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    cegull reacted to SMP1126 in Dr Kim And Forest Park Medical Center   
    I had my surgery performed by Dr. Kim on June 25th at Baylor Trophy Club. As far as pre op diets go, he does want you to choose from 2 different Protein drinks: either Opti Fast or Bari Essentials. I chose the latter because it contained less sugar and quite honestly, it was delicious. I asked why we were limied to just these choices and he told me that these 2 Proteins were the most efficient at shrinking the liver pre surgery, which is a very important issue. Prior to requiring this, he had patients coming into surgery with various stages of liver shrinkage which caused some issues, so this is a way of "standardizing" the results. I am 4 weeks out and I can honestly say I have not yet had any difficulties whatsoever. Surgery was a breeze, I was discharged the next day and I was able to walk a mile and a half a day after that.
    No pain meds needed at home, I can drink the necessary amounts of Water (64-80oz) with no trouble and I have no issues with reflux, taste changes or getting the required amount of protein. Long story short, it feels like I never had an operation.
    I highly recommend Dr. Kim from my own personal experience, and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to message me.
    Good luck!
    PS- I have lost a total of 37 pounds in 4 weeks...11 from the pre op diet and 26 post op.
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    cegull reacted to ICandothis in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    Wooohoooooo my losing stall is over !!!!!!!!! Woohoo.......I just reached I der goal for surgery in 6 days. KJ running around doing the happy dance.....hi everyone hugs.....
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    cegull reacted to dreamnslim2012 in Dr Kim And Forest Park Medical Center   
    I'm going to be sleeved by Dr. Kim on August 6th as well. Just started my liquids today. Only 13 more days to go!
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    cegull reacted to Laura_W in Dr Kim And Forest Park Medical Center   
    I was just there and sleeved by Dr Kim last week. I had to check in for surgery at 4:30 AM - yes, I said AM. I was in surgery by 6 am.
    My husband had a problem with the receptionists in the waiting area finding out information after the surgery. His pager went off and when he went to the desk he was told to have a seat and wait. He went back up there several times and they told him each time to just sit and wait. He had never met Dr Kim so when he saw him walking around the waiting room he wasn't sure it was him. He went to the desk and asked if Dr Kim was looking for him and was told once again to sit and wait. Then he eventually got a page to go wait in my room. He was very frustrated to say the least. At this time he had no idea what condition I was in or if the surgery had went well. He expressed his problems to the nurses and they sent a patient advocate up to speak to him. Dr Kim made a personal visit to the room later that afternoon to discuss everything. Yesterday I received a certified letter in the mail from Forest Park addressing the issues and what they have done to rectify them. Although we had a problem, it was handled in a professional manner by the facility and Dr Kim.
    I stayed one night and went home the next afternoon. I overpacked. The only things I used were lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste and hairbrush. I wore my hospital gown and hospital socks the whole time. I wasnt able to change into the PJs I brought because of the IV. Had to have IV demoral till I had a swallow test, then was givin liquid vicodin. My husband stayed with me overnight on a pull out chair. One of the nurses brought all the bedding and made it for him. They offered him sandwhich and chips snack packs they had pre-made. Nurses were great. Very helpful and experienced.
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    cegull reacted to Bypassjourney in Dr Kim And Forest Park Medical Center   
    I was at Forest Park with Dr. Kim in January. I think you will be pleased.
    How was the facility? Nurses? The facility is top notch. I was told that 85% of their total "business" is bariatric surgery so the staff and nurses were very informed on what I needed. I did have a nurse for one shift that wasn't too helpful and seemed like I was a bother, but you could have that anywhere.
    How long were you there? I was there two nights but only because I couldn't even hold Water down the first day and was running a slight fever.
    What type of pain control was used? I had the IV pump the first night for pain medicine. The next day they took it out but gave me liquid pain meds every 4-6 hours as I needed it.
    Was Dr Kim good at getting the gas out? I don't really have anything to compare this to, but I think all was fine. I did alot of walking like they said and it seemed to help.
    Was a family member able to stay at all times with you? Their rooms are really nice! They do have some rooms that literally have a seperate area cornered off for your family inside your room. But even the regular patient rooms are big enough for someone to stay with you.
    Any tips on things to bring with me? I used my robe and house slippers the most since I got up so much to walk and go to the bathroom. I stayed in the hospital gowns so as not get my gowns dirty. If you do a search of previous posts on this forum, Lil Diva has posted a list of what to bring. It was very helpful!
    I saw Dr. Kim at my consultation and then the day of surgery but other than that, I haven't seen him since. The hospital doctors saw me while I was in the hospital. I have seen David the PA at all my follow up appointments. Some people have been bothered by that but I am fine with. If you prefer to see Dr. Kim for the follow-up, you can specifically ask and they will schedule you with him. It just takes longer to get an appointment that way.
    One thing I will mention is that they told me to be at the hospital at 8 a.m. They called me back to get started on the pre-op procedures at 9:30 a.m. and had me hooked up to the saline IV by 10 a.m. I did not go back to surgery until 4:30 p.m.!! Yep, I was his 13th surgery that day. The nurse in pre-op told me that unless you are Dr. Kim's first patient at 5 a.m. then be prepared to wait. Its not like I was going anywhere anyhow, but by the time I got to surgery, the anticipation of the day had my nerves all kinds of frazzled!
    Let me know if you have any more questions. I know your minds are on overload right now with all the questions, excitement, reservations, etc. It's ALL worth it over here on the loser's bench!!
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    cegull got a reaction from bluelemons in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    QOTD-How many of you would be interested in a meeting event in a year or two if we're all still posting together on this board?
    Count me in! That sounds like a great idea! :-)
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    cegull reacted to futureskinnypants in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   

    8.1.12-slenderella-Dr. Scott Stowers
    icle1234-Dr barker dallas tx
    MsDallasSleever Dr Wade Barker
    ugot2laff Dr Myur Srikanth WA
    EcuaTrucho dr richard Nguyen
    BarbH Dr. Medvetz Middletown PA
    irainb aug 1 dr david martin
    Nina88-Dr Casillas west LA

    8.2.12-allnewme-Dr Alvarez MX
    mamamelly dr matthew Bettendorf MN
    carlab51 dr mccarty dallas tx

    8.3.12-Made2beme- Dr Garcia MX

    8.4.12-Icandothis Dr Alveraz mx

    8.6.12-Aug62012-Dr Brengman Richmond VA
    Arukind-Dr. Ross Seattle WA
    Stormwarning-Dr Alvarez Mx
    Pdog Dr. Halmi in Fairfax,Va.
    sleevealicious dr nain woodbridge va
    dreamnslim2012 Dr david Kim tx
    thickiest2thick dr david suh
    ReeTee Dr S. Killeen TX
    aznurse4u Dr Monash Tucson AZ
    kaykay20 Dr Kim
    pebbles99-Dr. Amit Tivedi

    8.7.12-cegull dr david kim Dallas tx
    zack515 dr aceves in mexicali
    iceshayw-dr alana chock

    8.8.12-Futureskinnypants - Dr morris washington Sc
    sv2- Dr suh murrieta ca
    sweeteelme-Dr. Norwood Shreveport,La.
    Forensikchic (*1 YEAR SURGIVERSARY!!!!)

    8.9.12 shaniceh01 Sabrena Noria New orleans louisiana

    8.10.12-thetruedream- Dr Almanza MX
    findingme2012dr kelly Tijuana
    Jaoleen Dr verboonen MX
    charmichelle NC
    bethL dr richardson New orleans.
    smithpy dr james davidson

    8.11.12- lolo11 dr kelly mx

    8.13.12-harleymb-Dr Spaw
    Sabstar22-Dr. Almanza Mx
    Southern Oregon-Dr Ortiz
    Mickey- Dr Arnold- Dallas TX
    txjina1- dr kim-Tx july 31st
    melissa kirk- dr mcmahon seattle wa
    mom_24 dr alvarez mx
    peacelove&tash dr douglas olsen TN
    just peachy Dr adolfo fernandez
    half~of~bri dr roc bauman

    8.14.12- strawberrysoul-Dr. Almanza MX
    laurenss-Dr Gregory walton
    jorsea- dr degara canada
    mczoo33 dr alverez
    atelux17 Dr Kim TX

    8.15.12-whodatfishinfool Dr David Rau Houma La

    8.16.12- MichT Kaiser West LA
    8.17.12- Beanieandrosiesmom- Dr. Rodriquez MX
    sassafras dr kelly mx
    dlmeekie-dr alvarez mx

    8.18.12- dooter55 dr alvarez piedro negres mx

    8.20.12- Audrey523- Dr. Yatco NYC
    Shoe_vixen- Dr rosen Chicago
    Skye-Dr. Joyce
    lifesaver-dr george merriman-LA
    kczar-dr kuhn dallas.

    nurse05 Dr Garcia MX

    8.22.12-minniemouse dr wayne weiss
    laceyloveland Dr emma patterson portland oregon

    8.23.12 MGM-Dr. Kelly MX
    beanzilla Dr Garcia MX
    mschina415- dr arron hoffman NY
    msleo64- (*1 year surgiversary!!!)
    irishgirl78 dr liao (23rd or 30th)
    Onlyone Dr Garcia MX

    8.24.12 Weight_no_longer
    tammy ansley topeka kansas

    8.27.12 washffpm dr mcmahon
    KRBullardRN Dr. Babineau, Tyler TX
    leprechaunmomma Dr lopez/Dr. Osuana TJ MX
    krbullardrn dr babineau tyler tx
    bluelemons, Dr Alvarez MX
    yukonmomma Dr Lopez-Ortega TJ MX
    bound4bway dr. nicole pecquex

    8.28.12 vixkey dr krahn cali
    JLOR Dr David Kim, Dallas TX
    Red597 Dr Eric Mallico

    8.29.12 cantw8t2bme dr esteban varela

    8.30.12 Runner
    gigimamma dr kelly mx
    kimmyiet Dr R marvin houston TX

    8.31.12 ATLSara dr kelly mx
    readytolose2012 dr garcia in Mexico
    Hey familia! I just wanted to check in and give you guys an updated list. If you don't have a definite date yet, and maybe gave me 2 dates then I haven't added you yet. Just let me know when you get your definite date so i dont have to go through the list and try to find you. Vix-I see your date changed but i can't find your original date....am I blind or did i not add you the first time ? lol
    If I did not add you yet...and you have a date let me know and I will add you
    I can't believe we're getting so incredibly close! Watching the ticker go down is insane! I'm officially packed . I will be putting my bags in the car this weekend haha! yes i'm not leaving til next week. but why not .
    The pre op diet for me is going pretty well with the exception of today. I did cheat and eat 4 fig newtons i feel like theres a bag of cement in my stomach....and since I haven't "eaten" in 4 days....it actually hurt to chew. but my dumb ass chewed and chewed. That was my one screw up and it wont happen again...I see how crappy it made me feel and I'm over it. It wasn't worth the tummy ache or the crappy feeling i got. Lesson learned.
    QOTD-How many of you would be interested in a meeting event in a year or two if we're all still posting together on this board?
    I was thinking we could all donate a certain small amount of money, rent out a space...Have a nice sleep appropriate dinner, maybe around the same time as a walk/5k type of thing, we could vote on a place to have it. Just an idea.....but, i'm in ! Perhaps- aug 2013 , or aug 2014!?
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    cegull reacted to Mom_24 in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    They are with the flax seeds in the store I go to.
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    cegull reacted to Mom_24 in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    My local grocery store HEB, that has a rather extensive whole foods/health section has them. They are the same seeds used with the Chia Plants from years ago. They plump up in liquid and have kind of a tapioca consistency with a little crunch. Here's a link to the kind I have:
    You can google them to see the benefits. They really help bulk up my Protein Shake. You can also use the to make a "pudding" but I haven't figured out a good tasting one yet.
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    cegull reacted to leprechaunmomma in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    That makes two of us Cegull, I have flax seed and I like them. You don't even notice them in a shake =)
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    cegull reacted to Mom_24 in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    I have tried to add everyone as a friend that has mentioned their username in myfitnesspal.com. If I missed you, please add me. I'm Mom_24, same as on here. I really like the interface on it. It is set up very much like FB.
    Blessings! Here's to day 2 of pre-preop.
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    cegull reacted to futureskinnypants in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    Just wanted to say.....i love you!!! i love you all!!! I was planning on going to bed around 10 but started surfing the net (do people still say that??) and dreaming of all the cute outfits. I'm locked in here for the night so i wont go in the kitchen.
    My boss got chicfila for dinner and came home (i do home care) and said Jenn do you want a nugget...i gave her a dirty look and she said omg im so sorry! i laughed and said thats ok....your lucky the mood swings haven't hit me yet!!! lol
    so far so good....16 days seems like an eternity but as I always say...one day at a time.
    with that being said....I'm so proud of you all! Seems like a lot of us started today or have already started. we're all in this together! so, LETS DO THIS!!!!!
    Cheers!!!! (go on, drink your Protein drink !!! lol)
    Goodnight my sleevies! :wub:
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    cegull got a reaction from leprechaunmomma in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    Hmm, I'm not sure if it is sold in Canada. Here is their website: http://bellplantation.com/
    I know you can buy it from Amazon but I don't know if they ship to Canada. I bought mine at GNC. I saw it at several health food stores here too.
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    cegull got a reaction from futureskinnypants in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    My liquid diet started today. Yikes!! No more solid food for the next 5 weeks. I might be chewing my arm off by Thursday.
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    cegull got a reaction from futureskinnypants in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    Awesome! I am SOOO hungry The guy in the cubicle across from me was chowing down on Taco Bell and I wanted to throw something at his head lol. We also had a rep come visit us today and he brought a huge tray of mini brownies. MEAN! I just drank my shakes and put on my headphones.
    Have you tried the PB2? I put some in my chocolate shake today and it tasted just like a Reese's Peanut Butter cup. Yum!
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    cegull got a reaction from futureskinnypants in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    My liquid diet started today. Yikes!! No more solid food for the next 5 weeks. I might be chewing my arm off by Thursday.
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    cegull reacted to mczoo33 in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    Great Job,I am on day 7 of my 30 day preop....a few things I have figured out works for me, I keep a drink or several around me of different kinds all day long... I have 3 Protein Drinks at meal times, a pre-made one in the morning, then I usually make one for lunch....then add some Protein in what ever Soup or broth I am making...I have found if I don't let my self get major hungry growling pains then I can manage it and feel good.
    Along with the protein drinks I have a cup of like crystal light, or Gatorade or v-8 juice. Seems a warm broth or tea helps to when feeling hungry.
    I also got the koshi miso paste, its the broth like Japanese soup thats given at some Japanese Restaurants. Got the paste at a oriental store. that helps cause chicken and beef get so boring. Also have made a sweet and sour soup broth. From Water, terriyaki sauce and vinegar and some chili peppers. I believe its all about finding what works and you can live with with out breaking the diet and trying to have some what a variety. Also been making my Popsicle from like the crystal lite. that way I have the crunch and feel like I am actually eating to at times. Jello if I can keep it made up and others dont eat it. I found in beginning I was only getting in about 800 calories and felt starving all the time, now I keep it around 900 to 1000 an that helps a lot. Yes use the myfitnesspal religiously and that helps me really see what I am doing. mczoo33 is my name on there if you want to add also.
    Its getting close for so many of us...hang in there we all can do this
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    cegull reacted to sweeteelme in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    I'm day 8 of 21 of pre-op.. I must say that it has gotten better. I don't like the shakes but I manage. The headaches are gone. I'm not as irritable or fatigue. I have a purpose and I know I will make it. So anyone pre-op there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
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    cegull reacted to minniemouse67 in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    Mom-24 I sent you an invite on myfitnesspal.com. If anyone would like to friend me on myfitnesspal.com, my username is minniemouse67.
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    cegull reacted to Slenderella in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    Had my first day of full liquids today and I'm doing better than I thought I would. I'm guessing day 3&4 will be the toughest. I just kept reminding myself today that SOMEDAY I will get to eat regular food again. This is only temporary, we can do it.
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    cegull got a reaction from leprechaunmomma in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    PB2 is powdered Peanut Butter. It only has 45 calories for 2 tablespoons and 5 grams of Protein. It tastes really good mixed with chocolate Protein Powder.< /p>
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    cegull reacted to Mom_24 in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    Me too, well it's my pre-pre-op liquid diet (10 days is required). I have been okay too, surprisingly. My daughter is sick so I made broth for both of us. I am using myfitnesspal.com for tracking. If anyone else is on there please friend me: Mom_24
    One day down, 20 to go. I did possibly deviate slightly. I took a can of chunk chicken and blended it in with the chicken broth, to add Protein and a bit of "oomph" but I will track it and see if it seems like it is counter-productive to the plan. I am about to head out and buy some unflavored protein at HEB, so I can try that next time.
    Good luck futureskinnypants and everyone else starting or in the throes of pre-op! We can do this!
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    cegull reacted to iggychic in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    That should cut ya down a good ten lbs
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    cegull reacted to futureskinnypants in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    Hey all. I started the preop diet today. So far so good. No headaches....no shiznits. I gave myself a schedule...every 2 hours. I strayed away a little and forgot my 415, that turned into 530 but whatever I feel great for not eating all day. And, you know what I realized? Since i started the pre-preop diet (meal replacement) I havent had the normal side pain that I always have. 1 day down, 15 to go.
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    cegull got a reaction from leprechaunmomma in August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?   
    LOL! You guys have helped me so much. I greatly appreciate all of the support! I never thought I would look forward to eating Jello today. hah

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