some hand weights until your knees can handle more. Good luck!
  9. Sherlock1969

    Input needed; protein shakes/iced coffee

    @iamshazza I just order a sample 3 pack from Click....and it was on sale...just a bit over $7 WITH shipping. Thanks! Can't wait to try it!
  10. Sherlock1969

    New Beginnings

    I don't understand...you stretched your stoma? How did he determine that is was stretched? What is to be done about that? And why is the doctor waiting a whole year to see you again? Pardon my ignorance....
  11. Sherlock1969

    I'm going walking and I'm a foodaholic.

    So true! I truly believe it is an addition...certainly an addicts behavior; over eating, eating in secret, thinking of food often....the band doesn't take that away, but I have found it a bit easier to say no to bad foods. Not always but most of the time. An everyday battle. I know when I feel weak I come on here and read and bask in the fact that I am truly NOT alone. xo
  12. Sherlock1969

    What to expect in first week

    food wise, I had on hand, sugar free Jello and Popsicles, chicken/beef broth (you will get sick of sweet real quick), Crystal Lite drinks, Protein shakes, 100% juice (especially if diabetic and on meds in case of sugar drops). Your doctor's office should give you a list of things to have and that you are supposed to have...mine gave me a pretty thorough list. My biggest advice for the time post surgery is to remember this is NOT forever. liquid diet is temporary...good luck!!!
  13. Sherlock1969

    Curious....I can't be the only one...

    Parisshel...I have noticed people treat me different too...especially strangers in public...holding the door, a smile, a friendly comment etc...how does it make you feel that people treat you differently? Personally, I enjoy it, BUT have to say it makes me a little sad that people can't treat people that nice regardless of looks....
  14. Sherlock1969

    Looking for a new compression body shaper...suggestions?

    I got one from Walmart of all places....Fruit of the loom or Hanes, not sure which (i have it on and can't look right now). Anyway, it is under $15 and works pretty well.
  15. Sherlock1969

    Share Your NSVs Here Please!

    Thank you Jamilyne! There are some really good, helpful and encouraging people on here...I am so glad to have this resource!

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