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  1. I thought Dr. C was gone from Jax ? You had an appt with him in town ? Share w/us where he is practicing ? Lee
  2. My surgeon was Dr.Pinnar and he is here in Jacksonville Fl - I believe he worked with Dr. Cywes in the past . Dr Pinnar helped save my life with the lap band and his approach to making it work for you. I have lost 280 pounds and completely reversed diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and lung disease. His contact info is 904-503-1530 and he's on 4131 University Blvd building 15 Jacksonville, FL 32216
  3. If you are looking for a surgeon to help you with your existing lap band, fill/maintenance or are having trouble dropping weight and getting the lap band to "do what you thought it would" - contact Dr. Eric Pinnar in Jacksonville, FL his approach works... I have lost 280 lbs and had all diseases reversed. Also, if you are interested in getting the lap band then DEFINITELY connect his office. His number is 904-503-1530 and his office is at 4131 University Blvd Building 15 Jacksonville, FL 32216 Lee 280 lbs Lost - All diseases reversed
  4. LJCBF

    Biking NSV

    I am truly impressed !! Lee
  5. LJCBF


    Spin helps in the sense that it burns calories however if you want to lift "da butt" you will need to do specific exercises that effect the 3 muscles that make up "da butt" 1. Gluteus minimus The smallest of the glute muscles lies directly under the gluteus medius. 2. Gluteus medius This pork chop-shaped muscle sits near the outside of your pelvis. 3. Gluteus maximus True to its name, the maximus is the biggest muscle in your body. Some of the key exercises are: Bulgarian split squat - 15 slow proper reps per leg *Following done while on forearms Mule kick Mule kick w/curtsy Swim kick Circle kick *All "kicks" done 15 reps back to back all one one side then switch to the other side Prepare for an awesome soreness in the following day ; ) Lee 280 lbs Lost - All Diseases Reversed American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach
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    I want to be a runner

  7. The LapBand may not be a "magic pill" but it does provide Hope and Hope Is what Powers the life changing transformation we all seek. Pain may have gotten me to the surgeon but HOPE set me free from the prison of my body. At over 450 lbs and on oxygen I started with 30 seconds of exercise and increase it 30 seconds every day. Life is Filled Fun and Free Today - setting record with largest beach Yoga and then running on the largest all beach 5k the "Never Quit" how appropriate for us that battle obesity, huh ? I am here to say NEVER QUIT!! Pics from today
  8. Hey Creek! Awesome brotha!! Now ... What's the plan of action ? Can you schedule and train for another event ? Maybe as it turns fall ... Around Halloween - good way to stay focused and give you extra incentive ? Hit me up and let me know - time to get to the next level, You can do it : ) Lee

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