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  1. mbasile

    1yr out

    Thanks everyone crazy how all this happens
  2. mbasile

    Let's SEE pics!

    Thanks I'm a yr out down 130lbs
  3. mbasile

    1yr out

    Yeah it's crazy I mean I over do it I work out 2 hrs during the day and prob not eat enough per sitting I try to eat only like 3-4 oz every 2-3 hrs prob not enough
  4. I'm one yr out and down just bout 130lbs I'm 230-225lbs started at 355lbs any one have any health issues from losing weight like for me I almost pass out cause my blood pressure has dropped low from like laying down or sitting to standing up to fast anyone else have these probs just wondering
  5. mbasile


  6. Hello all sleeved july 23 no pre-op diet.....on surgery day i weighed 355 I'm down 80lbs today at 275
  7. mbasile

    July Sleevers

    My post again was to no one specific it's was a general post after reading what a couple of people wrote trust me and I'm sure everyone here knows bout weight probs in there life's that's y where here for help and advice and I put my two sence in cause I sure didn't go through all this bullshit diet surgery pain emotional battle to go back to eating pizza regaurdless if it's thin crust or whatever kind it is if that's the case u shouldn't of even got the surgery done and ate like u did before u have to remember the sleeve is a tool it's not a solution u can stretch ur stomach back out and put everything u lost back on I personally kno two people that are doing it right now and that's how it starts seen it first hand I'm just saying u including everyone on this forum u didn't go through all of this to eat the same way I'm not trying to be an a*****e I'm being honest and truthful and I don't want to see anyone on here fail but only u can make the choice to put what u want in your mouth
  8. mbasile

    July Sleevers

    I'm not saying if u can eat it u should everyone has an opinion and your weight loss is great but hear me out just cause u can eat don't mean u should I'm sure I could too but see u have to remember how u got to what u got to before surgery it's a mind game now oh I'll try this or try that I just don't think pizza pasta sandwichs are good things to choose to eat 2 months out but your your own person but I don't want to put my self in a situation like that cause temptation is a bad thing I kno I quit smoking cigs and eating at the same time I'm only a month and a half out and I'm 55lbs downs again not here to argue this is a forum and I gave my opionion
  9. mbasile

    July Sleevers

    Hello not to make anyone mad but should any of us be eating pizza thin crust or not I mean we all went through a major surgery for weight loss just throwing that out there
  10. mbasile

    July Sleevers

    Hello all hope everyone is doin great fig I put an update up I'm down 55lbs Here's my chart I made 7/23/12- Day of surgery-355lbs 7/30-330lbs down total 25lbs 7/31-326lbs down total 29lbs 8/1-323lbs down 32lbs 8/3- 321lbs down 34lbs 8/4 -319lbs down 36lbs 8/5- 318lbs down 37lbs 8/6 -317lbs down 38lbs two week 8/7 -316lbs down 39lbs 8/8 -same 8/9 -314lbs down 41lbs 8/10 -same 8/11 -312lbs down 43lbs 8/12 -Same 8/14 -311lbs down 44lbs 8/15- 310lbs down 45lbs 8/18 -same 8/21- 308lbs down 47lbs 8/23- 306lbs down 49lbs 8/27 -304lbs down 51lbs 8/28- 303lbs down 52lbs 8/31 -302lbs down 53lbs 9/1 -300lbs down 55lbs
  11. mbasile


    Yeah its crazy I haven't touched any seafood nothing always wash my hands and there's no cuts on them I'm laid off from work so just don't kno
  12. Anyone have there hand like on the palm get itchy or swell up hot to the touch and red just curious this has happen twice to me since surgery thanks
  13. Just wondering how is all the Italians out here are doin with out doing the whole Sunday pasta meal cause the fat guy in me is crying third week wit out my fav meal but my weight loss over powers the meal lmao (also anyone else who does a Sunday dinner or anything else I like to hear doesn't just have to be Italians)

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