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  1. Happy 38th Birthday DanaAdams!

  2. DanaAdams

    Everyone is DIFFERENT! :-)

    Thank you, Karen!!! :-)
  3. DanaAdams

    40 lbs. down so no fills yet. . .

    I totally do not want a fill!I have been doing well with own new lifestyle...so,I do not want a fill to change that! You just keep up your GREAT work!!!!
  4. Let's see...where do I begin? I think I should start by letting you all know that I am 30 pounds from my goal weight. I had my surgery in October of this year...just a couple of months ago...literally. Since then, I have lost 16 pounds. However, I lost an even greater amount of weight before my surgery. I have lost a total of 67 pounds since beginning my journey of weight loss back in June of this year. Now, I have to tell you that I am not your "normal" lapband patient. Nope! I eat normal...chicken, beef, popcorn...you name it, I can eat it. I swallow pills...regular pills...Not a problem. I live my life normal. BUT~~my normal is not YOUR normal. We are all different. My lapband is NOT the reason I have lost ANY of my weight...not even the 16 pounds since my surgery. Why? Because I made a conscience decision to begin eating healthier way before my surgery. I had already begun to get in the mindset of eating smaller portion...that is something "most skinny folks" do already. I had already begun making wiser choices in my food preparations. I had a healthy mindset. So why did I get lapband surgery? Because I wanted a backup plan. Yep! I had to gain weight three weeks before my surgery in order to make the cut off line of weight limit. We are not talking 20 pounds...only like 7 or so. I have always had the yoyo thing going on with weight gain and loss. So, gaining it was a breeze! Now, what I can say is that I have conditioned my mind and my body to eat "normal". And if my normal is 1/2 a cup...fine. If my normal is 3/4 cup fine. If my normal is 1 whole cup..GREAT! The deal is that my body is now working with my band. I am not overeating. I have never thrown up. I have a grasp on my life. I have a NEW life! But~~YOU may be different. And if so, just remember, just as I have a testimony, I also have had many tests...and I am certain I will have more! So, as you are going forward with your journey, remember you are awesome, and your journey is YOUR journey. You are an individual and what works for one person may not work for another. Smile! And you will have a story to tell! :-)
  5. DanaAdams

    Less than 48 hours away....

    Praying for you! keep us posted and update as soon as you can!
  6. DanaAdams


  7. DanaAdams

    Have Fun While Eating Out!!!!

    I am TOTALLLLLY loving the "thin" people part!!!!!
  8. DanaAdams

    Have Fun While Eating Out!!!!

    Thank you all for the encouragement! I am still learning...and still somewhat a newbie...but I am REALLY loving being a NEW person! It is exciting! Embracing the NEW me and the NEW life!
  9. DanaAdams

    Have Fun While Eating Out!!!!

    Most certainly! Just because you have the band...doesn't stop you from "living". In fact, it helps you to LIVE BETTER!!!! I think the main thing to remember is to balance things out. Choose "good" fats over bad fats...good carbohydrates over bad...and lean cuts of meat...and tons of veges--fruits. Some folks really like sticking to a low carb diet...but for me...and it is different for all folks..but for me, I like living a balanced life...Meaning, I can eat carbs. If I don't, my body craves them. It is surely better to eat a few "good" carbs...brown rice...and such than gorging on doughnuts...like four at a time! LOL!~~~Which I have been known to do! Heeee! Not anymore! Wishing you all the best with you endeavors!
  10. I totally love going out to eat! What is even more fun is that I have the ability to choose "healthy" items without "desiring" those EVIL things!!! Heeeee! Seriously! We lovvvve going to Cheddar's to eat. It was amazing today! I ordered Grilled Salmon (lunch portion), Rice Pilaf, Baby Carrots, Steamed Broccoli, and a side of pico de gallo. Soooo yummmy! Plus, I had plenty to bring home for dinner too! Total calories for the whole meal--which I ate twice on--was only 500! Now, that is my kind of eating! Not all healthy things have to taste yucky...In fact, it is all about the cooking method. I have learned that I can still go out to eat and have FUN! It is the choices I make that are important....and most EVERYWHERE has yummy healthy choices...you just have to be wise and selective. I am actually enjoying being able to make those choices now...I am am in control! LOVING IT!!!!
  11. DanaAdams

    Banded Today

    Yay! I hope you continue on a GREAT path!!!
  12. DanaAdams

    Omega-3's: Can You Take Them???

    thanks ya'll!
  13. I am really needing to take Omega-3's....but I am sooo concerned it will get stuck. Have any of you had problems with it getting stuck or any other suggestions?
  14. I can say that during that time, I took low sodium low fat chicken broth, seasoned it with Ms. Dash...and put 1/2 scoop of unflavored protein powder in it. It was YUMMMY!!! I still drink it when I get a craving for it!
  15. OK. I have been banded almost a month now. I haven't had any problems eating ANYTHING! :-) However, just a bit ago, I ate 3/4 of a chocolate covered creme filled donut. Yea...I know, not a good choice...However, I haven't had anything like that in OVER 6 months..so...I was due! LOL! The problem? Well, it did not get stuck or anything like that...I have never thrown up since my surgery...BUT~~~I quickly began feeling SICK!!! Like...yucky sick! I went to the bathroom to try to throw up...and NOTHING!!!! Just some burping sounds. I literally could not throw up. Bummer...cause now I am feeling sicker than ever...and cannot do anything about it! :-( ANyway, I am thinking I will no longer be able to tolerate bread or donut things. Or maybe, it was the sweet stuff...chocolate creme and filling...WHo knows? BUT..I do know I have not eaten bread since my surgery...and am wondering if that is it. SOoooooo....what foods DO NOT agree with you anymore????