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  1. enjoythetime

    Lack of support

    It's a sad reality but there are many people that feel the need to put others down to make themselves feel better. Take all of the negativity and turn that into your motivation!!!! I don't know about you but nothing drives me more then when someone thinks I can't do something. You see them standing in the background, waiting for to see failure but when you succeed.....No words need to be spoken, it's in front of them and there's no denying your success and their nastiness! Good luck you've got this!!!!
  2. enjoythetime

    Accountability Group

    My first positive choice was logging onto this site today! I hope everyone is doing well!!!!
  3. enjoythetime

    Banders #7

    I can completely identify. I haven't been on here in a while and I knew that if I did I would find what I needed and what I had been missing. I understand where you're coming from. The beast is real, there's no band or sleeve or any other device that's going to make it go away but even as I struggle I strongly believe that our awareness of this is what is going to keep us hanging on and fighting!!!!
  4. enjoythetime

    Banders #7

    I haven't been on in a very long time! I hope everyone is doing well! I guess you can say I'm holding my own but am feeling a little defeated and looking for some words of encouragement from those who I know have been where I am right now. Some times saying these things out loud is the kick I need to pick up and tackle what I need to fix. For the last several months- since November, I've been on this terrible 5 day on 2 day off cycle. I do incredibly well during the week, making all the right food choices, getting the right amount of protein, water etc., and even adding in some exercise here and there but then here comes the weekend and I end up throwing all that hard work out the window and then continues the cycle of one step forward, two steps back. I know what needs to happen but this ugly thing called fear has crept in, filling me with doubts of what if I can't do this, what if I can't get this under control, what if I go back to where I was. I'm battling with about 10lbs and I feel like everyone in the world can see it and is thinking here she goes again, packing back on the weight, I knew she couldn't do it. Now can anyone really tell, I have no idea and saying this out loud makes me feel very selfish. Yes, my clothes still fit the same but I don't feel the same and I'm starting to question the way I look- I'm analyzing myself and asking those close to me if they can tell any difference and of course I get the are you kidding me answer. FEAR is the ultimate 4-letter word and one I want to completely have removed from my mind and vocabulary! Any thing you can think to say I'm willing to listen. Thank you!!!!!
  5. enjoythetime

    Banders #7

    I'm a little late but congrats on your 3 year bandiversary! I hope you are doing well!!!!!
  6. enjoythetime

    Just Wondering....

    During my weight loss phase I only weighed myself once a month when I went to the Dr., now that I'm in maintenance I weigh myself daily as a way to hold myself accountable. If you don't see it then it doesn't exist right, well that can be a bad road for some of us and that's why I chose to stare the truth in the face.
  7. enjoythetime

    Vets: What Are You Eating Today?

    I'm nearly 3 years post-op. My original weight loss goal was 150, but I ended at 130 and now on average I'm between 135-137. I feel like I need to be eating more unprocessed forms of Protein but life is busy and most times I just grab what's easiest and since I tend to not care about food much any more the repetition doesn't bother me at all, I just want something to put in my stomach; in fact if I don't get my yogurt and trail mix, I'm a bear:-) A typical day for me: B: Yoplait 100 cal. greek yogurt with 1/2 dark chocolate cranberry trail mix or a Pure Protein Bar and 2 cheese Sticks L: 1 cup chicken salad on a bed of spinach and some honey mustard on the side D: 2oz of cheese 5 club crackers, a 100 cal yogurt with 1/4 cup trail mix or a weight watchers meal or a turkey and cheese roll-up S: skinny cow ice cream I try to not to go over 1300 calories but nothing under 1,100. Of course there are days that I go over and under but it all balances itself out.
  8. enjoythetime

    What's going right

    @@JustWatchMe firstly I'm so proud of you! What a huge accomplishment! The fact that YOU took control of YOU and then the band stepped in and did it's part is a combo that's unstoppable! I couldn't be happier for you! I too had to revaluate what and why I was struggling with the same 7lbs. I've learned that being active whether that means traditional exercise OR anything that gets you up and burning calories such as housework, renovations, yard work etc. is crucial in keeping the weight off. Not sure why this is such a "new" revelation for me, it's not like it's breaking news or rocket science but it finally just sank in (I'm slow:0) Over the last 2 weeks I've been busting it to make sure I get some sort of daily calorie burning movement in, eating properly (cutting out the "less damaging" versions of treats; just because it says Skinny Cow doesn't mean I should eat one every day. Like you I'm measuring my trail mix instead of guessing and taking a handful here and there and making myself believe there's not enough calories there to hurt me. Listening to my band when it tells me to stop and when the head hunger kicks in, I get up and do something, anything, even if it's vacuuming for 5 mins. anything to get my mind off of food . The results, 3.5 of those 7lbs I've struggled with for 6 months are gone. Congrats to you skinnnnny minnnny!
  9. enjoythetime

    Accountability Group

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since my last post and the tag from @@katesuccess reminded me to check in, so thank you for that! I'm back in the game, made some evaluations of what was taking course over the last six months,I didn't reveal anything I wasn't aware of just came to terms with what I had chosen to ignore like those extra handfuls of trail mix I wasn't accounting for in my daily calorie log REALLY adds up like by 300 calories per day= an ENTIRE Extra meal with NO Nutritional value just added lbs. over the course of time!, making the best choices possible (so yes I still ads the trail mix to my daily yogurt BUT I measure exactly and then put it away, never to be seen again until the next day, being conscious of my carb in-take(I realized I was taking in ALOT more carbs over the last six months then I was prior), getting in all of my water and of course still on target with my protein. I've found keeping myself busy is the key. When it gets cold outside its easy to turn on TV and just relax, which is fine but for me this is the time when the head hunger takes over so I just have to keep moving which is a good thing, I get a lot of things done, I burn calories vs. consuming them and I don't have time to let the head hunger register.
  10. enjoythetime

    Wouldn't it be nice

    Some people just LOVE the DRAMA and the more people they can make miserable along with them the happier they are.
  11. enjoythetime

    Friday NSV roll call!

    I'm remodeling my bathroom and can fit in the tiny spaces and still have room to move around.
  12. enjoythetime

    Logging Daily Meals

    I have always weighed/counted the pre-cooked weight. Not sure if this is the right or wrong just what I've have done for nearly 3 years now and it seems to work. Honestly, I think there is only approx. 1/2 oz. difference between raw and cooked weight anyway.
  13. enjoythetime

    Do You Log Your Food?

    I no longer log on paper or in an activity tracker. I'm nearly 3 years post op. I started out as a logger and then things just kind of became routine but I've always kept track in my head, adding up the calories of what I ate that day at the end of the night. So I do still keep track just not as detailed.
  14. enjoythetime

    I'm not a garbage pail

    Totally get it I never save anything that's a trigger for me. If I get a treat I eat what I want and then I MAKE- (yes sometimes there are kicks and screams), myself throw it away. So, if I want a treat I get it and then it's goners.
  15. enjoythetime


    Didn't start with a low BMI but ended with one!:-) Almost 3 years out and no regrets at all this was the best decision I could've made for myself and my family.
  16. enjoythetime

    Accountability Group

    Hey everyone! Last weekend was much better for me, not perfect, but much improved. Now I just need to keep that momentum as the weekend is upon us again and this is proven over and over to be the hardest for me. I decided to start some home improvement projects as a way to keep myself moving and my mind preoccupied. Staying busy for me is key! I hope everyone is doing well!!!!
  17. Ok, so straight off I'm going to say this is a selfish post, a pep-talk out loud for ME. In doing so, I'm not looking for sprinkle and rainbow compliments I'm doing this as a way for me to get back on track, you know it becomes real when you put it out there:-) Most of you know my story but for those that don't I've been banded for 2 years and 8 months. I started this journey weighing 289lbs. Within 16 months I had lost 159lbs., surpassing my goal by 20lbs. I went from a size 22 in pants to a size 2/3 and size 3XL shirts to size small. My life is dramatically different then it was 3 years ago in every aspect. When my weight hit 130lbs. I told myself I needed to identify a range to stay within and when I hit the max of that range it was time to get serious and get back on track, I decided 135lbs. was that max # for me. Last year about this time I started stressing because my weight began flexing 3-5lbs., which was within the range I set for myself but once I was there I freaked out, I didn't like it. I would hit the max, go back to basics the scale would go down, then I would get excited and say well now I can have this, this and this and not go over my max, the problem was when I would go down it was 2-3 lbs., never back to that 130 mark, I hovered in the middle, over the course of 4 months I gave up, I started excepting the fact that 130 was history and 134 was my new norm and that it was ok, deal with it, be happy with it, telling myself 3 years ago you would have been thrilled to be at 134, what's your problem. I finally convinced myself and a new weight range was set and my new max # became137. I stayed within this range for 8 months, doing the same thing as before up and down, treat, basics etc. Then a month ago it was vacation time, followed the next week by Christmas and then New Years and today I'm now flexing 7-9lbs. and guess what, I'M FREAKED THE HELL OUT!!!! My worry isn't about the 9lbs, it's about losing control and this developing into something more and ending up where I started at 289lbs, miserable, letting myself and those who believe in me down. I've turned this into a pattern of excuses, passes and acceptance until I keep lowering my standards to except where I am because it's easier because if I don't accept it I have to face the fact I may never be 130 again followed by the justification of remember 3 years you were XXX well if I keep going I will be XXX and I CAN NOT LET and WILL NOT let that happen! I'm now setting here with tears in my eyes thinking how ridiculous this all is. I know the band works and I know how to work the band. I know what I want but I'm not pushing myself to get there. I'm done feeling sorry for myself!!!! I've worked entirely too hard to look back now. I know I have what it takes to stay focused to make the right choices to get my ass up and start exercising (which I will confess I haven't done at all during this journey), drink 80oz of Water, Protein first, veggies, then a carb if I have room, to STOP eating when I'm satisfied instead of caving into that craving when I'm not really hungry. I know I have what it takes because I have the band and the stubbornness to back it up:-) I feel like some reading this will be like is this girl for real, she wrote an entire book over 9lbs. but it TRULY isn't about that, I know that if I work the band the band will work for me I just have to start believing in myself, believe I have it in me and that if I want those lbs. gone then I don't have to settle for less because I'm "stuck" but to keep pushing and not let food or weight or worry stop me. Thank you all for listening!
  18. enjoythetime

    Help! Appetizer idea needed

    I'm only commenting so that this thread will be saved under my activity for future reference.....talk about selfish:-)
  19. enjoythetime

    Accountability Group

    @@2babutterfly thanks for sharing!!!! This sounds like a perfect match for my tastebuds!!!!
  20. enjoythetime

    Banders #7

    @@gowalking @@JustWatchMe I wish I could reach through this computer screen and hug you ladies!!!! We're showing up and showing who's boss. I am back on track but like you said it's taking a lot longer, more determination and commitment then it did the first time to lose these same lbs. It's all just a mind thing once I get my mind on board and take away the worry and just focus on what needs to be done I'm fine and that's why this group is so valuable, it helps you to stay grounded. Patience is the name of the game and that was just NOT something I was blessed with, I'm trying to learn though:-) Thanks ladies so much!!!!
  21. enjoythetime

    What’s Your Attitude Towards Carbs?

    I avoid Pasta, any kind of bread, rice etc. I will however allow myself some good carbs from fruits, veggies Beans and even some not-so good processed carbs from time to time assuming they fit into my calorie count for the day.
  22. enjoythetime

    Three years today

    Happy Anniversary Liz! Congratulations on your remarkable success!!!!! You've been a great source of support and inspiration to me and many others along this journey! Thank you for that! Wishing you many more years of health and happiness.
  23. enjoythetime

    Starting Over is Always Scary but Worth It !

    Do you have any idea how inspirational this post is? How inspirational you and your journey are? I needed to hear this today because I just made a similar post today after not being on here in a while. Thank you, it helps to know that there are others going through the same thing. Congrats on your strength and success!
  24. You're a wonderful example of what success looks like! Congratulations!
  25. enjoythetime

    Accountability Group

    @@s_suther Yes, WE can do this! Yes, so far back in the saddle considering doing another 5-day pouch test on Monday (need the weekend to get my supplies and prep ready). I did this a couple of months ago and I will say that it really did help I just fought it and got right back into the justification cycle. Not this time. I have to remember why I did all of this in the beginning and that it wasn't all for nothing. Going to nip it now instead of looking back in a year going man I wish..... My goal and motivation is seeing my bariatric doctor in May and of course summer is coming, my favorite time of the year. I don't want to waste a second feeling self conscious or ashamed, spent too many years with my head down.

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