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    I work at a school, I am very involved in youth ministry at my church, and I am excited, scared, nervous and everything else about the fact I have decided to do this.
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    College football, youth ministry, hanging out with friends, movies
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  1. stephanieg89


    I have told like 7 people my 3 best friends, my old work out partner at work, one other person at work, and 2 others who I do volunteer work with at my church who needed to know. I decided bit to tell, when u heard the first negative comments. I told my boss today I needed off for medical test, which was no lie. On surgery day, I will make up another medical test reason to take off I guess.
  2. stephanieg89


    Still waiting, they said once I go back it should only take about 5-8 mins. Then we go over the results and go home.
  3. stephanieg89


    Be prepared, it is super cold in the preop area!
  4. stephanieg89


    I keep having the ups and downs of being super excited to being like OMG, what am I doing, to Im gonna cry in so scared. It is just all the emotions we have to go through. I am in Houston too, having an EGD tomorrow morning and surgery on March 28. Who are you doing yours with? I am using True Tesults with Dr Reilly.
  5. stephanieg89

    March 2013 Surgery Dates?

    Oh gosh, I realized today it is less than a month away, 27 days!! I start my pre-op diet next week...eeek! Monday I have an EGD and I am actually getting freaked out, means I'm getting closer to surgery day. I remember when my EGD was over a month away and surgery seemed like way far away.
  6. I am using TR in Houston, they told me the 1 year of follow ups included the fills. I go on Monday for an EGD to see if my ins. will cover part of the surgery costs if not then I will be paying the $10K. Also, about the surgery date being set, I could have set it that day, but I didnt. My counselor call me about a week later to see if I was still interested, and we set the date for the EGD and then about an hour later, I called her back and told her to set the date for the surgery, only because I work at a school and we have days coming up after spring break that we will be off for 5 consecutive days and I thought that would be a perfect time to have it done and have time to rest and heal before going back.
  7. I am using TR Houston. I have an EGD on Monday and and start preop on March 11th and surgery on March 28. I felt the same way when I walked out of the office like OMG what did I just get myself into. I was/am a bit freaked out, but I know I am doing it to improve my health and I will be better off in the long run. I had a friend who went to them last summer and has had a good experience and that is why I chose them. Who will yall's surgeons be? Mine is Dr. Reilly.
  8. Tell them you have to lose the weight & change your diet to prevent the hernia from coming back, that is what I think I am going to say if anyone asks. Afterall they can be caused frombeing overweight.
  9. stephanieg89

    Weight Watchers?

    No 89 is just a special number...I have used it, I am not using it right now. I will start using it again when I have the surgery. I didnt have to do a 6 month program, my ins. does not cover it, unless I have a hiatal hernia which I will be tested for in a week and a half, then I start my pre-op diet. Then it will be banding time!
  10. stephanieg89

    Weight Watchers?

    Same here I tried WW several times lost some, but not enough and after several months of not losing, I quit and gained it back everytime plus some. I also went to a weight loss doctor and lost some for a while, but then after a few months I just stopped losing so I quit paying the money and gained it all back over time. It wasnt for the lack of trying and excercise because I was working out daily when I was on these programs and after I lost a certain amount and just stop and gain it all back.
  11. This is exactly how I feel. I may not work out everyday, but I do work out, and I dont eat a ton of crap and I have been to weight watchers, I have had weight loss doctors and nothing worked. I am very much looking forward to having a new tool to help me.
  12. Im in Houston, using True Results. I have a friend who used them and had a good experience and so far the last month has been okay with my dealings with them. I do not know if are in a position to switch but there are other options in Houston.
  13. stephanieg89

    March 2013 Surgery Dates?

    I wish the month would fly by, I have a month and a week to go. Unfortunately, I had to schedule it that far away because of the upper gi endoscopy the first date they could take me for that was March and the next available date for surgery after that was March 28...I am on pins & needles anxiously awaiting, and I am second guessing myself wondering if I am doing the right thing, should I tell this person or that person...ugh! I know I dont want to tell alot of people because I do not want to hear negativity so I have only told some very close friends who I know will be supportative, but the work thing is what is stressing me out. How do I ask for time off? UGH! March 28th please get here fast!!
  14. stephanieg89

    Got a date

    I set mine too on Wednesday it is March 28!
  15. stephanieg89

    Social Stigma and Full Disclosure

    I am the same way, I don't want my coworkers to know, I told only two of them who I know would support my decision. I have told my BFF who has had the procedure herself, and one of my family members. I told two other very close friends I was thinking about it and one was very supportive and the other was negative so I decided not to disclose anymore information to them until I am ready. I set the date for my surgery in March, I am still trying to think of a good reason to take off that day.

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