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  1. SummersGirl

    Valentine's Day Challenge 2013

    High/Surgery Weight: 227 (July 3, 2012) Jan 1: 174 Jan 8: 170.8 Feb 5: 163.2 Valentine goal: 162 End goal: 137 Height: 5'2" Made goal! 161 this morning
  2. SummersGirl

    My Sisters Sleeve...

    What a good thing! And great for the two of you to have this to share between you. I wish the same for my sister, but I can't decide for her. Wishing the both of you all the best
  3. SummersGirl

    cauliflower "breadsticks"

    Can or can't? Myself, I'm intrigued yet leery. Thinking I will try it this weekend.
  4. Sigh.... This is me too. I still get physically hungry. Not growling, but a gnawing, empty feeling. Of course I get head hunger too and that is something I work on. I wish I could forget about eating like some people do, but that's not how my sleeve works. My tastes have changed, now not only do I love sweets, but now I crave salty too, lol. Have to laugh, but it's really annoying
  5. SummersGirl

    Spouses reaction 2 weight loss

    What is considered too much? That would vary greatly depending on who you talk to. Maybe this difference is where the trouble lies? I come from an ultra conservative culture' date=' so my version of too much would be quite different than most. I am being honest with myself. Thanks. I guess that's what I'm talking about, dressing for ourselves, not for others. If people are dressing for others, and to get attention from them I see the problem it could cause. I'm just trying to say that not all people do that. I'm just happy people aren't noticing me for my fatness anymore, lol. I don't avoid public places as I tended to before, and for that I am thankful. Now I'm just average, yay for average, lol.
  6. SummersGirl

    Thoughts on Dr. Almanza

    I too feel the experience wasn't horrid nor great. The tininess of the clinic is something to be prepared for mentally. The surgical suite was sterile and looked similar to the ones here, just a bit older. I can't complain about the surgeon. I had the surgery without complications. I have lost weight and don't regret the surgery at all. I made some good friends while I was there I personally know 5 people who have gone back there for plastics after having the sleeve done there. If people go back, that's a good sign right? My biggest complaints are the smell of the cleaner, but I'm sensitive to smells, and the crampedness of the recovery house, but they don't use it anymore. Good luck with your surgery I'm excited for you to start losing weight, and permanently!
  7. SummersGirl

    Spouses reaction 2 weight loss

    Absolutely! Wearing clothes that make you feel good about how you look doesn't mean you are seeking attention from others. It simply means you want to feel good when you look at yourself in the mirror instead of cringing, not running away from cameras, etc. I've spent my adulthood looking frumpy and choosing clothes that cover my body instead choosing clothes that look good. I cannot imagine that my husband would want to control what I wear. We have mutual respect for each other and are very secure in our relationship.
  8. Does anyone know of surgeon in Alberta that does the sleeve surgery funded privately as opposed through healthcare. I am asking for a friend who doesn't want to go out of country (like I did) and doesn't qualify for it to be covered by healthcare here (BMI is not 40). Thanks for any help

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