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    After I graduated bootcamp I was 5'9'' 132lbs, me and my fellow recruits could run forever it seemed and when we were sent to Tech school we would walk more than 5 miles on the weekends when we were on base leave. I never thought I would ever be 100 lbs heavier but it happened. In April 2012 I finally decided to turnaround all the bad habits I had with food and with much worry & woe had my surgery on April 24th. How about you? Nancy
  2. I have had many changes in the last 5 months since surgery. At work many people know due to a non trustworthy co-worker/friend but at this point I really dont care who knows I had VSG. Its saved my life. Some compliment, some just stare...its weird but I try to just be the same me. I have an old military friend whos husband & I were all stationed together, he makes comments in front of her (she has gain alot since she got out too) that are uncomfortable, like "you look beautiful now that u r skinny again & time has been kind to some of us" I can feel this hurts his wife and cringe when he says these things to me because it is obvious it hurts her. I dread seeing them, but have no idea how to shut him up. I feel it has strained our friendship...even when she is alone I can feel she looks at me different & I try not to mmention the surgery, my weight loss but it feels like we are no longer close! The saddest part is we were battle buddies in the war and I never wanted to alienate her in any way...she was my life friend, she had my back in a horrible place & she is my chosen sister! My husband also had the sleeve so we really lean on each other about food, excercise, weight loss etc...that part has been a blessing. I can see some of the people in my life are great & see that the surgery has been positive...sadly some are not ok with our choice...those are the ones I will be sad to lose but it is not something I can control. Looks are temporary but love & friendship are always...I just wanedt to be happy & healthy not change my friends...I'm babbling now...over & out
  3. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    April Sleevers

    How is everyone doing? VSG is lifechanging! x
  4. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    Nearly Two Month Stall!

    PS you look lovely in your pic already!!
  5. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    Nearly Two Month Stall!

    Hello! I was sleeved one month to the day before you. I had a similar stall in July where I stayed at 210lb for 6 weeks! That was with excercise & 800 calories/protein shakes etc...I can assure you if you keep focus you will move that scale number! Everyone has stalls...just dont lose focus and give up! Have faith and keep up the great work! x
  6. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    From Grey To Brown?

    Either way on your hair colour...you look great! Way to go on the weight loss!
  7. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    Check Your Boobs!

    I had a difficult time after surgery as many know...however, I recently turned the poverbial VSG corner in the last few weeks...I can eat some foods now... get my Protein & fluids down without the constant nausea & pains...thank goodness/valuim,bentyil & zantac! So I'm back to work fulltime, taking care of grandson even went on a Anniversary date with my husband to our favorite Chinese restaurant (PF Changs) had egg drop Soup & 2 shrimp steamed dumplings WITHOUT throwing up immediately in the restroom!!! All this and I am wearing 10/12 super Cute jeans!! (OMG reallY???) It seemed like I could finally breath deep and get things done that I had put off...during the rather Orrible months since VSG. So firstly, I had my regular mammogram that I had put off (6 months) last week...they called me back next day on friday and said can u come back today for a rescan...I knew with my mom dying of breast cancer that it might not be good..long story short they said I have what looks like stage 1 breast cancer. I go back tomorrow for a lumpectomy and will find out within 24 hours if they are right. I say all this to remind you ladies DO NOT put of something so damn important...get those boobs checked regularly and ON TIME...please!! Strangely I am pretty calm...(not hubby! bless) I figure if it is...then I will fight it, in the mean time I am reading everything I can about what's in store and trying to stay positive. Hugs to you all! PLEASE #CHECK YOUR BOOBS!!!! Nancy x
  8. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    Fab 40's shout out

    47 and sleeved 4/24/12...60lbs down. Feeling like this is my time...Life is good after the sleeve! x
  9. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    April Sleevers

    Hello April Sleevers!! I had surgery April 24, 12 & have lost 59lbs...wish it was more but unfortunatly I had a few complications. I am just feeling human again...I hemmoraged, transfusions etc 21 days in hospital over first 10 weeks. I have had multi kidney stone issues from not getting enough fluids etc.OUCH!! I had "maladaptive malnutrition" from nothing staying down but Im now able to eat a few bites and keep down most of my liquid protein...it was a battle but I feel I am finally on the mend and loving losing weight...food no longer is the center of my world...I am so ashamned that food became my drug of choice...but thats another post another day. Gastric sleeve now rocks!! Its all good ps ...( I have enough hair coming out that I could make a full wig! lol)
  10. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    15 Weeks In 2 Days!

    You look fab, great work Britney! I'm not brave enough to post pics yet...soon! x
  11. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    My First Before And Now Pics!

    Blurry or not you look gorgeous sweetie! The Sleeve is great!! x
  12. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    What's Your Favorite Workout/walking Music?

    Metallica, Journey, REO & 80's English pop keep me motivated. I had a bike for 2 years...(really cute Doris Day sort of bike with a basket! lol) that hung in my garage my hubby bought me for a birthday. I finally decided to ride it about 4 weeks ago....OM gosh what I was missing ...I love riding my bike! It makes me feel like a kid, best part is I can ride for an hour and barely get winded now...the sleeve rocks! xx :tongue2:
  13. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    How Long Until You Ate Salad, Steak, Bread?

    I'm 3.5 months out & I have salad a few times a week no issues, little bites of bread in SMALL toasted bites like croutons go down okay. Steak is so heavy on my stomach I have tried it a few times & it still hurts once it goes down. Strangely most meats are not staying down well... chicken seems heavy too no matter how I cook it. Fish, seafood are my main source of proteins at the moment. I loved red meats before but now my stomach says NO Maybe someday. Hope all of you are having a great day! x
  14. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    I Dont Kno...

    Doubts are us...lol no seriously I was the same as you scared, not sure etc...came to this forum and educated myself on how the surgery benfited me...firstly (most important) it gave me hope of living longer...so for me it was decision made. Do your homework and hang out here...we are here for you! x
  15. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    Kidney Stones

    I have had them before and after surgery...had a large one pass(OMG) and others passed(small) easier with morphine drip. I am drinking like a fish to stay on top of it, a recent urine test showed I have blood in my urine again though. I truly pray all comes out positive with your mass on the kidney! Big hugs xx
  16. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    -52 Lbs. Before And After

    You look beautiful in ALL your pics! Way to go!!!! x
  17. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    Gastric Sleeve Experience And My Story.

    Welcome Andres...127lbs is a great sucess! Keep the faith, we are here for you!
  18. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    1St Timer.... Clueless And Forced By Friend

    Welcome Raulena! I too was hesitent to join but all my worries were banished with the support and honesty I have seen on here. Hope you feel at ease and I promise you will be encouraged! Well done on your weight loss thus far!
  19. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    What I Won't Miss....

    Way to go on your weight victory Kathy...we have similar goals I started at 254 with a goal of 135lbs, I am 5'9". How tall are you & when were you sleeved? x
  20. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    Is The Pain Worse Than Labor?

    Hi Parris, I did have pain the first hours after surgery that required morphine pump however, I would say it was Not anything like my c-sections (3) It was more like aching and abit of stinging pain the next few days. Try to stay calm & I hope you bounce right back with very little pain! x
  21. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    How's This For 'fried' Food?

    Hello Mary, I had a similar issue for nearly 10 weeks out when a test showed I had H pylori with a peptic ulcer...2 weeks of antibiotics and I am finally able to eat small portions without all the nausea! Keep asking your Dr. at first I was put off with "this is normal for some folks to have nausea etc" until I started throwing up blood then tests showed what was really wrong. Keep the faith it will get better! x
  22. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    How's This For 'fried' Food?

    My Nut said 1 tsp or less of olive oil is okay...but I like spray butter and will try that too. Thank you for the info and GREAT job losing weight!! x
  23. That was awesome journey video....it made me cry...thank those loved ones and friends who keep us going! Bless you, you are beautiful! Before and after! xox
  24. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    Slenderella's Adventure Begins...in 12 Hours

    So happy for you slenderella!!! I had mine April 24, 12....although it was not a breeze the results are so visible fairly fast...thats the best feeling seeing our hard work in the tape measure and the scale! Best of luck ...can't wait to hear your journey! xo
  25. CantBelieve_IdidIit!

    Last Summer Of My Discontent

    You are beautiful as well as having a lovely family...no doubt you will lose that weight and 6 months you will be buying those clothes in Provincetown! We are behind you! x

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