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  1. bernita3


    How long after being banded did ya'll do the deed? If you don't mind me asking?
  2. bernita3

    I did it! I did it!

  3. bernita3

    1st fill today :)

    Si excited but scared. Any advice? I've lost 24.4 lbs from my banded date! Yay me!
  4. bernita3


    Thank you...that makes sense!
  5. bernita3


    Sorry to ask but did you use birth control? If so what kind?
  6. bernita3


    You are too funny! So sorry to go off topic but how you holding up without the hubby? I take it he hasn't seen your progress right?
  7. bernita3


    Just got off the phone with the nurse and he said i was cleared but no birth control. 15 days post-op today! What the heck no birth control? Do you know if that's true?
  8. Hi threre I'm 13 day post-op and I'm having trouble keeping to the preset diet. I'm able to drink and eat. I've tried egg salad sandwhich with wheat bread. Please help. Not sure i can go through with this.
  9. I was banded on Thursday, May 30 and returned to work on June 3rd. Monday was bad, i had to go home early. I rested took my meds and I was ok. Went back to work today was ok until just a little.
  10. bernita3

    Is this normal?

    kimmmc - funny you mentioned that I've been experiencing the same thing. Hopefully someone can relate and tell us it's normal
  11. bernita3

    All ready!!

    How exciting - good luck to you.
  12. bernita3

    T-minus 2 Hours

    @HelloGoodbye: how are you feeling?
  13. bernita3

    Surgery is around the corner

    2nd day of pre-op diet....so nervous but can't wait for my life changing event. But i do need help...i feel hungry all the time. Please help. I'm out in California.
  14. bernita3

    T-minus 2 Hours

    HelloGoodbye, congrats and wish you a speedy recovery. Please let us follow you in this journey. I'm scheduled to get banded on the 30th of this month and love reading all the posts. THey are all filled with tips and tricks and it's wonderful. I do have a question if you don't mind, you said you had to wash your stomach area with Hibiclens to kill the germs and prevent infections, was this doctor ordered? Where do you get such?
  15. bernita3

    Surgery Day!

    Really sore?
  16. bernita3

    Surgery Day!

    First day post-op how you feeling?
  17. bernita3

    Surgery is around the corner

    Hi Stephanie - how's your 3rd day going so far? So you do 4 protein shakes...uh which one do you mind me asking?
  18. bernita3

    Surgery Day!

    Congratulations......was this surgery done in CA?

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