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  1. Congratulations to all bandsters! May we all have continued success this 2008.:tongue: It is a happy new year for me... I am down 100 pounds! There are many of us who have met this mark, and we continue on our journey. Cheers- here's to us, and the many "losers" that came before us, and to those who shall follow. :wink: IF YOU ARE EVEN THINKING ABOUT GETTING A BAND, GO GET INFO NOW NOT LATER.. My Mom was scheduled to get her band Dec.19th 2007- she instead had a triple bypass heart surgery, followed by many complications, blood clots, bad reactions to meds, etc.. and results are that the triple/bypass needs to be completely redone when/if she gains enough strength back to make it through such an ordeal -again. I will continue to count my blessing, I have had the opportunity to lose 100 pounds... before her story, became mine. Keeping you all in my thoughts daily, Kimberly
  2. Hi I'm maziemommy- Anyone else from around here? Anyone else share the same doc?"Christopher Edwards " If you are looking for a doc in MO.... I would highly recommend him and his staff! I would love to hear from any one close to my area.
  3. maziemommy

    Shrinkin' Violets Part 3 Read HERE!

    It is still difficult to accept compliments... but thank you again. blushing.
  4. maziemommy

    Shrinkin' Violets Part 3 Read HERE!

    Thank you for comments... I feel great.
  5. maziemommy

    Shrinkin' Violets Part 3 Read HERE!

    HELLO HELLO HELLO.... JUST POPPING IN I wanted to say I have been thinking of you all... cheers to spring... may you all have good luck, and great health this season.
  6. maziemommy

    Looking for fellow bandsters in So. Missouri

    lots in springfield... welcome to you all.
  7. maziemommy

    Got banded in Springfield MO??

    Every can always restart everyday/or any day. ho to it. wheres debbie? WE need to all get together and go for a walk.:cool: :redface::thumbup::tt2::smile::tongue::biggrin::tongue2::thumbup::thumbup::sad::thumbup::tt2::cool2:
  8. wow... 34 pounds... is awesome weightloss. you are doing great... are you following most of the rules all the time... and all of the rules some of the time? keep in touch... it does take time... keep up the good stuff and add to it.... maziemommy/ kimberly

  9. Hi Tracy... just popping by to update the spreadsheet and... I cant get into it? I would be thankful if you could add my info. for me? If you would? weight now 167#.. size 11 jeans. 200 pounds gone. If not its good to see the girls still getting support here. Best wishes to all violets for 2009. Kimberly /maziemommy

  10. Do you feel as great as you look? You look just GREAT! congrats.............

    yes i do!!! looks like you lost a bundle too ? What is your basic info? I am 167# now/was 367#.... 5'6' tall.. lost 2 shoe sizes. Did wear a 32W jeans now I wear an 11. would love to have plastics done... clothing can hide some,...stuff.

  11. maziemommy

    Goal baby.. give me plastics PLEASE!

    no tuck or nip yet... clothes hide alot of... stuff.!
  12. maziemommy

    Missouri Doctors?

    dr edwards dr edwards dr edwards dr edwards dr edwards dr edwards dr edwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. maziemommy

    starting BMI over 50? come on in!

    Thank you very much... still difficult to accept compliments. Even though I did it for health, I am continuing for health, I am starting to think that... gracefully accepting positive comments (about weight seem foreign) feels healthy too.
  14. maziemommy

    Got banded in Springfield MO??

    Mom is well and doing good... had fils and un-fill... then fills again... soon she will be bragging like me. So glad she finally got hers done. More later.
  15. :confused::cool::eek::frown::redface::smile::tongue::biggrin::sad::wub::biggrin::thumbup::thumbup::tongue:
  16. Thank you for the comments on my photo... but clothes can hide all kinds of... stuff. lol Good luck and great health to you. Kimberly/maziemommy

  17. maziemommy

    starting BMI over 50? come on in!

    Catching my breath and stopping in for the winter... How is everyone? I have soooo missed being on here. The feeling of health is amazing. I can do sooo much more than I could before. I have even... get this... enjoyed exercise on occasion. You can/will all get there.
  18. maziemommy

    Got banded in Springfield MO??

    Hello all just wanted to give an update... it may take me days to read all these postings. I will try to be on here more now that winter is settling in. Im at my goal and dream of plastic surgery?corrective surgery? Keep me updated on every that is here now.
  19. maziemommy

    Kimberly 2007 and 2008.

    Before and during pics.
  20. maziemommy

    Not motivated...need help!!!

    get up, get out, enjoy what you are able to, and then add to it regularly. love life be healthy..

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