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  1. isajck

    Steve Harvey

    Thanks for saying this. Someone with his personal history can never preach to me concerning relationships. Cannot believe so many have fallen for his BS. Steve is nothing more than a snake oil salesman selling basic common sense to people. There is nothing new or insightful in what he is spewing.
  2. From everything I have heard it is cheaper, not sure how much as I have not called personally. I'm waiting until I hit goal to start any inquiries.
  3. isajck

    Are you more hungry around time of cycle?

    I am more hungry and want to eat everything in sight. In addition I can eat more food but can only barely tolerate water. It is so strange but thankfully like others, the weight gain is quickly lost afterwards.
  4. I've seen several people talk about it on OH plus know a friend of a friend that had breast work through the program. I've not heard any complaints to date and outside of Mexico this will probably be the only I can afford the work needed to resurrect my body. LOL.
  5. I have not had plastics yet but have heard many good things about Dr. Monaco: http://drlomonaco.com/houston/ In all honestly since money will be a huge factor, when the time comes, I will probably go the resident program route with Baylor. There are many (I found some reviews on another forum) that have used them with good results. http://www.bcm.edu/plasticsurgery/index.cfm
  6. isajck

    What Did Your United Healthcare Cover?

    I've not gotten to that point yet but imagine, depending on how bad the skin hang is, they would cover at least a panniculectomy if nothing else.
  7. isajck

    Are There Any Single Sleevers Out There..

    Thanks for the advice and good luck on the upcoming surgery!
  8. isajck

    Are There Any Single Sleevers Out There..

    Single and a year out from surgery. The friends are all saying "it's time to start dating, place an ad somewhere" but how does one who never really learned the art of dating and/or dealing with members the opposite sex in romantic situations even begin to go about it?
  9. isajck

    shoe size

    I am 11 months out and down 1 full size from a 12 to 11. When I've lost weight in the past the lowest show size I went down to was an 11. I can live with that. I've already found more nice shoes at this size than in the past so no complaints.
  10. isajck

    Cancer Ward?

    Maybe it's just where certain tests are performed.
  11. isajck


    I had popcorn for the first time about three weeks ago at a movie theater. Only had a small amount and had no issues. Since that was so positive I went out and purchased some for the house...big mistake. It has not given my sleeve any problems but my mouth went into overdrive. It goes down way to easy and tastes so damn good. I'm making a conscious decision to stop eating it for those reasons.
  12. isajck

    It's Like They're Daring Me...

    I agree although they do look very tasty.
  13. isajck

    Exercise question for the VETS

    I've lost my weight without exercise. That is probably not ideal but the gym bores me to death. I tried it again recently and after two weeks I just could not go back. I will admit to feeling better after exercising (cardio and some weight training) but the sheer monotony of it drove me back out of the door.
  14. isajck

    Teeth correction needed as a VSG vet?

    Braces are a good idea to shift the remaining teeth back into position but if you've no molars left then implants (or something else) should be pursued. I had teeth issues that were resolved by braces over 5 years ago. I also have one tooth missing on each side towards the back and should have had a bridge or implants once the braces came off. I did not and am now dealing with subtle shifting of my teeth which will only increase as time goes on - not good! Once my financial situation is better I will look at replacing the missing teeth and possibly placement back in braces to resolve these issues once and for all. I was not planning on dealing with teeth again but will to pay for mistakes made in the past.
  15. isajck


    I had a six month requirement and you'd really be surprised at how quickly it passes by. I did not have serious co-morbids and even without any, my BMI alone would have qualified me. My doctor's office has a program that goes from initial consult to insurance paperwork submission so outside of attending visits, I had very little to actually do. It was a well oiled machine! Hopefully your surgeon's office is as organized because it made the whole process pretty much stress free (well outside of my own personal anxiety about what I was undertaking).
  16. Your surgeon needs to know ASAP so he/she can make the best decision for your overall health. That is what's most important at this point. I hope the attack isn't so bad and the GB can just be removed during the sleeve procedure. Good luck!
  17. You gave your opinion and someone else gave there....so it goes both ways.This is a site with thousands of different personalities, not everyone is going to coddle or agree with you. That's life, especially on a world-wide forum. Plus, going to be real honest here..I have a hard time taking comments written like this seriously. Leave it to Prince.
  18. Please hang in there. You are still in the brutal reality stage, in a couple of months you should feel better overall physically. That mental break over food will last and/or take much longer but should get easier as well.
  19. isajck

    full liquid misinterpretation

    I am surprised that your doctor's office did not give you paperwork explaining exactly what a liquid diet was. Very descriptive diet information was included in my pre-op packet plus my nutritionist gave it out as well.
  20. I was evil the first couple of months out from surgery. EVIL. I was angry at everyone and everything and the most basic of things set me OFF. My poor dog even bore the brunt of it once and he is my baby. I had to change my route to work for a month or so due to not being able to tolerate school zones (I am not kidding, the thought of them and/or driving thru them enraged me). My doctor increased the anxiety meds to help even things out until my mind settled down. She wanted to put me on depression meds but I did not think that was necessary and fought to stay off of them. Hang in there, it will pass or at least get better.
  21. I am so sorry to hear about your complications but thank you so much for sharing your story. I wish you healing power and hopefully a future of good health.
  22. isajck


    My symptoms have not stopped, in fact the facial hair seems to have gotten worse. My cycle issues are somewhat better but I did have a second UFE 3 months after the sleeve which accounts for that. There is another thread somewhere on the board, try searching to find it as it has others posting as well.
  23. I'm sorry to hear about your struggles. All vitamins made me ill, so much that I stopped taking them for a long time. A couple of months ago someone suggested liquid vitamins (wellesse) and finally, I was able to tolerate them. Maybe you should try a liquid and see how that works.
  24. Thanks Jane. Hopefully things will change for the better as I come up on the year mark.
  25. Those that feel people with regrets post VSG should just fade into the woodwork are really doing everyone here a disservice. The 2% is just as important as the fabulous 98%, if not more so. Everyone's opinion is valid and important on this forum: positive, negative and everything in-between. . Anyone researching a major surgery should want to hear about the success and failures, it is the only way to make a totally informed decision. Those that do not are living in a dream world and who knows, post-op that dream could turn into a nightmare and then you'll be the one being told to quiet down and think about the successful ones.