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  1. monken

    Fabulous February Post-Op's

    Me too my goal was 150. But I was getting obsessed with the scale so I backed off before I went mental....
  2. Wearing CUTE shoes with heels 2-3 inches and being comfortable and crossing my legs for longer than a minute! Most fun for me is changing my hair color and Styles until I find the right one!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)
  3. monken

    Taco question

    Believe it or not to many carbs make me dump...I have to watch carefully because I can eat most everything.....
  4. monken

    Fabulous February Post-Op's

    You and I together are the slowest losers, but that's ok everybody's body is different I am Feb 6th surgery 9mo out and in an EPIC STALL since month 6! Haven't lost at all since...Toning and maintaining. Happy to be size 12 not 20/22. I guess my body is comfortable in the 180's? I was told by the surgeon that the first 6 months is the bulk of the weight will come off then harder and shower thereafter, he wasn't kidding! Will have my second set of labs done next week off all prior meds only vitamins and biotin now.
  5. monken

    Fabulous February Post-Op's

    I decided to change my hair color to be rebel in red!!! FUN N FABULOUS......I feel GREAT quotable
  6. I can cross my legs comfortably.......
  7. monken

    Fabulous February Post-Op's

    Hey Fab Feb i haven't been blogging for awhile...Hope everyone is happy with their progress? As for me my body has decided its happy at 185 size 12 instead of 250 Size 22. I am 8 months out and have been in a EPIC stall since August. So I don't get to obsessed and crazy I have stayed off this forum. I thought I would check in and see if anyone has been in a stall like this? anyone?
  8. I was told by my surgeon that because I had the band twice and and so much scar tissue and adhesions will make my weight loss a little more challenging. If you don't have a lot to lose then gets harder. I was 232 when I had my surgery and I weight 185 ' date=' I was a size 20 now I am a 12 but have been at a stall for almost a month (in month 6) I'm not a petite person I am 5'5" tall and had carried my weight all over not just in one spot. The reason my surgeon wanted his patients to eat only protein until 75% of the weight loss was met before starting fruits and veggies. .
  9. monken

    Friday Weigh-In!

    Can't get out of the 180's!!!! Size 12 is a plus on the other hand :-)
  10. Sitting cross legged for a long period of time!
  11. I'm you're twin same story please don't get discouraged with a revision the weight loss is good first 5 months then slows way down we are different than straight bypass people. ..
  12. [ATTACH]4551[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]4552[/ATTACH]
  13. monken

    Friday Weigh-In!

    Stall stall stall stallllllllllll arghhhhhhhhh I can't get out of the 180's........congrats to everyone keep up the good eats and exercise. ...
  14. Lol I only buy costume jewelry now at Avenue and LB is history! Funny I'm so programmed to go to women's department in all department stores I have to catch myself!

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