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  1. i was the same on the urine and stomach sounds...all normal
  2. Mensch

    Before and after pic!

    Congrats!! I'm personally proud of you and all of us!
  3. You've got this my sistah!
  4. Mensch

    Body By Vi Shakes

    I drink them daily. Let me know if you need some.
  5. I am 2 months out and am between 800-900 calories daily. Have DR and NUT appointment next week and hope to increase to 1000 since I am weight lifting 4 days per week.
  6. Mensch

    Before And So Far :)

    You lost extra pounds AND extra hair!! Great results!!
  7. Mensch

    Food Diary/log

    myfitnesspal is the way to go! Many of us here use it and hold each other accountable via the app!
  8. Mensch

    Friends- Can We Really Keep Them?

    I think it's a part of this process, and the evolution of us as people. I am attempting to hang on the things in my friends that attract me to them at their core, but I am very upfront about my lifestyle changes. I guess I remember that I changed, they didn't. Although I accept everyone where they are, and hope for the same.
  9. Looking Good! and no dating expert here...you don't want my advise, I assure you!
  10. Mine, too was blood pressure. I was happily taking off of one of my bp medications.
  11. Mensch

    Post Op Eating?

    I know! I wish i could eat it but my sleeve, Norman, is quite fickle. He doesn't like anything other than turkey and shirmp..oh I lie..this week he me add sliced deli chicken!
  12. Mensch

    Less Than 10Hrs Away

    You've got this! Don't be nervous! Your new sleeve awaits!
  13. Mensch

    Boca Burgers And Meal Starters

    I'll have to try those!!
  14. Mensch

    Back To Work

    I go back to work Monday 9/9 and had surgery on 8/20..... I guess I have to.....
  15. I'm not like that...but their have been moments when I wanted to...and when I did...ooops!!!
  16. Mensch

    Eating Too Fast, Meal Times

    I am 4 days into pureed foods and am learning to slow down the hard way. Being a big guy, I an SOOO accustomed to "inhaling" mass quantities of food. Ohhhh no more!! I was in pain quite a bit this weekend all because I was eating too fast. I am learning which foods do and do not agree with me and today it took me 30-40 minutes to eat 2 ounces of food this afternoon. I mist admit, it was my most satisfying meal yet. It was baby shrimp. I am gonna eat them for a few more days as I figure out this new "eating deal". My sleeve is schooling my big ass, trust me!!
  17. Oh I figured out full!!! 2-3 Ounces and I can feel my sleeve saying"No"!! It screamed at me yesterday! LOL What's really odd is the ability to put it down and walk away.
  18. Mensch

    Tomorrow's The Day!

    You can do it! Tomorrow is the day you have waited for! I will send you positive vibes...You've got this! Seriously, if you've got this far...tomorrow you cross the second big hurdle!
  19. Mensch

    Complications After Surgery.

    I'm so sorry!! But I am Soo happy that you're under doctors care and in a safe environment!
  20. I can't wait for that day! Hopefully I go to puree stage when I see my Surgeon on Friday!

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