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    Loving God and loving people! I'm happily smitten and living the busy life at 100 mph. I have beautiful friends - Be one ;]
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  1. Hey all! I know the drill (dont look at the scale during healing, focus on healing, etc etc). But I'm only 2 weeks 2 days post op, I'm hungrier than before, I'm eating as much as before (which wasn't a lot but my body gains on 1200 calories so I'm gaining weight), feeling no restriction, no pain, or full. I'm mostly fussy because before surgery I had told them that I really wanted to go without a fill for as long as possible, and then they tell me after surgery that they put a large band in me - I honest to God feel as though they did it so I would have to get fills. I have another 4 weeks before I'm allowed to get a fill. They told me that there would be an issue if I gained weight on my next appointment. Did ANYONE have this feeling at just 2 weeks after surgery? This seems insane. Did it subside after a bit?
  2. TheDuchess

    Spooky October-Challenge

    Name, real or screen~ City Goal weight for October 31st~ 252 Weight on October 1st~ 264lbs Age~ 29 City/State~ WA Dietary goal for October~ Not pushing my newly banded limits! Exercise goal for October~ Walking, Walking, Walking! Easing back into Zumba. Personal goal for October~ Not over doing / stressing. Date banded~ Sept 25th 2013 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~ 6lbs Favorite Halloween Activity~ Decorating! I'm a Halloween Fiend!
  3. TheDuchess

    My furry son is dying

    This makes my heart hurt for you, I am so sorry honey, stay strong.
  4. Since yesterday everything seemed fine, but now it looks as though I'm losing my voice! Could this be from the tube they put in your throat? It's so weird!
  5. Hey all! I've been on the forums for a long while now - AND I'm finally on the other side of the band! When I was approved I took the time to write out a long message on facebook for my friends to see - I knew there would be worries, and I didn't want to repeat the story multile times, so I put it all out there! I told them of how long I've considered the lap band (since 2009) and what I've had to go through to get it, how I searched every other outlet (checking thyroid, hormones, cortisol levels, cutting certain things from the diet, having a personal trainer, etc.) before settling on this one, I then told everyone how much I needed their support in this, how I needed prayer and positive feedback and consideration if they invite us out to eat over the next few weeks. The support absolutely blew me away, with 49 likes on my status and 34 comments all from different people I was in awe of how with me in this my friends were. I am so grateful! After Surgery we received many messages, texts, and calls to see how I was doing and what they could do, if anything, for me. My neighbors brought over a get well card and huge teddy bear - lol! What sweet people! My husband took time off to stay home with me. Surgery was Wednesday and we're off today, tomorrow, and then we have the weekend to help recover. The surgery went well, the upper body gas was horrendous! I'm a lightweight when it comes to pain meds, so when they gave me the liquid hydrocodone and combined with all the burping I became nauseas and vomitted about 3 times. I now only take a small bit before I lay down to sleep. Been walking, putting heat on my back, and taking beano meltaways and gas-x strips. Today is leagues better than yesterday, mostly discomfort and slight pain. Anyway, wanted to share my story! This is just the beginning
  6. TheDuchess


    You're already banded! That's awesome and makes me feel somewhat better. I cheated tonight :/ Overall I've done so good, but I'm PMSing like mad! (I nearly tore my house apart yesterday, not because of the liquid diet, but because of the pms lol) They did tell me "A bite never hurt anyone" but I had 6 bites, and I've been very good up until tonight. Fussy with myself, but since I know so many people who didn't have to do liquids, or at least got to eat one meal a day, I'm not too terribly worried about it, and I intend to be honest with my surgeon. They made it a big deal to become part of a community for support, but in a way it's only made me insanely jealous of the people who didn't have to do liquids, or only had to do partial liquids. All I can think about is how unfair it seems. Not to make light of the pre-op diet, there's definitely less stress if you just do as they say :/
  7. TheDuchess

    My secret reason!!

    I want to be picked up by my Husband - Piggy back rides, swept off my feet, thrown around playfully - I want it all! And to look fantastic in photos! A lot of my family photos from generations before me were lost in a fire. So photos are very important to me. Can't wait - you better post pics of this GOLD DANCER next year!
  8. TheDuchess

    Onederland finally

    You were gorgeous before too, love your style! You look great!
  9. I'm sure there's a topic floating around similar to this but I can't seem to find an exclusive one. Any recipes from you guys for broths? I'm a savory eater, so the shakes aren't exactly my favorite. I need something! Has to be under 15g of carbs, under 9g of fat. I'm desperate! Only day 2 here!
  10. TheDuchess

    Any other September 2013 bandsters?

    This sounds like you actually did pretty good! You're being concious of your decisions, way to go!
  11. TheDuchess

    Any other September 2013 bandsters?

  12. I'm assuming most have saved money on food since you're eating less - but how much would you say that you save? Have you spent more money elsewhere in it's place? I want to get on a more strict financial plan so I'm a bit curious :]
  13. I'm on military insurance, which requires the 6 months pre-op visits with my surgeon. For the first 4 months I felt so gung-ho, but terribly discouraged when I realized that every visit consisted of my blood pressure being taken, weigh in, and the surgeon talking to me for all of 5 minutes. My steam has run low, I don't feel excited or amped up like I did before, I feel like this is dragging out. Any suggestions on how to light that fire again? My tentative date for surgery is September 25th and I don't feel the least bit excited. :/
  14. Sounds very lucky not to have to go on the pre-op diet lol Hope all goes well
  15. TheDuchess

    Weight loss goal?

    I'm 5'5 and my goal is 170, I love a full figure and plushiness, I just want to be at a more comfortable and functioning point. It really depends, to me, on what your ideas are and goals were outside of a number - size, being comfortable, physical abilities, dressing your body, etc.

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