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  1. Happy 44th Birthday Donna113!

  2. Donna113

    July Butterflies Master Thread

    Hello everyone! It will be my 4th anniversary in 3 days! I can't believe it's been that long. I'm getting close to my goal -- this last year I made better progress than I had in the years 2 and 3 combined.
  3. Donna113

    July Butterflies Master Thread

    On a more positive note, if I lose 7 more pounds I will finally get out of the obese category and simply be considered overweight.
  4. Donna113

    July Butterflies Master Thread

    I had such a horrible band day yesterday. I accidentally sucked up a lemon seed through my straw at lunch and I think it must have gotten stuck. I PB'd right after lunch and felt a little better but then an hour later in the middle of a very important meeting with executives I had to run out of the conference room to PB again. After that I thought everything was fine until I tried to eat dinner. I had a couple of bites and got stuck again and PB'd for the next hour. In the 3 years I've had the band I've only PB'd 3 time previous to yesterday. Here's to hoping I can eat today without incident.
  5. Donna113

    Betrayal is a BITCH

    Hey Ebony Rose -- one can always count on you to be friend. It's been ages since we last chatted. Can you send me your Facebook name so I can friend you there? I don't hardly get on here anymore.
  6. Donna113

    July Butterflies Master Thread

    Just dropping by to say hello. Hope everyone had a good July and are off to a good August.
  7. Donna113

    July Butterflies Master Thread

    I don't really have appetite problems (as in getting really hungry and overeating). I do feel hunger from time to time but after a few bites of solid food I feel satisifed and ame fine. It's more the habits that is stopping the rest. For instance, I can eat a whole bag of microwave popcorn at night watching TV right before I go to bed. Usually that's 1/2 my caloric input for the day. I need to change those bad habits to lose the rest of the weight.
  8. Donna113

    July Butterflies Master Thread

    Has anyone seen/heard from Orea?
  9. Donna113

    July Butterflies Master Thread

    Hi Kimaly. Congrats on your weight loss journey. You've done great. I hate this format too. Has anyone told Alex it's terrible and he needs to return it to be more user friendly?
  10. Donna113

    July Butterflies Master Thread

    I wouldn't say pleased -- more resigned to realism. I don't think I'm even consuming a 1,000 calories a day but can't seem to really lose the weight. Overall since my lapband surgery I've lost approximately 40 lbs. I don't really fluctuate much so I'm maintaining the loss. I am hoping to lose 40 more lbs but my doc said the band has done all it's going to do and the rest is up to me. I think I need to start back on the exercise program. How have the rest of the Butterflies been doing on their journey now that it's been 3 years?
  11. How are you? It's been ages. Hope you are doing well.

  12. Donna113

    July Butterflies Master Thread

    It's been almost 2 years since I was last on. How has everyone been?
  13. 3 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 3rd Anniversary Donna113!

  14. Hey there. It's been ages... where'd everybody go?

  15. Donna113


    Just doing a drive-by to say hello!