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    Ever since I've been sleeved I can’t stop thinking about food, but not junk gross greasy fattening food (i don't even miss that), I’m talking healthy, delicious, colorful, flavorful food. I’m so excited to start cooking and eating healthy! I can’t stop looking up recipes on different web sites or watching the food network (even though I watched that before surgery but this time I actually want to cook the food) I’m just so excited. Before I hated the thought of cooking, I rarely cooked unless it was pasta or eggs or soup, but now my mind set is totally different and I’m beyond excited to cook not only for myself but for my family and friends! I can’t stop saying how grateful I am to be sleeved!
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    CantBelieve_IdidIit! reacted to ICandothis for a blog entry, No More Lies For Me   
    We get fat because we eat too much! For some of us we have become the masters of our excuses. I have spent years and years coming up with whatever excuse I could possibly come up with for well in truth every aspect of my fat life.
    No we can't go because I am tired, When in reality it has been because I didn't think I would fit in the chairs. I didn't know if I would be watched, judged, ridiculed.
    I even used being fat as an excuse to eat more. "Well I am already so fat losing weight will be impossible I might as well enjoy."
    Heck I even used it as an excuse for my "last meals" before getting ready for surgery
    The truth is at the end of the day that you and I are fat because we eat too much. We eat more than our bodies require and now the body has gotten so good at storage that when we stop eating for a period of time or we start eating right and doing portion control our bodies start screaming in fear, and so does our minds!
    Now that I am going to have WLS I read so much about how things are going to change once the weight is gone. Single people believe it is their cure for the single blues. Tired people believe it is the cure for the fatigue and after surgery they will become exercise junkies. Others think that it will cure everything wrong in their worlds and for some of it everyone is right. But not all of it. Not even half of what is wrong with us will be cured with the weight loss!
    I have decided it is time to stop lying to myself and others. It is time to face the hardest part of this weight loss journey!
    Our emotions! If we do not deal with those pesky get in the way little things then failure is not only eminent but it is also a guarantee.
    The only way our surgery's are going to work for a lifetime is if at the same time we are adding our protein and adding walking we deal with what got us here in the first place....
    We are fat because we eat too much. We eat too much because we are hiding, fighting, struggling, beating up, sabotaging, struggling,and not knowing how to deal with our emotions.
    Everyone has emotional issues. Even skinny people. Everyone deals with their emotional baggage differently. The pains, struggles and hurts. If you are overweight you deal with your emotions with food. Say what you want, claim it isn't so but sooner or later you are going to need to look in the mirror and get honest.
    Weight loss is more than eating right. It is no longer eating our emotions...
    So do yourself a favour today... write out everything that effects you emotionally....everything.....because that is what you need to work on while losing this weight...
    We are all in this together....and together we need to help each other get past the emotional side too!
    good luck on your weight loss!!!!

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