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  1. princesshiyella

    The Holidays

    Thanks @jallsop....and sure you can have the recipe...I have already sent it to your email; please let me know that you got it. When is his birthday? And for a little extra touch I added praline pecan halves to the top for garnish...Believe it or not I heard it was wonderful but out of the two I didn't get one bite, it was all gone before I had a chance which was probably for the best anyway.....Good luck, let me know how you made out....
  2. princesshiyella

    The Holidays

    Thanks @Carlotta1 I have been maintaining but also I was just wondering am I losing at the right pace or too slow....My surgury was August 20th and since then I have lost about 54-56lbs....what do ya'll think.....
  3. princesshiyella

    The Holidays

    Over the holidays I know that some of the things that I was eating are not what I need; but oh my how hard it is to refrain.....I had Christmas dinner at my house this year; and yeas I did eat some of the things that I cooked but small servings and I did not over do it...But when it came down to the desserts. I think I had way more then I needed...I made over the holidays two brown sugar caramel pound cakes, three lemon-vanilla pound cakes, 1 large alluminum pan of double crusted peach cobbler...my mom made three sweet potatoe pies....sorry about all of that but i needed to let you guys know all the things that I was around...but I also made a lowfat dessert which actually was very good; made of peaches, manderain oranges, pineapple chunks, miniture marshmellows, lowfat yogurt use whatever flavor that compliment the fruit you choose to use, and lowfat coolwhip.... Now that I have got that out of the way my troble came in when the dessert came in....I have not gained any weight but I have been going back and forward between 187 and 184....so today I made a promise to myself to jump back on board and do what I need to do to continue on to my goal....I plan on doing two weeks of a semi liquid diet that my dr. had me follow pre-op just to flush out my sysem so I can go back to the right way...Sorry for being so long winded, but I just really needed to get this out to a group of people who I knew would understand without judgement; or at least I hope...Did anyone else have this issue besides me???
  4. princesshiyella


  5. princesshiyella

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    Still got abot 15-20lbs to go...then Im at my goal....
  6. princesshiyella

    August 2013 Roll Call

    Down 29lbs since August 20th....
  7. I am having the same problem...I don't know what that is....I been using the whey protein and each time I have drink it I was weak and sweating....like u said feeling like my sugar was low....I don't know what to do about trying to get my protein in....
  8. Has anyone experienced feeling weak and shaky after drinking protein containing whey....and I am lactose so I use almond milk....I had a shake last night and I git the same feeling as right now it sucks....I feel really weak and clamy....
  9. princesshiyella

    August 2013 Roll Call

    Glad to hear u are doing better....I hope from now on ur journey gets Much easier....
  10. princesshiyella

    Learning is HARD

  11. princesshiyella

    Learning is HARD

    I get one or two hiccups while Im eating...I guess that is telling me to stop and when I do stop then follows the rest of the hiccups....and u guys are right it is nice to have a warning sign..My surgery was Aug.20th and I was able to start pureed after day seven. Well I couldn't wrap my head around drinking my food so I would do the other things on my list by like what was said earlier I had to learn the hard way because I started eating other foods that weren't as soft as what I should have been eating, and OMG I always felt after like something was sitting on my chest...so needless to say I have to learn how to eat what I am suppose to eat...I am having such a big problem with this by Im learning to do better...one thing is for sure I don't over eat because like all of u there is always left-overs on my plate, and I don't have a dog; so I just pass it all over to my husband...He'll eat it...lol...If anyone has any ideas....please I'm open for hep...I wanted to try chicken with like an Alfredo sauce...Is the pureed food like drinking ur food or is it just in my head...
  12. princesshiyella

    August 2013 Roll Call

    All of my are nearly gone also except for that one...does anyone know if it will hurt when it pops....just want to know what to expect so I won't run out the house to the er for no reason...
  13. princesshiyella

    August 2013 Roll Call

    9 days post op and I'm down 18lbs...woot woot....
  14. princesshiyella

    August 2013 Roll Call

    [quote=holidayexpressions] When I get the hiccups that usually means I'm full. Happens every time. Thanks so much....so it doesn't mean I'm overdoing it...its just a signal telling me to stop I'm done....well I guess if that is the case thats kind of cool to have a warning beforehand....
  15. princesshiyella


    Ok family, I am a week out and I am now able to have pureed foods...YAYYYY....last night I went on a bariatric website and checked out my binder to get a feel of exactly what I could start to eat. So this morning I had thin grits, lunch was a strawberry banana protein shake, and for dinner my 12 year old daughter cooked; she has been doing this to help me out and is very good at it; but dinner was turkey wings in a mushroom gravy, and mashed potatoes; I took pieces of the meat that fell off of the turkey wings in the gravy mashed it up and with each bite mixed it with the potatoes and gravy and mashed it some more. It went down real smooth no complications made sure the portion was so small and mussy that it looked like there was a baby in the house' But it was so yummy....The only thing that I can say that I notice is that after breakfast and dinner I got the hiccups...nothing hurt and I pretty much got the same gas pain that I get when I sip on my fluid...so I assumming that this is normal if anyone else has this same type of experience please let me know...

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