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  1. mickmick


    i dont know what that is :
  2. mickmick

    Excess Skin

    I have lost 76 lbs and no extra skin (yet). I think my arms will be an issue but hoping not. I run/walk 4 miles a day but recently started Crossfit to help tone and hopefully prevent extra skin. I am 39 and 6 months out from surgery
  3. I have hypothyroidism and had the surgery 6 months ago. I have far surpassed my surgeon's expections with losing 77 lbs. I am less than 20 lbs from my goal now. My thyroid levels were consistent until recently. I figured with all the energy I have now, my thyroid would be doing better. My endo just did a full panel and said he needs to raise my meds. My hair is starting to fall out and my feet are freezing! I heard hair loss is common at this point and I live in NC so it all made sense to me LOL.
  4. mickmick

    Out To Eat

    I am 3.5 out and my eyes are STILL bigger than my stomach. I try to stop often and check myself. Burping def will let you know!
  5. mickmick

    What I Ate At Sweet Tomatoes

    not sure how I feel about this but my doctor has a card that explains the wls and requests that these buffet type restaurants only charge a childs price.I have heard others talk about using them but not sure.
  6. mickmick

    Any Charlotte Nc Sleevers?

    I am in Raleigh but new to the area. 5 weeks out
  7. mickmick

    Getting Enough To Drink

    I cant seem to handle straight water and nothing is ever cold enough! I live off of vitamin zero water. I water it down a little because it has carbs but I hated g2 and sobe water. The vitamin zero tastes good and stays down. I also drink one protein shake a day from syntrax nectar choc truffle for added protein and liquids.
  8. mickmick

    Leak Question

    My dr told me about a patient of his whose best friend brought her a double cheeseburger and fries in the hospital. She ate it and ended up being hospitalized for three weeks and still isnt right. I wonder about these stories too but people can be dumb.
  9. mickmick


    I had it too. Especially trying to use that thingie. It was at least two weeks before I had clear deep breaths, i am 5 weeks out now.
  10. My surgery was June 23 rd and I cant drink plain water. I drink vitamin zero water and then my protein shakes. I feel good but struggle to get in food and liquids
  11. mickmick

    Heel Pain

    I had the same problems. Mine wasnt planters fascitias. Instead I had heel spurs. I saw the xrays and sure enough I had a tiny piece of triangle shaped bone off my heel. I had to ditch all my cheap shoes and wear orthotics. I slept with a special brace called the straussberg sock ( you can order online). I had two cortisone shots and ultrasound therapy. It honestly took a year but it is better now
  12. mickmick

    Period Question

    Anestheia can bring on your period no matter where you are in your cycle. Give it another month.
  13. mickmick

    Heart Stopped On The Table

    The o hers have ut right. It seems like a vaso vagel response. My husband went in for a bilateral hernia repair and this happened to him after the first two incisions and he was full of air. They stopped the surgery and rescheduled it for a few weeks later. All his cardio workups were clear. It happened again doing the second surgery but this time it was at the end. I am so sorry!
  14. mickmick

    Any Good Books?

    I found one on the kindle app for one called My Sleeved Life. It was cheap and informative.
  15. My husband of 10 years is furious that I had the surgery and has been a total jerk when the subject of the surgery or food comes up. I honestly dont get his reasoning and it seems extreme and selfish. He SAYS that I didnt need the surgery and that I was selfish for having it done esp since it isnt reversible. We get along great in every other sense but not on this subject. I have lost 30 lbs so far and he says nothing. I am ready to hit my head against the wall with his stubborness.

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