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  1. jennrus

    my hair!

    Surgery date was Aug 6th and notice that my hair is falling out now. Ridiculously thin. I've been a vitamin junkie but not helping. Need to figure out how to style it. Always had sexy hair but nit now. What to do? Look like an old lady. Oh and now a saggy chicken neck thing going on. Ugh. Still beets being fat.
  2. jennrus


    I am 5' 1" and now 163. I am busty do still a large top and size 12/14 pants. Find my sizes drop before my weight which is odd.
  3. jennrus


    I wish. 5 months out and realize i am now lactose intolerant. A glass of milk is better than any laxative. Ugh.
  4. jennrus


    Its hard to believe but it does come off. I also lost nothing and actually gained a pound in first few weeks but at 5 months I am 57 lbs down. Nit sure when it happened because it's slow but it DOES happen. Relax.
  5. Keep nibbling and feel sick/full. Not enjoying all the food. Need to go back to regular meals. Look forward to getting back to normal. Far too many calories consumed in alcohol this past few weeks. Ugh. Lactose intolerant and no breads for me anymore. But 57 lbs down!
  6. jennrus

    End Of Days!

    Awesome post.
  7. I don't know about you all but Thanksgiving had a totally different feel for me. Won't be the same. Nit bad just different. So aware of how food plays such a major role in our lives. So grateful it no longer rules mine.
  8. My thinner face is aging me! Beauty secrets for tighter face skin needed ASAP.
  9. How tall are you? What was your BMI and what is it now?
  10. Stopped exercising after picking up second job for Holidays and weight loss has slowed to about. 5 lb a week or less. Feeling exhausted and getting discouraged. 4months out, broke, tired, only about 3outfits to wear and facing THE food addicts worst season with cookie swaps, pie luncheons, carb cuty socials and the likes. Not to mention the cocktail social holiday parties. Ugh.
  11. Sleeved August 6th and very motivated by pictures. I am now 167 lbs as of this morning. Down from 218.
  12. No but no other dairy bothers me so everyone told me the milk shouldn't be the problem. Yogurt and cheese all the time.
  13. I am trying powder protein shakes with milk but its like a ticking time bomb. Cold sweats and everything. Wth? Sorry if this is in the overshare or tmi category but this is crazy. How do i get protein daily goal without them?
  14. 8/6/1 Starting 218 Current 168 Protein shake or bars and a lot of chicken. eggs. Greek yogurt out my ears. Don't count calories only protein. I get about 60/day. Was at gym 3-4 days week but not last two weeks. Not hungry but "hand to mouth" is bad especially during PMS. Physically great. Sizes go down faster than weight which is weird but so much more stamina. Emotionally find myself reminiscing about my love affair with carbs but then remember why I broke up with him. Just want to add that my sex life is now incredible!

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