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  1. Ddavis5759

    Pre op liquid diet

    I am on Day 9 and I feel okay; you will get used to it. The low energy is because the protein drinks are low-carbs, which provides the energy. This process is good to adjust to the new you following surgery. I am getting through this because I know it is required to shrink my liver. My surgery is 2/13; in addition, I have to have clear liquids the day before and travel the day of surgery to Mexico! Now that will be challenging. Good luck on your journey.
  2. Ddavis5759

    Aetna and Weight Watchers.

    I also have Aetna and just completed my six months of visits on January 10th. The doctor's office submitted my case for approval today. I am a little apprehensive, but who knows, I may get approved.
  3. Ddavis5759

    Wls....a Bad Name!

    I plan to say...my weight was adversely affecting my health thus, my pcp referred me to a weight loss specialist who provided a tool to assist in controlling my weight.
  4. Ddavis5759

    Impatiently waiting for Aetna

    I also do not have the two-year history of obesity, although since my physician is not submitting my file for approval until January 2014, he is hoping to have the two years (2013-14) count. Good luck!
  5. Ddavis5759

    approved by Aetna

    I also have Aetna and just started the 6-month pre qualification phase, beginning with August. This is a requirement from Aetna; from what I understand guidelines vary from one insurance to another. Good luck on your journey!
  6. Ddavis5759

    united healthcare

    I am required to do 6 months of weight loss counseling also, although my initial doctor visit was not until 7/23, my six months will not end until January 2014. I also have to complete pre-counseling; psych, nutritionists, pcp visits, support group neetings, etc. I am okay waiting and I only have to lose 8 pounds in the 6 months. I must admit, I am looking forward to attending a support group meeting for the first time.
  7. Ddavis5759

    Not going to get approved

    Does the insurance cover BMI between 35 and 40?
  8. Ddavis5759

    Fear and friends...my lapband journey

    I love your response. Although I have just begun my journey (waiting for insurance approval), I have also been reading the blogs and there is just as much negativity as there are positive responses. One of the things that people need to keep in mind is the implications of NOT having the surgery. Possible candidates need to weigh the pros and cons of any decision that affect his/her life. Once this is done, the decision should be easier to accept. For me, my final decision focuses on my trust in God. If it is meant to be and I have done everything that I can, I place my life in God's hands.
  9. Ddavis5759


    I wish you the best of luck! I cannot wait until I am waiting for surgery. My first appointment with the surgeon is on 7/23, which I am rather anxious about. If you continue to post, I am definitely interested in following your progress as you go through this wonderful, life-changing journey.
  10. Ddavis5759

    Back again after a few years

    On the other hand, if I have to lose 10% of the weight I need to lose, I may no longer qualify? I am hoping that once approval is received, the weight loss no longer matters.
  11. Ddavis5759

    Back again after a few years

    It looks as if we have some of the same issues. Have you contacted your insurance vompany regarding requirements? For me, if your bmi is between 35 and 40 you have one of the following: sleep apnea, blood pressure requiring three medications, or type 2 diabetes. I have the bp issue and I am scheduled for a sleep study on 7/19. I attended orientation yesterday and have my first appt with the doctor on 7/23. I too was wondering about having to maintain the weight during each office visit. That's a lot of food. ..
  12. Ddavis5759

    Back again after a few years

    Bandista, I am also trying to keep my weight up for approval since I am borderline. And you are right, it does sound crazy. Although what other options do you have when you are relying on insurance to cover the cost? Do yoy have any other qualifying conditions?