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  1. SweetTeach

    If my experience can help you..l

    Read your article, nice progress. I also have had no complications with the band and have lost 100+ with no weight gain. I am right by Ridgefield, NJ. I think as long as you follow the rules as you do, it’s a great option. It saved my life too and that was what made me do it also.
  2. I have also had success with the band. I followed all the drs instructions and have no regrets because it changed my life for the better. I started out at 276 and I’m 178 now! The way I eat is completely different now. I work out and I diet like a normal person. I don’t try to beat the band or see what slides down. I have had zero complications and it has been years. My favorite food used to be chicken wings. I can’t eat them anymore, new fav food is sushi. My taste buds have changed. I used to love chocolate anything. I now eat a balanced diet and have incorporated yogurt, vegetables I can digest, salad is tough sometimes, soups, ground turkey, and even tofu. I don’t crave meat because I can’t really eat it but I try to get my protein where I can. All good things and hope to lose another 45 lbs. and I will continue to do my best everyday. Good luck!
  3. SweetTeach


    I took a week off. I was still sore when I returned to work. Coughing, standing up without being hunched over, laughing, and swallowing all hurt so bad. I have a semi physical job where I chase toddlers and have to lift things normally so I was just an extra set of eyes in the room for 3 weeks. It gets better after about weeks with hernia repair I think.
  4. SweetTeach

    Still hungry ????

    Today I am 2 months post op. I had my second fill 2 days ago. I only lost 3 lbs. in 3 weeks with the 3 cc. Fourth of July weekend was full of temptation. Potato salad, macaroni salad and tons of grilled food. I managed to just eat my slider burger that I brought and then was pretty full and ok with very light snacking. I now feel a little tighter. I forgot to ask how much more they put in the band. I just ordered a kids meal at Cracker Barrel last night and was good with that. Eating at social times is the hardest for me. I also started exercising today besides walking. I bought the 21 day fix with the portion control containers and I highly recommend it! They have a modified version of every exercise. During the week I have my routine with what I bring for breakfast and lunch and that seems to be working. Good luck, I think it's hardest in the beginning and will get easier. I hope to lose 2 lbs. a week now. ????
  5. SweetTeach

    Still hungry ????

    I had first fill of 3 cc also. I haven't felt much of a change. I haven't gained but I also haven't lost any more weight. I feel like I am restricting myself more than the band is at this point which sometimes still leaves me hungry or frustrated. I am going on the 7/10 and I will see how much more they are willing to put in. Hope this gets easier soon!
  6. SweetTeach

    First fill in 18 mo

    I go every 3 weeks as well for a fill.
  7. Hello, just wondering why you would skip breakfast? You can at least have a protein shake or bar? Because that is what will kick start your metabolism. By starving yourself like that, you are actually slowing down your metabolism. That would probably help with weight loss but I am only almost 2 months post Op. I never skip breakfast and I either have a shake or lowfat Greek yogurt. Good luck!
  8. I had one drink at a concert almost 2 months post op and it really dehydrates you too! I was in a really close, hot room but I needed to go get some water shortly after I drank it because I started to feel faint. I realized afterwards "Why did I do this to myself for one drink?" So, now, I have had a glass of wine at home and that is all. It really does hit you hard so be careful.
  9. SweetTeach

    Throwing up with Lapband

    Had my band on 5/12/15, I have never thrown up or even felt sick or stuck. Sorry you had all this trouble but no that is not normal. Hope you find some resolution.
  10. I had 3 cc recently (my first fill) and I feel like I have to restrict myself more than the band does. I'm not really losing weight either so I guess I have to wait until my next fill. I will be on vacation and that probably won't be easy either. I ordered some portioned meals from the bariatric choice website to try to help me stay on track until then. Good luck!
  11. SweetTeach

    To tell or not to tell

    Just got banded on 5/12/15. I also just told my coworkers, parents, my grandmother, and 3 cousins who were in my wedding. I feel like it's on a need to know basis only. These are the people who I am close with and everyone else's opinions don't matter To me anyway. My husband is fine and supportive of it and now just jokes "I'm a cheap date" since I can't eat what I used to. It is what it is and as long as YOU are happy, nobody is going to take that away from me.
  12. SweetTeach

    Hello newbie here

    You lose weight fast the first month. I had my surgery on 5/12/15. I had a hernia repair and a lot of pain for the first 5-6 days. Not too much gas pain. Getting up was like the most painful sit-up each time and I was walking hunched over. I'm so glad the pain and even the soreness has subsided. I had lost about 20 lbs. and it slowed Down the last week before my first fill. I now have 3 cc in my band and I am losing 1-3 lbs a week. It's still a struggle with foods I used to love like chicken wings. I have recently ordered some protein rich portioned meals from bariatric choice website. I am hoping that will help keep me on track for now while I learn the dos and don'ts. Good luck and take it one day at a time.
  13. SweetTeach

    NSV - ????

    I also am also 20 lbs. down and was able to buy a Lauren Conrad dress from Kohl's and it was a pretty good feeling. Small victories and big success in the future. I'm loving the band, had my surgery on 5/12/15 and only just had my first fill of 3cc. I feel a slight difference so far but not too tight with no stuck issues. Good luck and continued success!
  14. Good for you, I see a change! You look great. Keep up the good work and I will try to slowly up my water too. I am still on mushy/purée foods and down 17 lbs. since I started pre-op diet. Looking good for the summer months is exciting ????
  15. I didn't have staples just pieces of tape over my wounds and my follow Up was 10 days after. After removing them, I was surprised there is barely any scar there at all and they told me I can start putting cream on it. It must be hard not to hold your baby, but better to heal and be safe. Good luck!

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