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  1. AngelaLou99

    Not Hungry!?

    I'm almost a year out from getting my band. I'm FINALLY in a good Green Zone. I'm glad to finally get there because I was almost starting to wonder if my band had a leak or something! It was fill after fill and I seemed to be hungry quite often. My journey has been wonderful and without any problems and I've lost 105 pounds so far. (Lots more to go to get to the goal I set for myself!) But now, I seemed to have lost interest in food!! I'm sure it's a good problem to have, but is this normal? I can eat anything and don't have any issues, but I don't really have much of an appetite or desire lately for food. I do make sure I get in my Protein and I have been exercising more to get the scale moving again as I did hit a plateau. So is this just a phase I'm going through right now?
  2. Of what I'm calling an Emotional Roller Coaster. I'm almost down 100 pounds. I got through the winter and spring clothing wise. Now that its warning up, I don't have many casual summer clothes after having to get rid of all the old stuff. Which is great, but, now I have to replace some key wardrobe basics to get me through the summer. I used to be one who LOVED to shop, but now I somewhat dread it because it's now frustrating. I either have to take the time to figure out what size I need by trying on, or guess at it and take it home to see if it works or not and go back to the store. I used to be able to go to the size I needed an go. Not so much anymore! While I am happy about my success, and ecstatic that I am wearing 8-10 size smaller than this time last year (and I AM NOT GOING BACK) it's just sometimes surreal looking at the new me. Has anyone felt like this? How do you deal with it?
  3. AngelaLou99

    At my Wit's End

    The topic of this thread wasn't supposed to be about me. But I will say this: IF I ever have any problems, I will know that it will be 99.9% my own fault because of a choice that I made!! Now I get and understand why people don't like or are hesitant about getting on here. I have learned a lot from others on this site. Wow........ Anyway, my husband may be making an appointment today to get in and get some Fluid removed from his band. Thanks for the support, and stay tuned!!
  4. AngelaLou99


    After my last fill, I finally felt that elusive feeling of restriction. Well, that feeling only lasted a few days. Is that normal to have restriction and then it goes away? It only heightens my suspicion that I may have a small hole or leak somewhere, possibly in the tubing. (Which could be possible as I have been stuck in the wrong place for a fill previously!) I have been loosing, as I have lost 65 pounds since my surgery in August. I have 8ccs in a 14cc band. How much does it take? I know everyone is different, but I had no idea it takes this much fluid to get to the Green Zone.
  5. AngelaLou99

    Restriction, Finally!!!

    Thanks for all the well wishes! To answer the question on how it feels different (others feel free to chime in because I'm sure everyone is different) is a little hard to explain. I was eating my Breakfast this morning, and I just happened to realize that I had enough. I wasn't full or overstuffed, but knew it was time to stop. And I didn't eat it all either. Also, for once I wasn't looking forward to having my mid-morning snack. In fact, my appetite has been way down as compared to where it was before this fill. I'm now going 4+ hours before eating again. I hope this helps you out. Believe me, You'll know when you're there!! Best wishes to you!!!
  6. AngelaLou99


    Hi there! I TOTALLY understand where you are coming from!! I was like that too. Everyone was seeing my loss, but I wasn't. My clothes were fitting differently, but every time I looked in the mirror, I saw the same old me. I truly believe that it takes a while for the brain to catch up with the body. I was banded in August 2012 and now down 67 pounds (and counting) and I'm just starting to realize and finally see my weight loss myself. We can be the hardest on ourselves. Keep up the good work, and when you see it yourself, treat yourself to a little retail therapy, like a new outfit or article of clothing! That's what I did!! You will be amazed, and it will be motivation to keep going!! Good Luck and much success to you on this journey!!
  7. AngelaLou99

    Anyone Tried The Daniel Fast?

    Dairy is not allowed is what I was trying to say...stupid predictive text!!
  8. AngelaLou99

    First Thanksgiving With My Band

    I'm 3 months out, and my husband is 3 weeks out from surgery, and we are already planning on using smaller plates and just having mostly turkey, and a spoon full of everything else!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  9. AngelaLou99

    Know Your Port!!

    I'm just glad that I got numbed up for the whole thing! But, I bet I will get a bruise! She won't ever forget where my port is again!!!
  10. AngelaLou99

    Protein Shake Mix

    Yes, but not the whole box at once for one shake! If you are using the small box, just use 1/3 of it. If its the big box 1/4 of it. The more pudding, the thicker it gets!
  11. AngelaLou99

    Why Did U Chose The Band...

    Hi! I chose the Band over the bypass and sleeve because I feel that it was the best choice for me personally. The bypass is too permanent, and I have seen too many people with complications from it. The sleeve would be my second choice of the three procedures. I'm a little over three weeks post-op. With the band, I know the weight loss will be slower, but it works better in my life. You can get the same results as the others, but it will take longer. I can deal with slower than an immediate and drastic weight loss.
  12. AngelaLou99


    I have a question....Why is a daily BM not the norm for Bandsters?? This may be TMI, but I go pretty much every day. Should I be concerned?
  13. I was Banded on 8/22. My incisions are itching like crazy, especially at night!! I've already had my first follow-up appointment, and they said that I may be allergic to the dermabond that was used, but it is OK for me to take Benadril. So right before I go to bed, I take liquid Benadril. It helps tremendously!!

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