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  1. I am one year and 8 months post surgery and I am burping constantly. Any ideas?
  2. FatBastard79

    1 year today!

    Isn't he worth the money? I'd recommend him to anyone. No post op complications and highly successful weight loss. Great surgeon!
  3. FatBastard79

    One year 25 day anniversary

    Yeah currently single but in no hurry just living and enjoying life.
  4. FatBastard79

    One year 25 day anniversary

    I am a huge fan of the Premier Protein shakes. Easy way to get in 90g a day just by drinking 3 of them. One for breakfast, one for lunch, one for afternoon snack. I always make sure I'm done with supper before 7pm. For supper I eat either eggs, tuna or some type of grilled or baked fish, chicken grilled or baked, I love cheese but you have to watch the calories and portion sizes, I also love some beef jerky cause of the high protein low carbs. I really just focus on my protein and getting in over a 100g a day and minimizing carbs to less than 20g. I keep portion sizes small to 4 or 5 oz max cause I get full fast. I will use my elliptical machine at least 4 times a week for an hour each time but when I started using it I couldn't go 10mins and it took time to build up to an hour. I'm not a super gym rat by any means and could definitely do more but I have been pretty rigorous with my diet. I try to focus on the protein and everything else kinda just fell into place. I have never been a big sweets person but portion sizes was my problem. It really took me mentally making up my mind that I needed to make a life change if I wanted to live a long happy life. The sleeve was the tool that made it possible and has been the best decision I ever made. I call it a tool because it still took me making an effort everyday become healthier.
  5. So it's been just over a yr since I had my sleeve done and it's definitely been the best thing I ever did. I followed the diet as directed and ate what I was suppose to do. I did exercise but could have done more an even though I'm still 30 lbs from my goal I feel that even if I don't lose another 30 lbs I still feel like it was worth it. I have lost 154lbs total as of today an I feel great! Very little loose skin and with some more sit ups and cardio I can and will tone but all in all just overall healthier. No more meds for diabetes or blood pressure. Just high Protein living. ;o) Wishing everyone well on their journey to living healthier!" Before 384lbs After 230lbs
  6. FatBastard79

    July Sleevers----Where Ya At? :-)

    Sleeved July 2nd Started at 384lbs On Easter I'm down 145 lbs and weighed in at 239lbs. Got 49 more pounds and it looks like these are going to be the toughest. Have only lost 9 pounds in the past 8 weeks. Guess its time to step up the intensity so I can reach goal.
  7. January 2nd will be my 6 month post op. I have to say this was the best decision I ever made. Dr. Cirangle saved my life. This has been the easiest diet I have ever been on. Starting weight was 384. This morning I was 251. I've lost 133lbs. I still got 56 more pounds to go but I'm still losing. Before After I will post again when I hit goal. I expect to be at my goal weight by tax time. Wish me luck.
  8. Sleeved July 2nd started at 384lbs Before After Down 118 lbs so far still got 76 more to go. Want to be down another 30 before New Years.
  9. FatBastard79

    July Sleevers----Where Ya At? :-)

    Sleeved on July 2nd. Down 118 lbs so far. Before After Only 78 more pounds to go!
  10. FatBastard79

    July Sleevers----Where Ya At? :-)

    Sleeved July 2nd. Started at 384. Was 291 this morning. Total lost 93 lbs. still got 101 lbs to go.
  11. FatBastard79

    2 Month Post Op Before And After

    I waited 6 weeks before I started sit ups. It didn't make me sick just a little sore at first but all that worked its way out in a couple of days. Of course I eased into my exercise since I hadn't done a lot since I quit playing football. The skin is a little loose but nothing out of the ordinary. It has tightened up since I started exercising. Hope it continues to improve. I am flattered about the comments. Hottie and cute has never been used as descriptive words when people are talking about me. I have always been the funny fat guy. I can get you laughing but have never been much to look at but I appreciate the kind words. This journey is about getting healthy so I might live into retirement age not about looking good that's just extra gravy! No pun intended! If I have some loose skin it won't bother me because i have been carrying around another grown person around my waist for years now so it can't be much worse than that right? The biggest accomplishments is I'm off my Metformin totally with diet controlled blood sugar and my sleep apnea is much improved. You can actually sleep in the same house with me now and not be up all nite from my snoring! I got another 107 lbs to lose so this is just the beginning of the journey but I am motivated because I know that this is working and I am finally seeing results. I use to be hungry all the time and even with strict diet and exercise with a trainer the scale would barely move. Now the scales move everyday or so. I recommend the Premier Protein shakes. They taste good and fill me up. I drink 3 of them a day and have about 2-3ozs of protein based meal for supper i.e. chicken breast, tuna, fish, eggs, etc. this has worked for me so sticking with it! Good luck everyone on this marathon! I call it a marathon because I didn't put the weight on overnight and it is not going to come off overnight but it is has been the easiest diet to stick to and I have been dieting since I was a kid. I just hope that I can be a motivation to others like so many on this forum before me was a motivation to me! Good luck and God Bless!
  12. Today is exactly two months post surgery. This morning I was down to 297 from 384. Total of 87 pounds lost so far. Eating nothing but Protein and small portions. Exercising on the elliptical an hour a day and then doing some light weight training and 100 situps a day. Best decision I ever made. Wish I would have done this 10 Yrs ago!
  13. FatBastard79

    Protein Drinks

    Premier protein drinks from SAMs club are awesome! 30g protein per drink!
  14. So this morning I weighed myself. I try not to everyday because it can get depressing so I try to do it once a week. In the middle of week 3 post - op I'm down 56lbs total. 26 lbs since surgery. Getting in all my liquids and protein. Feeling good. No issues. Can actually drink well and can now take two swallows back to back. Dr. Cirangle did an awesome job. This has by far been the easiest diet to follow. You really can't mess it up.
  15. FatBastard79

    6 Days Post-Op

    I am taking in 80 - 100 grams of protein a day and at least 72 ounces of liquid. Granted it takes me all day to do it but I'm really motivated right now to do exactly as Dr. Cirangle told me to do. I really like the chicken and beef bullion soups and the chocolate truffle protein shake nectar. Some other others are not so great but I'm learning quickly what I like and don't like. Warm drinks seem to go down easier. Then there is always crystal light. Lemonade is my favorite of those.