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    I'm a 44 year old married mom of two great teenagers. I love my husband , my kids and my job. I'm a labor and delivery nurse of 19 years
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    I love to read, go to the movies, read, go out and eat, read, crochet, read and oh yeah, I love to read!
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    I' a lbaor and delivery nurse and I absolutely Love my job. I get to be a part of miracles everyday!
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    North Texas
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  1. sengelken


    Two years out and I'm still having trouble convincing my family that a PB is not a vomit and they don't need to freak out. I'm not sick, I don't need to have the band removed. I just took a bite of the Olive Garden bread stick that I used love so much! Sigh.... Lol!
  2. sengelken

    Eating out

    When we stay in hotels or travel we only stay in places with a fridge and microwave so we can take leftovers back with us. Saves money on meals.
  3. Ok. I'm a nurse and work nights so it's either really busy, no time to eat or really slow, snack all night. Some of my favorite foods: chic fil a has an awesome chicken salad and its finely chopped and goes down super easy and they have a fruit cup to die for! When I'm feeling tight I eat fat free decried beans with low fat cheese on top with taco sauce. Peanut butter and thinly sliced Apple wedges, oatmeal with protein powder added for extra P! I do protein shakes when I don't have much time, boiled eggs, cheese cubes and turkey pepperoni slices, pretzel chips and I love hummus. Rotisserie chicken de boned and divided in baggies can be a quick grab and go. You can get lunch meat that's pretty good like roast beef, turkey and chicken, tuna snack packs, Market Street has all kinds of prepared foods like chicken salad, egg salad, deviled eggs, and they have a deli and prepared foods too. I only cook on my days off and use the crock pot a lot. My husband is diabetic so that helps. We make taco soup( lean ground beef or chicken) lots of beans( esp black beans, pinto, lots of protein there) and roast. I never know what the night will be like so most of food for work is something I can grab and go that I know won't get stuck if I have to eat fast and I'm a pretty picky eater. Hope this helps. I'll add more as I think of it. [emoji173]️ good luck!
  4. sengelken

    More critical of facial features after WLS?

    I can completely relate. When I was "fuller" I was always asked for my id well into my thirties and once in my early forties. I've lost 50+ and have 50+ more to go and will be 48 this year and I stare in the mirror and see jowls and wrinkles I never had when my face was fatter. I have friends who lost the weight really fast and even though they are younger they look really old beyond their years. I'm a slow loser so hopefully I don't have this problem. I try not to see the individual pieces but how they all fit together. And together I think I look pretty good for a almost 50 mother of four and grandmother of five! Yay me!
  5. sengelken

    Traveling with a lap band

    I flew last week from Texas to Washington, D.C. And the whole week my band was tight. It also happens to me when I travel long distances in the car. It takes a few days for it to settle back down after I get back home. On the plus side I always lose a few pounds on vacation!
  6. sengelken

    New commitment.

    Doing good. Down five pounds. Working nights and re-setting is easier than I thought. Protein shake when I wake up and then lunch at work with a snack and then another protein shake at home before I go to bed. And it's been easier to get my water in too.
  7. sengelken

    Your weirdest breakfast?

    Chili dog with cheese minus the bun! Taco soup! I work nights so breakfast time is supper time for me and even on my days off I like breakfast foods at night.
  8. sengelken

    Texas Newbie

    I'm in Texas, too! Welcome!
  9. sengelken

    New commitment.

    Stephanie, meet your lap band. Lap band, meet Stephanie. Now that I've re-introduced myself to my lap band I'm starting over and I mean from the beginning. I was banded December 2013 and I've lost 65 lbs with about that much to go. I'm a night shift nurse and work 3-5 12 hour shifts a week with almost no time to exercise. And everyone knows when you're up all night working all you do is eat! I try to make healthy choices but when it's busy and it usually is there's no way to sit down and take my time for a satisfying meal. So I snack a little and then of course I'm hungry 2 hours later and drinking a gallon of water when there's no time to pee is out of the question. So I'm going to make an effort to increase fluids and decrease snacking. Going back to my pre op diet of 2 protein shakes and a healthy high protein low carb meal every day for 2 weeks to reset myself. Wish me luck!
  10. I agree with 2babutterfly. Falling off the wagon may not be eating too much necessarily but eating the wrong things. I can only eat so much chicken but I could put away a half gallon of ice cream in one sitting easy. So I have to commit to eating the right things and not grazing.
  11. sengelken

    Slurpee??? Anyone? Anyone??

    Sonic has sugar free flavors for their slushies! Awesome!!
  12. sengelken

    Throwing up vs spitting up

    I did have the stomach flu about a month after banding and it is no Bueno!! Actual vomiting is completely different that spitting up or sliming. There's a different feel, sound and sometimes a vibration to the band when it happened at least for me.
  13. I had 6 cc's and was not really feeling any restriction. My np put in .4 cc's and I'm feeling super restricted. Who would have thought that tiny amount would do that? After almost 11 months I'm having to chew tiny bites and am finally feeling full!!!
  14. When you get pissed off that your scrub pockets at work at half the size they used to be and you can't carry as much junk as you used to!!
  15. sengelken

    Quest bars?

    All of them are awesome! Love PB&J, lemon pie, berries, brownie,etc!!

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