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  1. tonibugg

    Self Pay

    I actually went through a company called belite weight. The financed me with a down payment and my payments are very small, less than $200 per month. They have surgeons in the US and Mexico but I chose to go to Mexico with Dr Jose Rodriguez. I loved him! I have had no complications and the hospital was awesome. It was right down the street from the US Consulates office. Dr Rodriguez and his staff spoke great English and the hospital was amazing, more of a spa "ish" room than a hospital room. My husband, daughter, mom and her boyfriend all went with me or came to visit and had no problems either. Great experience all around =) Here is the link if you are interested.. http://www.beliteweight.com/ If you have any other questions or want my patient liaison's number just message me! Good luck!!
  2. tonibugg

    :( Big Road Block!

    I would check into Cobra and see if you could keep the insurance at least through the surgery. You don't have to purchase the insurance for the whole family, you can keep it just on you if you need to. Worth checking into anyway =)
  3. tonibugg

    Did You All Know About

    I had mine removed about 5 years ago and so glad I didn't have to deal with that post surgery... It's hard enough without that craziness! I had gallbladder attacks so bad I thought I was literally having a heart attack!! they hurt soooo bad!! Hope you can just get it removed and move on with your life =)
  4. tonibugg


    You've done amazing in 5 weeks! I do however understand the frustration, I mean we've put ourselves through major surgery for the ultimate and desperate goal of dropping the weight, and hopefully quickly! I am in a 3 day stall at 208.4 after dropping 18 lbs in the first 2 weeks. I have heard it called the 3 week stall so I'm not too worried about it, it will come off eventually. We've just got to be patient and work the sleeve, it's too late to turn around now! LOL!!
  5. tonibugg

    2 Questions?

    Question 1) Yep, I take the nasty liquid calcium too. chalky & nasty! I felt like Lucy doing the vitameatavegamin commercial when I first started taking it! hahaha! I can finally get it down though, here's the trick. You get one of those syringes to give kids medicine from your pharmacy, mine was $1. After sucking up a tsp or so you put it at the back of you tongue and squirt it quickly down your throat!! You can still taste it a little but it has sure helped me get it down =) Question 2) My doc told me to take colace if I had problems in that "area". I did not, thankfully, but I certainly bought it just to be sure =) It gets so much easier as the days go on. I didn't think I was ever going to eat again, but now at 3 weeks out I can get down 4oz each meal and I can finally get my Protein in. Good luck on you journey!! It is all worth it no matter what your head tells you in the beginning!!!
  6. tonibugg

    Stomach Stretching

    Wow! Great video, I did not believe you could stretch your stomach back out from a sleeve! Of well, more incentive to be good!!
  7. tonibugg


    Mine was removed the day after surgery because it was dry, no more drainage. It didn't hurt a bit although I held my breath and waited for it to hurt!! lol I have heard of people having to have theirs for days and sometimes weeks after surgery so maybe it is dependent on your surgeon?
  8. Today I am 15 days post op and I am down 22lbs (32 including pre op) and am thrilled with the weight loss but this "licking" the spoon a couple of times and being full is unnerving and frustrating lol I was thrilled today to be able to eat, really chew, something!! I went to Applebees with my husband (we are out of town) and I ordered baked tilapia. It was soooo good!!! I enjoyed all 4 bites I got to take LOL!!! Should've shared a plate with my husband but I had these big plans of being able to eat half of the filet. NOT! But for now, the fish was good and I was thrilled to be able to chew!
  9. tonibugg


    Are you sleeping or not sleeping?
  10. tonibugg

    4 Days After Surgery And Worried

    I am 15 days out and could not imagine getting in the type of food you are eating much less the quantity!! I can barely get in 3 oz of food per meal and I struggle to get in 32 oz of water on top of that.. it is sooo frustrating!! I got in 4 bites of baked fish last night and I was thrilled!! lol I would call your nutritionist and see if they have any ideas. I understand there is a mental thing to this as well however, I can't imagine my stomach even accepting that amount of food! Good luck on your journey and I hope you figure it out!!
  11. tonibugg

    This Is Frustrating!

    I did ok on the pre op but mine was basically the Atkins diet not liquid. It was when I came home after surgery and couldn't eat anything but liquids for the first 2 weeks, my head was playing some games on me!! I cried and had a little pity party but now I'm 3 weeks out and halfway to normal foods again =) YAY! It's not that you can't have anything but liquids but that I can't eat but a few "licks" or sips of whatever and I'm done. I look at the rest of the food and get so aggravated I can't finish it or at least get a few more bites in. I know I need the protein and nutrition but it takes me all day to get down the protein and vitamins!! lol Such a weird head game, wanting and needing food but simply not being able to get it in. Good luck with the pre op and your sleeve journey, it's harder than I anticipated but I am down 32 lbs since I started pre op till now so it is all worth it!!! Almost to Onederland!!!
  12. I was thinking the same thing!! DisneyTeach: I am so glad you posted this!! I get so frustrated only being able to lick the back of my spoon a couple of times of yogurt, Soup or whatever and getting full!! I know I need to eat but can't and it's so frustrating!!! Today I am 3 weeks post op so knowing I am halfway to my six weeks and I will be able to eat a reasonable amount makes me smile Thanks!!
  13. I thought the same thing about Melatonin until I tried the 10mg soft gel. Like I said, I never had problems sleeping before but I simply couldn't go to sleep and stay that way until after I started to take it. So, in my case it is definitely NOT overrated =)) I love it!
  14. tonibugg

    So Goes The Pity Party!

    So first let me start by saying I have lost 14lbs since surgery =) Doing great in that area! However, yesterday I had a little bit of a breakdown... I did great the first 5 to 6 days after surgery getting in protein, exercising, getting in liquids, etc. However, the past couple of days were absolute torture! I can't seem to eat more than a couple of bites (or more like lickss), my tastes have changed and I can't tolerate the taste much less the smell of protein shakes, and I am so frustrated with the whole thing. I had a little pity party yesterday and cried and actually regretted the surgery! I didn't think I would ever be able to eat normal food again, a bit drama huh? hahaha! However, my husband found a great solution for me! Woo Hoo! A 2.9 oz pure protein bullet that has 50 grams of protein!!! HALLELUJAH!! So excited! I ordered some and am going to GNC to see if I can find some to pick up till my get in =) I will update this afternoon!!
  15. tonibugg

    July 7Th = Five Days Out

    I was sleeved June 29th and have a similar story. No problems or pain or nausea to speak of, we are some of the lucky ones =) Today is day 7 so I was excited to add some creamy soups and thought I could handle a chicken & stars soup, Ummm NO! It hurt as soon as it hit my stomach and once you feel that weird pain you won't do it again!! Tossed it!! I'm not hungry but want the crunch of something, weird feeling =( I'm also tired of broth, water and protein shakes. The protein shakes are grossing me out now, I guess 2 a day for 7 days is enough lol I'm gonna pick up some cottage cheese tomorrow and see how that goes. Thanks for the post! Good to know I'm not the only one lol!
  16. I had these same thoughts, I think we all have if we're honest! I honestly told the nurse while laying on the pre op table that I didn't want to do the surgery anymore lol I was laying there crying and freaking out.. she gave me something to "relax" me and off I went! I can tell you now, 6 days after surgery, that I have dropped 12 lbs of true weight (not IV fluid, swelling etc) and I am soooo happy I did this! I look at the scale everyday and say " I will never weigh this amount again" WOW! So empowering! This decision is not right for everyone but if it is your right decision, don't wait! do it and LIVE the rest of your life with gusto! My 1 year surgiversary reward will be skydiving! I can't wait!!! I'm 41 and ready to live again, the fat suit has got to come off =) Good luck with your journey and hope to see you on the losers side!!
  17. According to the Medicaid website it varies by state but it really boils down to the first surgery and if it is causing you problems. If you are having complications and need the revision to save your life then I'm sure your surgeon will work with Medicaid to get it approved. However, there are tons of people on this forum who do not have insurance or have a weight loss exclusion on their insurance policy or simply can't afford it and are saving to be able to get there. I understand the need for Medicaid but for reasons other than WLS.. If the revision will help save your life, co morbities, bad lap band, etc. then I truly hope this works for you =)
  18. tonibugg

    Where Do I Fit In?

    Debbie!!!! It's Toni!!!! We were in Juarez together!! So happy to find you on here! My husband and daughter came with me?! lol just making sure you know who I am!! Anyway, so happy to find you =) I know you will be fine, are you still wanting to do the surgery in December?
  19. tonibugg

    "seriousness" Of The Surgery?

    I had my gall bladder removed back in 2009 and was just sleeved June 29th. He used almost the exact incisions, it was almost the same laproscopic surgery! I had the same type of pains, everything. My recovery has been a little faster with the sleeve though, only difference is I can't eat as much now as I did when I had the gallbladder surgery! lol
  20. Can't imagine not liking my surgeon,or not caring so much for him, this is hard enough without that! lol I was just sleeved June 29th so I understand the anxious feelings, I was so nervous the night before, cried the morning of and cried and tried to back out in preop! they gave me something to relax me and off I went! I do not regret it, I was just so nervous at the permanence of the decision and really I guess, the unknown! Some people do well with no pain and no complications yet others have a hard time so not knowing how my body was going to react was almost to much for my head to wrap around. I am one of the lucky ones with very little pain, easy to get water and broth down and walking like a maniac! Couldn't have asked for a better recovery! I know I'm only 3 days out but goodness, I have heard some stories so I feel lucky! Anyway, just look forward and know that these feelings are very normal and you made this decision for your new life! Good luck!!
  21. tonibugg

    My Boyfriend Left Me

    I'm so sorry! Was it partially because of the surgery? I hear it is sometimes considered a casualty of the surgery. It doesn't make it any better though... I will be praying for you <3
  22. tonibugg

    My Drain

    I just left the hospital where my doc took the drain out and he told me the drain site would drain for a couple of days and then start to heal over and maybe even turn a few lovely colors. If you have any concern though, if it doesn't feel right or look right to you definitely call your Dr's office just to make sure =)
  23. tonibugg

    Damn Damn Damn

    Congratulations!!!! So happy for you!!
  24. tonibugg

    New Here

    Welcome aboard! I joined a little over a month ago and have been addicted ever since! Being able to talk to someone about what emotions etc you are going through in every part of this journey has been so comforting. congrats on your journey!
  25. I ultimately chose Dr Jose Rodriguez for several reasons but here are my main ones.. 1) He operates out of the Star Medica hospital which is who the US Embassy uses in that area - I know that some people are ok with staying in a hotel or recovery house but if I'm going out of the country for the surgery I need to know that if anything comes up or I have questions or concerns I can push a nurse button and there is someone there.. I will be there 4 days and 3 nights in the hospital. This is definetly not to say the other options are wrong for someone else, I'm just already kind of stressing about being in Mexico to begin with so I want to know I will be in a safe and comfortable hospital stress free! lol btw, the hospital gets amazing reviews as well, you can look up pictures and videos of it on youtube. 2) He has a fantastic background (credentials & training) and history with his surgeries and has received degrees here in the US as well as several other countries. 3) Great reputation with his patients, I have spoken with 11 other women who loved him and his staff =) Especially that they speak English (well, most of them anyway! you are in Mexico after all lol) Dr Rod himself speaks English There are more reasons but these are the biggies for me. I also truly love the co-ordinator that I am working with, Jessica at belight. She has been so helpful. It also helped that they financed a portion of the surgery for me with very affordable payments. This surgeon and hospital cost a little more than what I see on these forums, but I'm going to make the best decision for me during all of this and if it takes an extra $2K to have the peace of mind that I need, so be it =) My surgery is this next week on the 29th so I can give you more info on Dr Rodriguez and the hospital and area if you would like, just pm me! Making this decision is so hard! Choosing the doc then listening to all of the different opinions and it seems as if all of these docs are loved by their patients so it's really about what is right for you. Good luck with your journey!

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