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    VIP Member Check In

    @@Julie norton beautiful, indeed! Looks like you're having a lovely summer. Me, too. Have been outdoors a lot. Gardens very lush here in the northeast and all-around a beautiful summer. Thanks goodness after such a rough winter. Yesterday was my second day in a row of doubling up on exercise -- a (now) regular 4-5 mile walk but also swimming in the lake after. Repeating today at 8:30, yippee! Can't believe the years I missed out on swimming and so much more. Very grateful for weight loss surgery and finding myself again. Have a great day, all.
  2. So, even leaner and meaner then, eh? Way to go! Thanks for the inspiration this morning.
  3. Bandista

    So...a water park happened...

    Yes! You are made of awesome. I am driving around with a bathing suit in the car and ready to hop in lakes I've never swum -- no more worries about how I look in my bathing suit. Yippee! Here's to showing up in our lives.
  4. Bandista

    Best investment ever- WLS

    Agreed! I struggled mightily. No more.....
  5. Bandista


    What pix? I'm missing your trip to London! Assuming you had a fabulous time.........and do t worry about a few vacation pounds. Cream teas, yikes. As for tickers, I need to adjust mine up a few -- and meanwhile I've been in the process of signing up for emailing with my medical professionals. What is the front page? "Home?" Me, my weight and I. Eeek. No matter what I weigh I will never want it that visible.
  6. Bandista

    August Bands

    Hi there, i remember that combo of nervousness and excitement so well! Congratulations on all -- whole new chapter opening........
  7. @@dfaulkner hi there and congratulations on your tremendous success. I think we all worry about going back to old habits or complacency. I was a restricter for so many years. Now if I want something I let myself have a bit and then I am not in that mental state of Can't Have. It's a head game, for sure. Boredom can be a factor; if I'm busy I'm not thinking about food. Pink Dahlia's suggestions are great. Maybe you need a treat so why not find the right one for yourself. I have those 100 calorie yogurts that have real sugar and Steevia in them -- I mix in chia seeds and a little gluten-free Cereal, maybe a few nuts to make it chewy so I get the signal for satiety (otherwise yogurt is a slider for me). This appeases my sweet tooth and my craving for something creamy, plus it's a meal. If I'm short on Protein I put in a spoonful of GENEPRO Protein powder for a 30 gram hit. But that's rare. I have a bottle of Steevia that I like -- it's from Trader Joe's. There is a lot of variety in taste and you need to be careful to make sure you get one that is 100% Steevia as there are ones out there with less than desirable ingredients. It's super sweet so just try a few drops in something. Good luck and let us know how you're doing. Four years out is so inspiring!
  8. Bandista

    It’s My 12-Year Surgiversary!

    Here's to your health, Alex, and a very happy anniversary! I'm so glad for this site and for all you do to help people inform themselves. Thank you!
  9. This is a great NSV, B-52! I'm with you in the easy. My life is so much easier now.
  10. Bandista

    Plantar Fasciitis

    I didn't read through this thread but I have one word for you: Vionics. There are amazing shies out there now. These are made with a built-in orthotic footbed. Better than my expensive custom orthotics. And I use Soke brand orthotics in my sneakers. We are worth the investment! Walk on!
  11. Bandista

    No Wonder I Wasn’t Skinny!

    My mother had a health food store, the first one in the city where I grew up. Our household revolved around one crazy diet after the other -- a pattern that I am so relieved now to have finally broken. I have lost 70+ pounds of fat I put on with high quality natural foods. While I'm still picky about what I put in my mouth, I am liberated -- these days I go ahead and have a little of whatever I want. My no dairy, no wheat, no sugar, no whatever days are over, hallelujah!
  12. Bandista

    success is not just a number

    Your eyes and smile are just the same -- gorgeous you, a Lovely Liz in whatever body. But thank goodness for the healthy new you so you'll be around for a long time enjoying your life. Thought of you the other day as I know your trip to England is coming up -- picked up a copy of Snobs at a used book store to read on the beach. It is hysterical, by Julian Fellowes' who wrote Gosford Park and Downton. It's old now (92?) but might be perfect for the plane trip. You know, the flight where you're comfortable in your seat because you're right-sized now! Bon Voyage!
  13. Hiding. Taking forever choosing clothes which would keep my fat as camouflaged as possible. I don't miss any of that. Here I am -- me. Take me or leave me but I don't hide out anymore. Not feeling judged is a beautiful thing. I can just be myself and not worry now. Hell, I wore a BATHING SUIT (what?) and didn't give it a second thought. Really? Sometimes I wonder if this is all real or if it's just a dream. I also do not miss dieting. I am not on a diet. I eat well. I make good choices, but thank god I am through with dieting. It didn't work but boy did I work so very hard during those decades when I'd only bounce back with a little more of a gain each time. That is OVER. I don't miss hunger. In fact (gasp!), I welcome it. I am in sync with my body for the first time in so long. Hunger is a normal thing. It means it's time to eat something. That's OKAY.
  14. Bandista

    No weight loss in 6 months

    When are you eligible for a fill again? Hope that you are able to get to the green zone soon so you are not battling the appetite monster. The links below in my signature really helped me; maybe they will help you, too. Best wishes! Oh, and I have been an exerciser for years but it turns out I was just shy of what I really need in order to "get there." Maybe add a little time and see what happens? Love the Protein first remark above. I have been occasionally using GENEPRO protein powder which is tasteless, a powder which I can add to my yogurt or whatever. Note yogurt is a slider for me unless I have mix-ins, like walnuts, a little gluten-free Cereal, etc. I need something to chew on in order to achieve satiety (again, links below helped me understand all of this). No sliders, that's my rule. My other rule is eat when I'm hungry and don't eat if I'm not hungry. I never eat Breakfast now -- all that most important meal of the day blah-blah-blah. That's over for me.
  15. Bandista

    Almost there!

    Congratulations! So happy for you. We have very similar statistics. You're doing beautifully!
  16. Bandista

    do you know your Meyer's Briggs personality type?

    I am an INFP and took the test again today just to see if it has changed any; nope. Have fun with musician dude. Bass player by any chance? My husband is an extrovert (piano). What I notice most is that, while we both enjoy being social, I require downtime afterward to recover and he does not. We've been together 25 years+ and he still doesn't really get it that I need some quiet time and silence. Not in his vocab, lol!
  17. Bandista

    Who'd a thunk it?

    Love, love, love the picture of you on a bike -- that smile says it all! What a great trip you are going to have. Like Lisa, I'm getting my bike out of the shed today. Top of the morning to you and a very happy Fourth of July weekend!
  18. Bandista

    gut bacteria and behavior link?

    Great article -- just forwarded around to some friends. Love having learned so much about the Vagus nerve system because of having WLS. And so much more to discover with science making strides at last. I experience anxiety at times and, while I get it that this guy is not recommending every one go out and get pro-biotics, I am going to start mixing up my lacto-bacilli with differing yogurt combos and some supplementation (Lest I be one of the mice who figures out the swimming isn't worth it or I become a marble burier.)
  19. Like you I had early-onset osteoarthritis -- now twenty years later (I am in my fifties) I am still coping with pain. Joint replacement has never been discussed. I have not responded well to the many oral medications I've tried, but I know a lot of people who have. I use Voltaren religiously and Lidocaine patches as necessary (would need a suit made of them, lol). What works well for me is exercise. I have seen so many medical professionals over the years and there is not one who has ever said don't exercise. On the contrary, it's move it or lose it. I am so stiff and of course it hurts but once I get going -- really going -- there is so much benefit. We have a hot tub. I don't think I could do without it at this point. There is at this point in time so much we don't know about inflammation and joint disease. You are young and there will be a lot of scientific break-through in the coming years. You made the decision to choose yourself and your healthy future when you got WLS. Don't let one doctor's negativity get you down. I'm not a huge fan of western medicine. I dip in to get what I need but I also do a lot of research in my own and use natural remedies. Osteoarthritis can be painful but life is short and we are in charge of our own bodies. Finding a doctor who can really help is key to living a full life, enjoying your children, being able to move freely. Don't get discouraged but do be your own advocate. Best wishes to you!
  20. This is such a timely post for me. I am, I think, 20-30 from goal (still not sure what goal is but somewhere in there seems reasonable for a 5'7" frame). The truth is I have no idea where I'll feel comfortable and finished with losing. Meanwhile, I am so happy with what I have lost that I also stopped losing and even gained several back. But it's not complacency; it's much deeper than that. There is a "don't look at me, don't look at me" voice inside, leftover, obviously from all those years of feeling embarrassed about my weight. Since dropping weight I have received uncomfortable attention and have been trying to sort through that (my boss, so some one with financial power over me), but it's not just that. I am enjoying how much more "normal" I feel and how my introversion over the years is now shifting and I am so much more at ease out in the world. I like to dress up and have fun, talk to strangers and laugh loudly (actually despite being one of those very soft spoken people I have always had a really big laugh, which should be a clue that I was just hiding before and the real me, the laughing one, doesn't mind being out there, quirky, funny and enjoying herself). On biology, I'm adopted and when I met my birth family I immediately understood that not only was my weight gain due to personal issues in my life but clearly genetics played a big role, eeek. Lately I have thought that I may have put myself on pause because I wanted to let not only myself but the people around me and new people in my life catch up with where I am, who I am, how I look at this point in my life. Not 70 pound heavier me, and not 100 pound lighter me, the "me" now. But I am not yet where I want to be and I know that. I am enjoying being able to buy a size 12 suit off the rack and just go to Maine and out it in and look/feel fine. What? But I still have a paunch -- not the Mrs. Winnie-the-Pooh of yore but a belly. I want that gone. And I want to wear the size 10 linen pants I greedily scooped up at a sale and out in my closet as motivation (one pair in purple, one in red -- nice and long so no high waters but they are way too tight), I want to be able to stretch and bend with less stuff in the way. I have arthritis and still hold out hope that less weight on my frame will mean less pain. I wrote myself a letter to be opened at goal and I want to see what I wrote then. It was a thank-you letter. Maybe I will go back to my posts here and see what I wrote two years ago at this time while I was waiting to go to the mandatory information session and start my process. I will be two years out in November and would like to start next winter at goal. I'd like to be someone who can monitor a small gain and catch it. Right now being some one with 20-30 to lose feels like such a luxury, especially in our society where people are heavier and heavier, but I want to take it to the next stage. By now I know how to do it. My dimmed appetite allows me to have a regime which before I coukd do but it was so hard I woukd bounce right back afterward. This my third day of a fast. I'm doing it to try to clear out congestion in my joints and see if I can identify any triggers for the increased inflammation of late (probably more related to the barometer; will it ever stop raining?). But I'm also doing it to get on course. I tend to gravitate toward grazing. An ongoing wine and cheese party is not doing my waistline any favors. So a fast nips that in the bud. I like the idea of intermittent fasting -- a couple of days a week. It simplifies things for me and I think I have he right body type for it. So here I am at day three about to do the Epsom routine with olive oil and grapefruit tonight. It's hard core but I gravitate in that direction and realize I need to do that for my health. A liver cleanse, like the French (back to wine and cheese party issues). I don't know how long I will go. I have done three weeks in the past and it wasn't that long ago I was in pre-op liver shrinking mode for the surgery. I've recently increased my exercise, although mine is walking outdoors so the rain harshes that groove. Still, when I work out I am working so much harder now. My body likes/needs that. So now the brain needs to be on board. No secret folds of self-sabotage -- everything out in the open. If being thinner makes me anxious, what is that about? No longer being able to tamp down anxiety with food means that any anxiety (and there is plenty) is coming to the surface. Well that's good,I'm guess, though it can be messy. We had to pull over the car on the way home from the coast as I was so anxious. Fortunately my new remedy for that is walking it off, not eating it down. So, a therapist? Probably a good idea! I saw one to prep for the WLS surgery and for a little while after while I found my way. Maybe time for another round. But meanwhile very thankful for this place where I can tap out my thoughts freely, knowing that there are people who so get it. Thank you!
  21. Bandista

    To tell or not to tell

    @@Maddiee congratulations! I got so much support here on the forum from people who had been through the same thing -- all those years of failed diets had made me feel very vulnerable and embarrassed about my inability to lose weight. Now that I've lost a big chunk of weight I feel so much more at ease in the world. I'm finding it much easier to just be mysekf and not give a hoot what others think. Best wishes to you -- keep us posted!
  22. For me weight loss surgery was really about choosing myself and putting my needs first. This was something of a shock, not only to me but to the people around me. Your brother may be afraid he's going to lose you -- maybe a little reassurance, "no matter how much weight I lose, I'll still be your sister and you'll always be my pain in the %# brother." Meanwhile, pat yourself on the back. You are doing beautifully!
  23. Bandista


    Be careful about replacing eating with drinking and smoking -- this is called transference. It may be helpful to work with a therapist to discuss food addiction, triggers and the feeling of having given something up and what that means. I benefitted from working with some one to break down my behaviors around food. I used food for various things -- mostly tamping down emotions. Now I experience them and they are not so bad. Don't drink and smoke to make yourself feel better. So many side-effects and you did not have this surgery just to be thinner, did you? Hopefully you did it to be able to get healthy and have a healthy future. You can do it but don't get started with bad choices and substitutions,
  24. Sorry for typos -- can't edit on my iPad.
  25. Hi there, do not despair -- you are in Bandster Hell. You've had your surgery but have not had fills to dim your appetite. Don't worry, hang on, you will get there! Pay attention to everything -- this time is all about listening to your body. Try to nail your triggers down and "be" with your cravings. This will help you as you work with your doctor to get the folks you need to have the band working properly. Meanwhile kat yourself in the back for all you're doing -- don't beat yourself up. Make good choices and know that the band, properly adjusted, will help you do just that. For now you need to suck it up and do it on your own but it won't always be this way. Put those medical professionals to work! I had my first fill at one month out and am some one who needed several to get to the green zone.

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