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  1. PeaceLove&Tash

    vitamins vitamins!

    What type if multi do yall take? My iron is high so I need one without. The chewable vitabands from bariatric advantage make me sooooo nauseous! Suggestions?
  2. ONE-DERLAND!!!!! Feels amazing!

  3. Happy 24th Birthday tashashantel!

  4. SO....I have not been the best patient when it comes to my vitamins. I started with the Vitaban in berry and they let me try one while I was in the office, I should have steered away then. I have tortured myself with these vitamins. Every time I take them it never fails I am stooped over ready to vomit! I have never actually vomited since surgery, but this is the worst feeling in the world. I switched to 2 childrens flinstones per day. WELLL I just looked and they only have 200mg of calcium for two tablets? Whereas vitaban has 600 for 2 tablets, my NUT said I need a supplement of calcium anyway so I bought some tums with calcium, as approved by her. Does anyone know a good substitute for the vitaban? I like having the biotin and other vitamins higher like in the vitaban, i just cant stomach them! Any others with these issues?
  5. 30 pounds in 30 days!! w00t!

  6. PeaceLove&Tash

    Mushies Early? Scared!

    How are you doing now? I was on clear liquids for a week after surgery and he wants me on full liquids (which is clear liquids plus my protein shakes). I get moved to soft foods next Thursday, but I too have been trying some mushies. I have eaten some chicken soup, green beans, tuna salad, and other soft foods. If the food isnt soft i make sure I chew it up really REALLY good! I feel bad mentally for doing that, but physically I do feel better to actually feel a little bit normal.
  7. PeaceLove&Tash


    It's a scar gel it was 18 dollars with tax at Walmart.
  8. PeaceLove&Tash


    I know! I hope it's the mederma I use it everyday. I was super worried about scars and incisions and what not but I don't care anymore. Still at 31 pounds weighed this morning
  9. PeaceLove&Tash


    And here they are 16 days post op. I started using mederma as soon as the scabs came off.
  10. PeaceLove&Tash


    Here are my incisions while I was in the hospital.
  11. PeaceLove&Tash


    Well I'm a nursing student so I generally work 1 day a week I worked last Sunday and was nauseous all day. BUT I work at the hospital so I was running around all day. If you had a desk job you should be great. My job involves lifting pushing pulling turning people that whole deal. So I took a little extra time off I guess it was 13 days after surgery.
  12. PeaceLove&Tash


    Today I'm doing good....the first few weeks were hard because it was so hard to get down my fluids. But yesterday I took all my vitamins and was only short twelve ounces in fluid and I drank 60 g of protein....the only thing really going in is I am freeeeeeeezing!!!! I used to sweat but I sleep with an extra blanket and I slept in two shirts and pants last night. My advice is to walk as much as possible and if that doesnt work ask for gas relief. My gas pains we worse than the actually i surgery, I cried from the gas. Don't be shy with the pain pump and stay ahead of your pain before you start to hurt. Being and extra pillow or teddy to hold to your stomach when you deep breath and cough. That's all I got right now
  13. PeaceLove&Tash

    One Week Sugiversary!

    I have to admit I have been chewing things up and spitting them out I know it's nasty...but it keeps me going!!
  14. PeaceLove&Tash


    You def should be! I was 31 pounds two days ago. I'm about to check now and see how much I have lost

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