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    In Need Of A "unconventional" Mentor? ???

    40 celery ribs 32 medium carrots, peeled 8 large yellow onion, 16 medium potatoes, peeled 8 large green bell pepper 8 cans (14 ounce size) imported Italian plum tomatoes, 40 pounds chicken, washed and cut into 8 pieces 4 cups chopped fresh Italian parsley 16 cloves garlic, finely chopped 48 quarts water salt and freshly ground black pepper
  2. SteveFrett

    Friends With Benefits? How Do You Feel About It?

    Jen....I'm like ice I let nothing anyone says personal. and thanks for observation! I agree actually ....not one for it. but have been made proposal from members of forum in past. and like it said CURIOUS .I have been a thorn for a few ever since I joined, made error in time period and was public enemy #1 for some since ...and honestly I could care less who it may be or how many there are... whatever climbed up their ass isn't my concern. 2
  3. SteveFrett

    Friends With Benefits? How Do You Feel About It?

    shoot me now! damn if a female asked it would be totally different!
  4. Patti, someone is trying to send you a personal message, but is unable too. please contact me if you would like to contact them. Thanks
  5. SteveFrett

    Friends With Benefits? How Do You Feel About It?

    I just asked ladies, no need to maul me! I never said I was pro nor con
  6. SteveFrett

    Question: Chicken Soup

    Kim, Another way to make it is to get chicken breasts with the bones still in chicken, cook same process put raw chicken in Water, cook until meat falls off bone, remove the bones and follow the steps as you've done before, the chicken bones act as a flavor enhancer, the marrow from bones adds the flavor to soup, I'm a cook, and love to share recipes and give advice, feel free to contact me whenever you've got questions, Enjoy the soup! Steve
  7. SteveFrett

    Gas Prices, What Is Yours?

    Damn i live in NY, damn prices vary from 3.99 to 4.65 depending on if stations have gas, lines miles long people waiting 4 hrs, flashback to 70s crisis, btw, wtf is it called gas?,its a liquid!
  8. SteveFrett

    In Need Of A "unconventional" Mentor? ???

    Hey Carolina, I've been here but hiding in shadows,just been busy October is a hectic month for me work wise. How are you doing?
  9. SteveFrett

    In Need Of A "unconventional" Mentor? ???

    Ha ha,49 more Jo, national treasure. ..I've adopted and adjusted NY motto, have nice day somewhere else!
  10. SteveFrett

    Who's In Need Of A Mentor?

    Hey Wade, Being a smoker myself, taking nicotine gum won't effect band, same for prilosec, keep up good work,here anytime i can help just email me at slvrnblk77@AOL.com Steve
  11. SteveFrett

    Who's In Need Of A Mentor?

    I'm back, ready to help those in need, so fire away ladies, gentleman, children of all ages! !! The lunitic is back! Best hide the sharp objects, protect the valuables, and calls into they military, cuz the crazy man is on the lose again!!!!
  12. I didn't forget you Stacy,better off emailing me... I responded to my thread.. don't panic.
  13. SteveFrett

    People Looking For Mentors.

    Sure, slvrnblk77@AOL.com, let's give it a spin
  14. SteveFrett

    People Looking For Mentors.

    Yes livestrong I was banded 6 yrs ago lost 170 lbs
  15. SteveFrett

    People Looking For Mentors.

    I'm more then happy to help anyone, but seems I get some real winners. .. one had surgery, never told husband, and then was getting surgery to remove flab, how the hell are you going to explain that? Another doesn't want to talk about band or eating habits, people, what do you want me or anyone offering help to do? I can't come hold your hand, cook for you, adjust band,be a mentor with benefits, etc. This is getting really silly.
  16. Well, after giving it some thought, I realized I'm on this forum for a reason, to help out,answer questions, blah blah blah. ...what kind of a Guy would I be to not share my treasures with others? It's not like your gonna get famous off it, already is...same for any " secret recipe " So I present to you all, Popeye's secret seasonings :-) 3 cups self rising flour 1 cup corn starch 3 tbsp seasoned salt 2 tbsp paprika 1 tbsp baking soda 1 package of Italian salad dressing mix, dry 11/2 oz package of onion Soup mix, dry 1/2 oz package of spaghetti sauce mix,dry. Or tomato soup mix,dry 3 tbsp sugar 3 cups corn flakes, crushed slightly 2 eggs, well beaten 1/4 cup cold Water 1. Combine first 9 ingredients into large bowl, corn flakes in 2nd bowl and eggs & water in 3rd bowl. 2. Dip chicken 1 piece at time in following order: 1. Dry mixture 2. Eggs, water 3. Corn flakes 4. Brisk, but briefly back in # 1. ** coating mixture (#1) can be stored in room temp. In sealed container.
  17. SteveFrett

    Popeye's Secret Recipe Is Mine :-D

    If you would like it or any others I'll gladly fork them over, just kidding :-)
  18. Yes, My source has finally produced the Real Secret recipe! Have been waiting, so many close to exact but none match, this one is it! I'm sure I'll have plenty telling me they have it,will gladly compare recipes, but will not post it, sorry to tease but to phrase the great daffy duck, it's all mine,muhha-ha,down down down, mine mine mine o_O
  19. SteveFrett

    Spicoli Lives!

    If I saw his ass coming to save me,I'd opt to drown,or be shark bait! Yikes
  20. SteveFrett

    Spicoli Lives!

    I was so laughing my ass off,guess being under influence aided the hysteria but,he lives... spicolisquatch
  21. SteveFrett

    Who Left The Gate Open?

    No,my dear not the norm. ...but, no worries Sheila B-) we're gonna get you on right path. Hey, what's chances of me " obscuring " a tazmainian Devi for thanks? :-! Settle for koala, but prefer devil,
  22. SteveFrett

    Who's In Need Of A Mentor?

    Hi Rina, Yea I feel your pain with computer, believe I did receive it. Still amazed how they handle procedure over there. I'll try to answer all your questions, yea over here it's totally different. We don't use kg here we use lbs, I did take vitamins at start. Here they start you off with liquid diet for 3 weeks, switch to soft mushy food next stage, into solid food again. How do they handle fills? How often? Here it's every 3 months in-between mostly, depends on Dr. Protein shakes are way to start off. I used to purchase a large container of dry protein powder, flavored & un flavored. In mornings have a protein shake, use skim milk,I did. I tell everyone look for flavors you enjoy for mix. The un flavored mix with juices. To change it up. For soft mushy, basically anything you can mush with fork easily qualifies. Gotta stop breads. Another thing is don't drink while eating, in fact they tell everyone no fluids 1/2 he before & after eating. I was and still am not a healthy eater, I didn't follow my guidelines. I just found ways to prepare foods I enjoyed that got me fat, in a way I could eat them again, just smarter. I found using crackers, such as triscuits in substitution of breads. Some things still are unable to eat. Don't worry we'll find your zone. Email me at slvrnblk77@aol.com . Direct contact for me faster than me checking forum. Sure I missed few questions, tell me what I missed I'll fill in blanks :-)
  23. SteveFrett

    **** Happy To Mentor/buddy For Anyone****

    G'day Tina... Thought I'd give my Aussie accent a whirl. ..lol. ..so let's see... when did you have it done? My personal opinion, why would you put a tool into somebody and not tell them how to use it? May as well given a loaded gun to a kid and said here play with this. o_O. Well I can tell you from personal experience, can't quit smoking and diet at same time. One the withdrawal will make you attack sugar more, hence no loss. And the stress will make your cravings worse.. do you know the amount of c.c.' s band holds, and amount in presently?
  24. SteveFrett

    Can Someone Help

    Sup peppz what's delima?

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