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  1. I have not had plastics yet but have heard many good things about Dr. Monaco: http://drlomonaco.com/houston/ In all honestly since money will be a huge factor, when the time comes, I will probably go the resident program route with Baylor. There are many (I found some reviews on another forum) that have used them with good results. http://www.bcm.edu/plasticsurgery/index.cfm
  2. isajck

    shoe size

    I am 11 months out and down 1 full size from a 12 to 11. When I've lost weight in the past the lowest show size I went down to was an 11. I can live with that. I've already found more nice shoes at this size than in the past so no complaints.
  3. isajck

    full liquid misinterpretation

    I am surprised that your doctor's office did not give you paperwork explaining exactly what a liquid diet was. Very descriptive diet information was included in my pre-op packet plus my nutritionist gave it out as well.
  4. I was evil the first couple of months out from surgery. EVIL. I was angry at everyone and everything and the most basic of things set me OFF. My poor dog even bore the brunt of it once and he is my baby. I had to change my route to work for a month or so due to not being able to tolerate school zones (I am not kidding, the thought of them and/or driving thru them enraged me). My doctor increased the anxiety meds to help even things out until my mind settled down. She wanted to put me on depression meds but I did not think that was necessary and fought to stay off of them. Hang in there, it will pass or at least get better.
  5. isajck

    Dehydration long term & dizziness anyone?

    There were two major incidents in December, no actual room spinning but there was a tilting feeling. I was very unstable, dizzy, light headed and feeling as if I was going to pass out without actually doing so. First diagnosis came from an urgent care physician, almost week later when the same symptoms presented again with the addition of being freezing cold with uncontrollable shaking, I visited an actual ER where the doctor came to the same diagnosis along with moderate dehydration. He even performing a CT scan of the head as a precaution. He prescribed different meds from the UC physician. All was fine until last week. The latest incident was an instant onset of dizziness, light headedness and passing out in rapid succession. No room spinning or tilting present. My PCP has ordered labs, ekg, echo, 24 holter monitor and another head CT. All results should be in by my visit with her late next week.
  6. Skin issues/results depend on age, amount of weight lost and the amount of time being overweight. The younger you are when losing weight, the better the results will be. People touting special creams and other amazing items are usually fooling themselves (and those they sucker into buying such items). Once your body has been abused by being overweight for extreme amounts of time, it just cannot bounce back. That is just reality.
  7. isajck

    Cholesterol seven months out

    Yep, mine has been steadily climbing since surgery (July 17th, right ahead of you!) and no one has a good reason for it. I have not been put on meds yet but i am terrified of what my PCP will say/do at my next lab check. That happens in April....
  8. I am almost 7 or so months out and no gallbladder problems. My surgeon had me taking ursodiol for several months after surgery to offset such issues.
  9. isajck

    My liquid multi has alcohol?

    They sell via the website but I purchase mine from costco (great prices but very large size). I know they have samples so try for those first. I was able to find the Calcium at Walmart but never found the multi in store locally. http://www.wellesse.com/ It is sold on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=a9_sc_1?rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Awellesse&keywords=wellesse&ie=UTF8&qid=1363224445
  10. This is not abnormal. I have had an extremely heightened sense of smell since surgery. Little smells that previously would not have bothered me can make me very ill now. It was much worse immediately post-op so at least it is getting better with time.
  11. isajck

    My Fit Foods

    I tried a lunch years ago and it was very tasty. The company visited my hospital support group last week, giving out a sample of food and BOGO coupons. The food this time was delish as well and I plan on using that coupon soon.
  12. isajck

    eating solids too soon.

    Let you body lead you in this. My surgeon has a schedule for patients to follow, I tried it but my body was not ready so I returned to liquids for an additional week. After that everything was fine. And yes you can/may gain sure the time of the month. It should fall right back off once it's over.
  13. Everything does look very good! Continued success on the healing process and hope those drains come out soon!
  14. isajck

    Alien Body

    This is very interesting Lynda. Hope did you work on your posture? Mine is currently horrible and I've been thinking about purchasing a corset to help force the issue.

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