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  1. I am 21 months out from surgery and have gotten pretty comfortable. I have fallen back into old habits and have gained about 10 pounds back. I know it is not much but I am scared it will spiral out of control if I don't get it under control. BUT, I am struggling with getting back to basics and getting the weight loss rolling again. Any advice on how to get back to basics and restart is appreciated. The bad thing about being almost 2 years out from surgery is that you can eat more than right after surgery and you are not as diligent and focused. I know I just need to do it but don't even remember where to begin, what to eat, what to do, etc. It feels so foreign to me... Please help!!!
  2. Sams Club/Costco does have them for about $18/12 pack. Keep on eye on Amazon.com though b/c often times you can add them as an "add-on" to your order for $7/12 pack! Great deal! I have done it several times and you get FREE shipping - can't beat that. For some reason if you order like that it does take about 4-5 weeks to arrive but hey for that price you can stock up. I bought 48 shakes for $28!
  3. My husband complains about the same thing. Both he and I have had the sleeve surgery. He is mid 40's now and states that although he is thrilled with his 100+ pound weight loss he feels like he is falling apart now. Body parts that never hurt before do now and he aches in new places. Fortunately for me, I feel GREAT even better than I did before surgery...no complaints here but I only give it time before age starts kicking in too!
  4. UTGal99


    You crack me up, gmanbat! "Don't get the trashy white bread!" LOL Love that definition. Thanks for the chuckle.
  5. UTGal99

    11 weeks post op...

    when are you released to eat regular food? 11 weeks - wow! My doctor had us on regular foods at start of 9 weeks.
  6. UTGal99

    at the airport!

    You will do great! I know it is nerve-racking getting to the operating table but I assure you it will the best decision you ever made for yourself. The benefits FAR out weigh the cons. Surprisingly I was a ball of nerves right up until I walked into the hospital on the day of surgery. I was psyched up to get this done and never look back. That was almost 100 pounds ago. I have had such great results that my husband had it done too and is down 100 pounds now too. We have a new lease on life and you will too! Good Luck and keep us posted on your progress!
  7. Not a man BUT my husband had the sleeve surgery too! We both had it. He started the journey on 12/19/12 at 330 pounds and is down to 230 and has been stuck there for a month or so. So, basically it took him about 9 months to lose 100 pounds. He still would like to lose another 30 or so but is very happy with his progress. You will do great!
  8. UTGal99

    4 month surgiversary!

    You look great! I love having collar bones now. I actually didn't believe I had any before... LOL
  9. You look beautiful! Great transformation and remember...it is a marathon not a sprint! Keep up the great work.
  10. UTGal99


    You got this - you can do it! AND, don't be afraid of extra skin, be afraid of dying if you don't lose the weight.
  11. Get you some Premier Protein premade shakes (they have 30g of protein, low carb, low sugar) - focus on staying hydrated but try to get those protein shakes in. The protein will help you heal quicker. I know it is a challenge but it is temporary and before you know it you will be loving your sleeve! P.S. You can buy the Premier Protein shakes at Sam's Club, Costco or Amazon
  12. UTGal99

    What to eat after a work out....

    Hard boiled egg, string cheese, cottage cheese - something with protein...
  13. Absolutely white coat syndrome. I have it and it is VERY normal. The doctor doing your physical should know all about it. Ask if they will hook you up to the BP machine that takes it at random and just let you sit and relax for a few. Goodness....
  14. UTGal99

    Surgery Tomorrow!

    You will do great! I was terrified the night before thinking I would back out but surprisingly as I walked into the hospital that morning I was excited and ready to start my new life. I am loving life these days. I am one year post op, down almost 100 pounds and I do things I never imagined I would do (i.e., run a 5k, chase after my kid, go hiking, etc.) Good luck and keep us all posted on your progress! I assure you it is the BEST decision you will ever make for yourself!
  15. UTGal99

    One year

    Congrats - awesome work! You don't even look like the same man. Keep up the great work!

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