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  1. MandaMom23

    I hope it never goes away

    I was just thinking about this as I tied my shoes. When I was 300lbs, I couldn't breathe when I bent over to tie my shoes! Now, not only can I breathe, but I can even continue a conversation while doing so! ...it's these (not so) little things that make this journey so worth it!
  2. Totally normal! I remember laying in bed unable to sleep the night before my surgery I was so terrified...of both the procedure, and the unknown of post op! I even asked my husband WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING???? I can tell you, I have no regrets! I live a life I never imagined...from the size of my clothes and being able to shop in any store I want, to how I can walk without being out of breath, I can actually PLAY with my kids! It's amazing!! You have a whole new life to look forward to, you can do this!
  3. MandaMom23

    Today is my Bandiversary!

    So Amazing and Inspiring! Happy, Happy Bandiversary!
  4. For me, setting a goal was difficult. I had been overweight from high school thru my entire adult life up to that point, so I didn't know or remember what it was like to be a 'normal' weight. My dr wanted me to have a goal set, and I pulled 170lbs out of nowhere as the weight I wanted to be. She didn't feel that was realistic for me, and wanted me to choose something more doable (looking back, I don't know why she doubted me). I had no clue what number to pick, so instead of setting a goal weight/end date, I set my 'goal' to simply get down to the next lb from where I was. Everytime I lost a pound, my goal was to reach the next pound down, until I got to where my body just settled and I was maintaining. It took me just over a year to get there. I had no set date, no set number, I just kept strict to the rules of my band, and let my body do the rest. I recorded (and celebrated) every ounce I lost as motivation. It worked, and I'm maintaining 30lbs less than the weight my dr told me wasn't realistic I really think it's important to find what's doable for you. It may take a little bit of time to figure out what that is. Maybe set a goal range for each month? Instead of a strict 5lbs, tell yourself 2-5lbs? That takes some of the pressure off. Also, remember to focus on all those nonscale things that come along with this journey! There were many times my weight didn't move, but my clothes felt a bit more loose, or I'd get a compliment about my weightloss. Also, I don't use shakeology, or anything like that.
  5. MandaMom23


    I love, LOVE my coffee! I mostly make it my own adding cream and stevia, but I do treat myself to starbucks once or twice a month. It's very easy to drink away your calories, so if it's the sugary coffee drinks you go for...drink them with caution
  6. MandaMom23

    Feeling discouraged

    50lbs is pretty fantastic! Congrats!! Nothing to be discourage about there! Something that really helped me while losing, was not focusing on how far I had to go. I literally took my weightloss 1lb at a time, and was encouraged by every single pound I'd go down! I had to (sometimes constantly) remind myself It's a process, and not always a fast one! Also, when I found myself discouraged by what the scale said, I'd set nonscale goals and focus on those for awhile. Maybe you could set a goal and focus on getting your Protein in, and drinking your Water. You're doing great! Keep it up! You've got this!
  7. MandaMom23

    1 year, 50lbs...only?

    Congrats to you! Now, drop that "ONLY" in front of that 50!!!! 50lbs is nothing to hang your head about!! That's amazing! It's YOUR journey, and everyone loses at different paces! This isn't a race, this is for life. Keep up the great work!
  8. MandaMom23

    No Weight Loss in a month

    First, CONGRATS on losing 20lbs!! That's great!! I know it's easy to be sucked in by that number on the scale, but if it's bringing you down, stay away from it for awhile. Focus on things that the scale can't show you...How are you feeling over all? Are your clothes fitting any better? etc... Keep up the great work, and the weight will come off!
  9. Gorgeous!!!! You look absolutely amazing!! So inspiring!!! And you're right, the results are real and really do happen! I think it's important for the newbies to know this, and remember this during their journey. Congrats on your success!
  10. MandaMom23

    1/2 Marathon

    Wow, that's an amazing goal! My 9 year old keeps asking me if I'll run a 5K with her...I think you just inspired me to make that my goal for this year! Wishing you the best of luck!
  11. Congrats and good luck! It's going to be so worth it!
  12. MandaMom23

    Left Shoulder Pain after eating

    I have this occasionally...sometimes while I eat, as well as after exercise. I have discussed it with my surgeon, and he says it's due to irritation to the vagus nerve. He said it's common with the lapband for the vagus nerve to be irritated (but not eveyone gets the referred shoulder pain). From what he said, there isn't much they can do for it. For me, It doesn't happen all the time, but I have found that certain foods seem to trigger it (bread, eggs and oatmeal). I would discuss it with your surgeon so they can rule out any other problem that may be causing this discomfort for you. Good luck!
  13. MandaMom23

    Banded 2 19 13

    That's awesome! Congrats!
  14. I eat out a lot. For the most part, I go, and try not to worry about it. BUT, I almost always know what I'll be ordering before I even enter the restaurant. I like to go online and check for the healthiest options at whatever restaurant I'll be eating at. With that being said, there have been times we've ended up somewhere, and I have no clue ahead of time what they have or what to order. I get very overwhelmed trying to make the best choice when I'm in this situation. It's something I'm working on, and hopefully, eventually, I will overcome this.
  15. MandaMom23

    Scale not moving?

    Sounds like you're doing great!! Don't let the scale bring you down. The first 6 weeks, especially, are all about healing from surgery, so remember that. Also, It's very common to go days, even weeks, sometimes without the scale moving. Make sure you're paying attention to all the great things the scale can't show you (how your clothes fit, how you feel overall, etc...) Congrats, and keep up the great work!

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