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  1. Beautyandbeyond

    I wish I knew how to quit you, (fill in the blank)!

    I'm right there with you JustWatchMe. I just stopped having a caramel mocha every morning, caffeine, sodas, dairy and refined sugar. Started this process last week and I felt angry! Lol I'm definitely in a better place this week and I feel like I can go on (in my Celine Dion) voice.
  2. Sooo...Ive found my way to this new app. The jury is still out. Insty who guys, today was our first Thanksgiving, and my goodness I dont know if I was prepared! Officially down 92 lbs from 300 with SD of 2/13. Im proud that I didnt go completely crazy and definitely happy Ive got this sleevw to give mw some control!
  3. Beautyandbeyond

    It's not always about the scale

    Totally agreeing! Ive lostan entire pants size at the same weight Ive been for the past several weeks. Sn: its been so nice to hear my girlfriends say I am so tiny! Sweet!
  4. 6 mos out next week. Lost 70 lbs post op and the scale has been teetering between 4 lbs for the past month. Calories are up anf even with good exercise not much is happening right now. But im not discouraged. ..sounds like the norm
  5. Im looking for a great cosmetic surgeon in the Atlanta area. Feedback wanted
  6. Beautyandbeyond

    Attention February 2013 Sleeve Buddies!

    I hate buffets now!
  7. Has anyone gotten approved for a panni or reduction post sleeve with United Healthcare? If so, how was the process?
  8. Its been great! My dr. Allowed me to start at 5 weeks and if I dont work out the scale gets stagnant, but if i do there is a nice steady drop.
  9. Beautyandbeyond

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Its nice to see the old gang on here again! Glad everyone is well.
  10. Been dealing with a snails pace loss over the past couple of weeks. This morning I woke up and was down 2.5lbs. FINALLY!
  11. Beautyandbeyond

    Ladies! Did your cycle change?

    Mine have been normal
  12. Beautyandbeyond

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Doing a little dance with you!
  13. I believe it...those things are horribly disgusting. I almost vomiting bc the consistency is repulsive. I cant even look at another protein shot now and that incident was over a month ago ha ha

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