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    Mazie turned 3 in October ...I was banded by Dr. Christopher Edwards 4-2-07 starting weight 367#. I have lost 200 pounds and feel healthy!
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    I'm looking for work after being a stay at home Mom.
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  1. Happy 41st Birthday maziemommy!

  2. Happy 40th Birthday maziemommy!

  3. I came across your profile and I think you rock! 200 pounds?? That is amazing progress and you look great!

  4. I ran across one of your posts "did u cheat on ur preop diet" I have to say congrats to being only 1 lb away from goal weight. Awesome job!

  5. Saw your story on a forum and you are AWESOME. I have 200 lbs to lose. I was told by one surgeon that the lap band is for someone who only wanted to lose like 40 lbs and shouldn't expect to lose more than that. You are an inspiration.

  6. Hey hun..being that you'be had such a hugh success..I wanted to know if whey protein was a choice of shake that you used and whether or not eating breakfast before excercising in the morning is a good idea..breakfast such as oatmeal and or protein shakes...a slice of wheat toast and 1 egg or something of that nature..?

  7. maziemommy

    Shrinkin' Violets Part 3 Read HERE!

    It is still difficult to accept compliments... but thank you again. blushing.
  8. maziemommy

    Shrinkin' Violets Part 3 Read HERE!

    Thank you for comments... I feel great.
  9. maziemommy

    Shrinkin' Violets Part 3 Read HERE!

    HELLO HELLO HELLO.... JUST POPPING IN I wanted to say I have been thinking of you all... cheers to spring... may you all have good luck, and great health this season.
  10. hi, i came across u on a forum and saw ur profile and WOW!!!:waytogo: congrats. u made me think:lightbulb: just maybe i CAN do this!! best of luck to u!:Banane19:


  11. yeah, but im not perfect. as u may or may not know i had to get my port replaced due to leaking. evidently ive been leakin pretty much since the beginning. so the now 44 lb lost has pretty much been on my own! but i got a fill today, the first after my operation and i only have 3.2cc and i am very restricted! I had 7cc before surg and had no restrict! Im excited and hopefully will be able to loose BIG time! Ciau!(chow) lol

  12. maziemommy

    Looking for fellow bandsters in So. Missouri

    lots in springfield... welcome to you all.
  13. maziemommy

    Got banded in Springfield MO??

    Every can always restart everyday/or any day. ho to it. wheres debbie? WE need to all get together and go for a walk.:cool: :redface::thumbup::tt2::smile::tongue::biggrin::tongue2::thumbup::thumbup::sad::thumbup::tt2::cool2:
  14. wow... 34 pounds... is awesome weightloss. you are doing great... are you following most of the rules all the time... and all of the rules some of the time? keep in touch... it does take time... keep up the good stuff and add to it.... maziemommy/ kimberly

  15. Will you please say a prayer for our family. My hubby has lost a 12 year old cousin last night due to Leukemia. She had such a long battle. She went through this since the age of 3. I know tonight she is resting in the Arms of the Lord & pain free. It's just a very sad time right now. Please pray for all of us.

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