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  1. Hello fellow bandittos, Some of the wonderful Ladies and Gentle peoples have been wanting some recipes, I have decided to do one Better, I have Many Secret Recipes from the big name Resturants. chilli's T.G.I. Friday's, Olive Garden, Outback Steak House, Applebee's just to name a few. anyways I have posted in my blog i will post one or two new recipes every few days. I tell everyone to modify it so you can enjoy these dishes still at home for you and Families. So keep in mind you will probably need to change some ingridents but still get same results as if you ordered it at resturant. so Best of Luck And please give feedback both pos & neg. Oh .. P.S. The Recipe today is Chilli's Quesadilla Explosion salad.. ENJOY!
  2. SteveFrett

    My Lapband App For Phone's!

    Bro, We all have a little fat kid living within. ..it's just learning how to keep him sedated.... will power & a whole lotta stubbornness was my sedative. Good luck dude, if I can help, don't hesitate to contact me.
  3. Hey all while surfing Google play store I came across a Great App for those in beginning stages or advanced, it's called my lapband, it's 100% free app, allows you to chart your fills, keep track of visits, just a good app to have, as well as the lapband talk forum app, is also free and available on all phone's, so check them out folks,
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    1St Blog For Secret Recipe Is Published

    My blog is called secret restaurant recipes, located in blog section of website. If your still having trouble locating it p.m. me I'll send it to you
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    Check Out App Store

    Hi fellow bandsters, Wanted to give you all a good tip, with the recent craze in phone apps, so many great recipe apps available for Free. food network, happy oven, big oven, just to name a few, really worth downloading. Most have diet recipes, gluten free, vegan. Hope some of you take advantage of the countless apps available, as matter of fact thus forum is available in app store for free. Good luck to all
  6. SteveFrett

    1St Blog For Secret Recipe Is Published

    Restaurant secret recipes is blog name
  7. Hey all Just wanted to let you know i posrted a new secret recipe, this time i went for a delicious Side from Cracker Barrel, Have made this time and time again, keeps getting better. Can be done in low-fat, Oh , The recipe is Hash Browns Casserole, Hope you all enjoy it, for those who are looking for it it's under the same tile as post. Enjoy! Steve
  8. Cracker Barrel's Secret Recipe: Hash Brown Casserole (serves 4 to 6 as side dish) Menu Description: "made from scratch in our kitchens using grade A fancy Russet potatoes, fresh chopped onion,natural colby cheeseand spices, baked fresh all day long." 1 26-oz. bag of frozen country-style hash browns 2 cups shredded colby cheese 1/4 cup minced onions 1 cup of milk 1/2 cup of beef stock or beef broth 2 tablespoons butter, melted dash of garlic powder 1 teaspoon of salt 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 1. preheat oven to 425 degrees 2. combine the frozen hasgh browns, cheese,and onions into large bowl. 3. combine milk,beef stock, half the melted butter, garlic powder,salt & pepperin another bowl. mix until well blended, then pour mixture over hash browns and mix well. 4. heat remaining butter in large oven proof skillet over high heat. 5. when skillet is hot, spoon in hash brown mixture. cook the hash browns stirring occasionally, until hot and all cheese has melted (about 7 minuets). 6. put the skillet into oven and bake for 45 to 60 minuets, or until surface of hash browns are dark brown. Tidbits: If your skillet isn't ovenproof( because it has plastic handle< for example) you can also spoon potatoes into a 9x9 baking dish and microwave potatoes until hot and cheese melts. then put pan into oven and bake as accordingly. If you can't find Colby Cheese , Chedder can be used in replacement but Colby is prefered.
  9. Hi & welcome to ALL the newbies on the Forum, I have been reading and have been forwarded some of your Posts and Blogs and thought I should make a post so you can save yourself the trouble of having to post. I can't stress to all of you the importance of sticking to your diet steps! Many of you are at different stages but all seem to be having the same problems. For those of you whom are at Pre-Op stage. If your required to lose weight before, now is the time to start. Everyone has been asking can they have lets say their "Last meal" the Answer is Yes, But don't make it a week long event. Pick ONE DAY/NIGHT eat whatever it is you want to devour before they put the inner fat kid in a straight Jacket. To many have been going wild. Party's over. For those who are in the liquid Stage... People it's not Rocket Science.. it's liquids... if you can't determine what's a liquid, i seriuosly think you need to go back to elemetry school. I'm not trying to offend anyone Please don't take what I say like that. It's more a sarcastic way of saying THINK! Now those in the first fill pending stage.. Yes you have a Band strapped around your stomach but , it has yet to have any saline injected, so Yes your going to be able to eat alot, not as much as before, OBVIOUSLY! So don't take not having a fill yet as "Free Ticket" because your going to discover the unpleastries that come with trying. If your due for a fill go! Remember one thing everyone, the only person your hurting is yourself. I knwo it's hard not to eat, your stomach is growling, and with all the day to day stresses we face it makes it that more harder to resist. But do yourself the favor, if you feel hungry inbetwen meals SIP Water , DO NOT drink with a straw it makes more gas and will be even more painful. and never chug anything!!!! I will tell you all a tip: anything cold will cause your throat to tighten up and restrict you. Anything Hot will do the opposite it wil lhelp relax your throat. so keep that tid bit in mind. anyone else who has been filled more than once and has been banded for a year or more, and still makes foolish mistakes, i say this WHATSA MATTA U?
  10. SteveFrett

    Need A Lapband Partner!!!

    Hi Julie, Sorry to hear about mishap. I sure can help you out with a contact, My Dr. Marina Kurian, She's @ NYU medical center, Manhattan. She's not only a excellent Dr, but great lady. If you want I can give you office # ,talk to them see what they can do to help you out. Let me know. And again sorry about problem. But good that your not giving up! Proud of you.
  11. Duh, .. Sorry folks should have put this with other recipe, oh well...better late then never... Same tips to selecting the best corn applies to this recipe too.. more white kernels and straighter the rows, the sweeter the corn. So if you can't grill or roast, or just don't like your corn cooked like than, the traditional way is boiling in pot. Fill large pot with water, add I cup of milk, a 1/2 cup of granulated sugar, or sugar substitute, 1 stick of butter or butter substitute. Cover with lid and let boil, stir occasionally, to make sure,butter,sugar have dissolved, cook corn for 20-30 minutes over medium /low flame, again apply butter, salt if desired.... I used to work in Local spot called Leno's Clam bar as kid,place is well known always packed in summer time, menu consisted of hot dogs,burgers, steamers, corn on cob. ..that's it. . Best corn on cob ever had, obviously we used alot more butter, the corn would sit in a pot full of the milk,butter, water mixture and more than one stick of butter was used.... do hope you try and enjoy it. Steve aka former fat kid
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    Moving To Ct

    Yeah but hurts like hell not being there all time. I can only hope for that. Lmao, mental health, you got your 1st customer here. Good for you. Your young, looking good I bet, they'll be swarming around you soon like bees to honey. Hey worth a shot, worst they can say is no right? Sure if your Heath plan is a good one, shouldn't have problem finding someone in Milford. Your smart, get your career established first. Folks are most certainly proud of you for,school & health. Do anything, I can do for ya just let me know. Hope move goes smooth for you. If you need help moving furniture, I can help out too. Ttyl...
  13. Hey everyone, Last night while eating out @ outback, I was discussing the struggles I went thru in beginning w/ fiancée. How it was so hard having to eliminate eating the dishes I loved at famous restaurants and how I put my imagination and cooking skills together and figured out how to make them myself at home, but make it with ingredients I know will pass and stay down. So she said why not share that info with others on board.DUH... glad she's got some smarts left... so, here I am willing to share Some of my tricks to all whom are interested, Best way I think this can work is to tell me the restaurant(s) and the dish you're no longer able to eat now, I'll check my data base and happily share either original way to prepare for friends or Family or modified for yourself. So if you would like please either ask here on posting or send private message. Not saying I have EVERY RESTAURANTS recipes, BUT MAJORITY OF MOST POPULAR PLACES. hope I can help! Steve Never Surrender
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    Online / Text Mentor

    Lots to choose from pbk, shy. .. I only bite on request! :-P
  15. SteveFrett

    Here To Help!

    Hi All, just want to offer my advice to anyone who is having difficult time adjusting. I'm 6 years post surgery and lost 160 lbs I'm 44 and know what It's like please don't be afraid to ask anything! Hit me up if I can be of assistance! Seriously!
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    Here To Help!

    Good luck to you both,keep in touch.
  17. SteveFrett

    Does Everyone Get Stuck?!

    Your one of the few fortune who don't have stuck issues, good for you! May happen later but if okay it safe & smart like you have been shouldn't happen to you. Lucky dog. Lol keep up great progress! !
  18. Doodle, blogs are called restaurant secret recipes, have few posted. Let me know if still unable to locate them. Talk to you later, Steve
  19. SteveFrett

    1St Blog For Secret Recipe Is Published

    Well LB you are in luck, just stumbled across recipe you asked for... sent it to you in a P.M. only thing I'm uncertain of is what longhorn cheese is... not sure if it's their blends of cheese or a type of cheese not sold in NY. But if you want best cheese for French onion soup, to me Swiss is best
  20. SteveFrett

    Corn On Cob Recipes

    Hey peepz, Thought I'd stray from the Restaurant Recipe this time, instead I chose My personal recipes for Corn on Cob, Figured, summer time, everyone is either having or is going to attend a BBQ, and who don't love C.o.c.?? So I blogged two different ways of preparing the most delicious c.o.c. I have ever eaten. E Hope you think so too after trying them out. Steve
  21. SteveFrett

    Corn On Cob Recipes

    If you go to my profile you'll find them there, or check the blog list But it's called Restaurant secret recipes.
  22. SteveFrett

    1St Blog For Secret Recipe Is Published

    Sorry LB about Longhorns.. i'll keep working on that one for you. But As a Option I did add Outback's Steakhouse Walkabout Soup. a great altenative French Onion Soup. hope you all enjoy it and give me feedback! FFK Steve
  23. Menu Description: " A unique presentastion of an Australian favorite. Rekon!." Serves 4 as Appetizer Outback Steakhouse Walkabout Soup 8 cups water 8 beef bouillon cubes 3 medium white onions 1 teaspoon of salt 1 teaspoon black pepper 3/4 cup all-purpose-flour 1 cup heavy cream 1 1/4 cups shredded chedder cheese 1/4 cup shredded Montery Jack Cheese 1. heat water to boil in large pan. add the bouillon cubes and disolve. 2. cut the onions into thin slices, then quarter theslices. add to broth. 3. add salt & pepper 4. bring mixture back to boiling, then turn heat down and simmer, uncovered, for 1 hour. 5. while stirring, sift the flour into the soup. continue to stir if any large lumps of flour develop. Be careful when stirringagressive agitation or usung a wisk may tear onions apart. as soup continues to cook , any lumps should disolve. 6. after 30 minutes of additional simmering, add the cream and 1 cup chedder cheese. continue to simmer the sopu for another 5 to 10 minutes. 7. Serve soup hot after sprinking a tablesppon each of shredded Montery JAck & Chedder on top. ENJOY!
  24. SteveFrett

    1St Blog For Secret Recipe Is Published

    LB, Searched my data base, unfortunatly Longhorns French onion soup is not one i have, But can give you Aplplebee's Baked French Onion Soup or OutBack Steakhouse Walkabout Soup if you like? I do however have Longhorn's Prairie Dust Recipe Seasoned salt for everything. Let me know. Steve
  25. SteveFrett

    1St Blog For Secret Recipe Is Published

    I'll see what i can do LB

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