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  1. Happy 28th Birthday chrissy03!

  2. chrissy03

    22- To 18 What A Blessing!!!

    This is the most wonderful and emotional feeling in the world...Yesterday i put on a pair of 18 jeans and I almost cried, it was good tears... im finally under 200 lbs and it excites me everytime someone notices, friends and other family members, it was really getting to me because i got all these positive comments from everyone else except my husband, untill yesterday i saw my husbands face light up when i walked into a room, with my size 18 jeans and a lg not a 2x shirt and he told me that i looked so beautiful and different i wanted to cry to se that he noticed and finally made a comment.. I dont think im asking to much but i luv hearing that my spouse makes a positve comment towards me...( am I??) i had a slip up and was sick last night, learned my lesson, but i feel fine today and it a new day to stay on the right track not giving up... each month or every other month i want to get a smaller size of jeans when they get loose and have a new goal (what do u think?)
  3. chrissy03

    My Fill

    Well i recived my first fill it went really good, definitaly feel the restrication more, its really awsome to be back on track i now have 3.2cc in and things are going good, luv hearing about the success stories, it inspires me and keeps me motivated...
  4. chrissy03

    51Lbs Down!!

    Great Job! That is so awsome, keep up the good work!
  5. chrissy03

    In Need Of A Buddy, No Support At Home

    We are here for you, ill be ur buddy!! i went through the same stuff before i had surgery banded july 23, and my family ( in laws) were the same way and it didnt help that bothe my sister in laws are RN and telling me all the scary stuff with going under and that there other methods out there and one of them even got me some weight loss pills to steer me away from being under the knife and she is much older than me and she thinks she is a dr. so that hurt and did put stress on me, but i followed my heart and reminde myself that this was for me and if they couldent support my descion then i didnt want the advice even harder to disregard there opinions... Stick with what makes u feel happy and what will help u!!! Im glad i found this site i have felt so much better abt my desion because IT WAS MY DESION not THEIRS!!! JUSt LIKE IT YOURS!!! Good Luck and God Bless!!
  6. chrissy03

    Am I A Liar?

    I think that ur band is ur bussiness, and tell who u want, i fell the same way because people can be cruel, and they dont know the hard work we have to do inorder to even get the band, sometimes i feel even fatter when i say i have the band and it makes me feel worse, I only told my family and a few select friends that i know that will be there and support me, not ridicule and say oh its the band not u lossing the weight, yes we can educate them but most the time when u mention the band they don't care to know the details, they cant see it the band but they can see ur eating habits and excersice routine.... it up to u who u want to share it with, it nobodys business but urs!!
  7. chrissy03

    I'm A Newbie Bander!!

    We are here I read O.T.R Sleevers response and it does make sense to me about being over emotional. Well i guess we all have each other to get through this, and now we know it is normal, we just have to fight those cravings.... untill the fill i have to postpone my fill another week due to funds and trust me i was irrate and even now in that iall i want to do is cry mode, nice to meet u and thank for the post i thought i was the only one too!! You don't know how much better i feel knowing there is support for us bandsters that we can relate our feeling and tuff times and sucess stories, to other people witout bands just dont understand sometimes, keep at it and Good luck!!
  8. chrissy03

    I'm A Newbie Bander!!

    That is so good to hear, i didnt know what was wrong with me, thank u, im moody all the time and worst during that time of month, again thank u for the information!!
  9. chrissy03

    I'm A Newbie Bander!!

    Thank you! I was the same excate way when i first got mine, sometimes i still get emotional especially during the time of month, i am more hungrier i get my first fill tommarow i belive. Goodluck on ur journey as well! i luv the support!
  10. chrissy03

    Advice Needed!

    my first week or two was like that but i was told never eat banana anything that they are very fating and loaded with carbs... they told me to drink these myoplex lite shakes, vanilla is very good and i used it in my coffee as a creamer with splenda and i felt energized and was not as hungry throughout the day. as well which is good dr. told me that moving around is goodjust nothing strenous.
  11. just got my band july 23 and going for my first post op appointment aug 21 and would like to find a local support group or band buddy!!
  12. Hi my name is Chrissy, married, three children, and i just recently got my band july 23 and i have my post op appointment aug 21. A lil about myself: i have gained a lot of weight over the past year or two, from stress, over eating etc mostly stress i think, my husband was diagnosed with leukimia and hospital to hospital food was my comfort of dealing with this. he is now in remmission and now i can focus on myself for a change. i am a month in and it has been a great change for me. and i know my journey has just begun i can tell i need a fill because i am hungry all the time and fight the cravings most of the time and it really dosent helo when my whole family eats like it will be there last meal:) not good for me so i could use all the support i can.

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