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  1. You should begin feel better anyday now. I was off from work three weeks after my procedure and actually returned to work the day I returned to smushie foods. Whatever you do, don't exceed the consumption determined by your physician/nutritionist. They set the amounts based on what they know our new tummy can handle. Right now just concentrate on getting in your protein, fluid and vitamins to include biotin to reduce hairloss as much as possible. Best of everything to you during your journey.
  2. Sleever963

    very emotional lately

    After the gastric sleeve procedure we must deal with our hormones. Some of us have more problems than others. Hang in there and it too should calm down to your norm. Hang in there! I cried at the drop of a pin for a few weeks.
  3. Sleever963


    I turned 49 on Sept 17 and my sleeve procedure was conducted on Sept. 18. I started out at 293 in April, 2012 when I started my surgeon's program. By the date of my sleeve, Sept. 18, I had lost down to 268. This morning when I weighed, Feb. 25, 2013, I am now at 208. Total lost is 85 lbs. Feeling great now and looking forward to future weight loss. My procedure went well and I have not had any problems (sickness) since the procedure. The day of surgery and the next couple of days were difficult. Nothing anyone can't handle with the future reward you'll have. I thank my surgeon everyday for giving me my life back! Feel great, energy has returned. Best of luck to you. You'll do and feel GREAT afterward.
  4. I take a bariatric multi Vitamin daily PLUS a dosage of B-12 daily per directive from my surgeon and nutritionist. I also take a 5000 mcg does of Biotin daily with hopes of helping my hair return to it's original thickness. The doctor who performed my surgery also has everyone do bloodwork to ensure his patients are healthy. I know from our preop classes that a lot of patients must also take Iron, Omega 3 fish oil and calcium supplements I use the bariatric formula chewable vitamin available at Walgreens pharmacy. Anyone who can chew a flintstone's vitamin can easily chew this bariatric viatamin and receive a lot more of the Vitamins and nutrients you need. If I were to describe the taste it would be similar to the flavor of orange tang being in powder form and compressed into a pill. No problem at all. The B12 supplements I take tastes like cherry and the Vitamin D I take are avaiable through my doctor's office and they taste like an after dinner mint. You may have to check around to find something you like but to be the healthiest I can be is what is important to me and my family. After all, the reason I had this surgery was to feel better and overcome diabetes and high blood pressure. Since my surgery I have not taken any of my diabetes medication and am only taking 1/2 of my usual dose of high blood pressure medication which I hope to lose once I lose a little more weight. I forgot to weigh this morning but I started at 293 and weighed 211 last Monday. I try to not be addicted to the scale and only weigh once weekly. If I miss one day I weigh the next morning. Remember, losing weight is important. However, being healthy should be our ultimate goal! Good luck to everyone on their journey!
  5. Sleever963

    Texas Forum?

    Two_boysmom - I'm from Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Kim performed my surgery on September 18, 2012 and I've been doing GREAT ever since. Couldn't be happier! Dr. Kim has a very strict plan for his patients and if you stick to the plan and do as you are instructed you shouldn't have any probelms. In my opinion the most difficult time is immediately following surgery when you're trying to recooperate in the hospital. It will take a few days to feel normal; however, you'll do fine. Take care!
  6. Sleever963

    Isopure drinks

    The two flavors I used steadily the first three months after surgery were the fruit punch and pineapply/orange/banana flavors. Be sure they are ICE cold when you drink them. They pack a dry tartness but the colder they are the less you will notice it. (at least that's my opinion) My favorite thing about the ISOPURE drinks was they counted toward my protein AND fluid intake. I am not sure where everyone else is located but I purchase them at GNC and as a member if you purchase them during the first week of the month you can receive a special buy 2 get 1 free. Doesn't sound like much until you purchase a months supply at once. You can really save a lot this way. Good luck to everyone on your journey to a new you!
  7. Sleever963

    Incentive Spirometer

    I've never heard of using the spirometer before surgery but I guess it makes sense to prepare. After surgery I really didn't like the thing but I guess we all can say that after being under anesthesia and trying to rest to recoop. After all, this is the thing everyone is reminded to do 10 times per hour up until we're able to give that BIG cough after surgery showing our lungs are clear. When I had my surgery in September, 2012, the respritory therapist repeatedly came in to remind me to use it then the last time I remember breathing into it I coughed real hard and the respritory therapist turned and smiled at me and said "That's what I needed to hear. You let us know if there is anything you need." After that I never was visited by another respritory therapist during my two night/three day stay following surgery. Good luck to you both.
  8. Sleever963

    Kids meals!

    I find that most 'kids meals' are usually two meals for me. Anytime we eat out I know automatically what my lunch will be the following day. Makes meal planning easy. Dinner one night is usually my lunch the following day too. My surgery was on Sept 18, 2012 and to date I am down 82 lbs. from my initial consultation visit with my surgeon. YEAH DR. KIM in Colleyville, TX. I thank him daily for the opportunity to take control of my life and FEEL BETTER!
  9. Sleever963

    Peanut Butter

    This question is best answered by your doctor or nutritionist. All doctors have their own program of what you can and can't eat. However, keep in mind that peanut butter is very high and fat so keep that in mind once you have the OK to have some. One item you may want to consider, if on a stage where you are drinking shakes try PB2. This is an ingredient to add to shakes with ALL of the FAT removed. It's in powerder form. Adding it to a chocolate shake tastes just like a reese's peanut butter cup. Enjoy!
  10. Sleever963

    Anyone told NOT to do situps and crunches?

    I attended a group support meeting a few months ago and we were also told NOT to be doing sit ups. I can't remember exactly why but i'm not soing to question my doctors directive. My doctor's P.A. is also a certified fitness trainer and she told us NEVER to do them again so they'll never be a part of my routine. It can cause damage to the tummy but I can't remember exactly what. Why take a chance after everything you have done to get to wherever you are in your journey. There are plenty of other exercises you can focus on. Good luck to everyone! Keep the great work up but i recommend leaving the sit ups out of your routine. Better safe than sorry.
  11. Sleever963

    won ton wrappers

    in all of the stores I have shopped in Fort Worth, TX the won tons can be found wherever the tofu is located. At all WalMarts and Kroger stores they are in the vegetable/produce section in a refrigerated unit. If all else fails ask a worker. That's what they're there to do... Enjoy!
  12. Sleever963

    Protein oatmeal cookie

    I look forward to trying this recipe. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Sleever963

    30 second Protein cookies

    Sounds Great. I am going to try this recipe this weekend. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Sleever963

    Making vomit

    If you have spoke to your doctor and can't get any help from them I recommend contacting a nutritionist to review your diet. Possibly the foods you are eating is causing your problem. If not, possibly you are not chewing as well are you think resulting in your problem. Regardless, you need to see professional guidance from someone who can help you. Throwing up four months post-op is NOT good. I am also a little over four months post-op. When I hear I eat Protein, vegetable then fruit. Uusally protein and fruit in the AM, protein and fruit for lunch then protein and vegetable for dinner. Whatever you do you need to consult a nutritionist to ensure you are eating the correct foods. Oh yea, remember, LEAN, very LEAN is a necessity. Fat in your meat can also cause you problems. Good luck to you!
  15. Sleever963

    New and trying to decide

    When I first visited with my surgeon for weight loss surgery he asked me which procedure I was interest in then he advised me of the procedure he would recommend for me. The choice was ultimately mine. I oringally wanted the lap band but due to the amount of weight I need to lose I really was not considered a candidate for the lap band procedure. My second option was the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. Why, because with the VSG the natural flow of food would not be altered in any way. Food would enter and exit the stomach in the same manner in which I feel we were created. With the Gastric Bypass the way food leaves your stomach and entered the intestines I could not mentall grasp. The thought of re0routing the natural flow of the intestines bothered me and I could not get past it. Yes, you lose weight a lot quicker with the Bypass; however, there is a higher risk of malnutrition with this procedure. Yes, we all will take Vitamins before and after surgery; however, I personally have a cousin who had the Gastric Bypass seven years ago and from the minute her surgery was conducted she has had problems. She says she would not have changed anything for her; however, she's still sick today. I am not pointing fingers about probelms; only trying to express my mindset between the two procedures. My initial visit with my surgeon was in April, 2012. My procedure was done on September 18, 2012 so I am a little over four months post-op. My weight at my initial consult was 293; today I weigh 214 which is a total weight loss of 79 lbs. The day of surgery I weighed in at 268 which equals a total of 54 lbs. down since surgery. GREAT! I can't express how happy I am for this weight loss. I'm looking forward to the next 50 lbs. My goal weight has not been set yet. The only I have set for myself and shared with my doctor is "whenever I can do whatever i choose to do whenever I choose to do it" with regard to energy level. Choose a doctor that YOU are comfortable with and that you feel is GOOD for YOU. The office staff is important because you need a support group. The doctor I used here in Fort Worth provides a lifetime support group that you can attend at no additional cost. That's a GREAT extra you don't hear about a lot. Research the doctors in your area and go for who will be BEST for YOU. I wish you nothing but the best for your journey. Which ever procedure you decide on please follow your heart because once you have had the procedure there is no undoing it. God Bless - Have a wonderful day!