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  1. anais02

    Follow Up After Mexico

    Before doing my surgery i advice my current PC and she gave all her support, she even call me 2 weeks after my surgery to see how i was doing, I am also lucky that i leave close to the border and every month i go and see Dr. Ponce De Leon, he is also seeing me every month. I feel more comfortable seeing him every month... good luck
  2. anais02

    Feling Sick

    How far are you?
  3. anais02

    Completely Given Up

    40 pounds in 3 months... that is great we all wish that this was a magic surgery but is not, we all have to be patient. I just had my first visit with my doctor and so far i have only lost 29 pounds in 7 weeks, which according to my doctor he says i'm doing great. He told me that an average and healthy weigh to loss per month is between 10 to 15 so you are on target. Hungry or head hunger? if is that your tummy feels hungry during the day? cz he he ask me if i was feeling hungry i told him only during the morning, he advice me to drink some milk of magnesium before going to bed because it can be acid.... now if is head hunger he advice that it can take up to 3 weeks for this feeling, like he mention i had surgery in my tummy not my brain.... good luck on your journey but you are doing great
  4. anais02

    Is There Spice After The Sleeve?

    I was sleeve on June 23,2012... No issue with any kind of food. I can eat any type of hot souse, jalapenos, salsas and no problem at all. good luck
  5. anais02

    Really Discouraged

    You are doing great... i'm also 7 weeks and i only have lost 29 pounds. According with my dr I am doing good for 7 weeks. I wish i have lost the same amount as you.
  6. I use to love carne asada and soda specially tacos, but now I can't eat them it looks like my sleeve doesn't not like meat or coke.... I have try but no luck...
  7. anais02

    Soda After Sleeve?

    I was told NO SODA at all...
  8. anais02

    Did You Have A Leak?

    No leak, Dr. is there at the test to make sure everything is good.... I did ask the question when i arrived "what about any complication during my stay" Dr. said if anything goes wrong i will take care of everything... I asked if i had to pay any extra??? he said No If any happens will you are here i will take care of you. I was there for 5 days... up to this day... I am good.
  9. My surgery was done in Tj on june 23 by Dr. Ponce De Leon, and let me tell you i had the best experience ever with his team... Let me tell you a little about my self I am a diabetic person when i stared my journey i was 253 I am 5'6 and my sugar fasting at the time were between 160 to 220 (very high), and before bed time they were 190 to 250. Now 12 days after I am 230 this includes the 10 pounds i lost during the 3 day yogurt diet before surgery..... Before going with Dr. Ponce my initial Dr. was Dr Kelly, very good surgeon don't take me wrong but after doing my research and because i am very lucky to live close to the border i was able to meet 3 different dr's in person, I met with them and ask all the question i need to ask, my biggest concern was my bs... not good enough came back and did more online research based on all the research i did and after talking to different people in Tj about the docs experience in this type of procedures i decide to go with Ponce, In Tijuana you ask any one about Dr. Ponce de Leon and every one know who he is.... I decide to go with him not only because of his reputation when i met him he made me feel comfortable, he knew my condition he made sure that my sugars were control before surgery and after, now my sugar fasting are 99- 111 and bedtime are 88-120 is incredible for now i am not taking any meds... take time and do your research.... best luck on your journey
  10. anais02

    ? For Dr. Ponce's Patients

    Based on the list that i received from DR. Ponce.... at 21 days we can start eating Tuna Salad, egg salad, more soups but now we can add salty crackers, yogurt, fruit such as pear, watermelon, melon.... It also says that we can start eating chicken... ... I ask about (lettuce) and he said that he recommends to wait at least 30 days.... I hope this helps..
  11. I am 10 days out and it takes me 1/2 hour to drink 6oz... and no pain.
  12. anais02

    Update On Patrick

    very happy for him.... walk, walk, walk. .....
  13. anais02

    Just An Observation....

    I just had my surgery 10 days... so far so good no acid, not issues.... i can drink my liquids with out any complains...
  14. Hallo!!!! My surgery was done on June 23... INT Hospital by Dr. Ponce de Leon.... Surgery when well, when i woke up i was in a lot of pain and sill out. When they took me to the recovery room after 2 hrs... This wear pain on by back was killing me the only thing that it was in my mine is walk, walk, and walk, I started walking 21/2 hrs after my surgery because of this intense pain in my back (right right where you tight your bra TMI) even the nurse were telling me is gas once you start walking it will go away... so that's what i did.... i wen into surgery at 8am by 11am i was walking, i recall the nurses telling are you ok are sure you feel good... i just wanted for this pain to go away... the only thing that it was relieving the pain was walking and having by back massage.... by 2pm Dr. Ponce comes in and he ask me how you feel explain to him that i was ok beside the pain on my back... I even told him this gases are killing me, he said is it your shoulders, i said no is my back... and i pointed out... he said ohhh! that's not gas really!!! so i ask ok so what it is it... he said you have a muscle spasm... he goes don't worried i will take care of... when out of my room spoke to nurse 10 min latter here she comes with this all meds.... right into my IV 5min later pain gone.... no more back pain... after that i was in haven... i was able to walk every 1/2... for the 2 days i was in hospital i did good the only thing the bug me at the end was the drain... very uncomfortable..... I passed the leak test, remove my drain... and stared with the liquids... ice chips and juice... that was good. Today I am 10 days... feel very good, the only thing that still bugs me is one of my incision, it has not close yet but is not infected i try to keep it clean and all the time, what i have notice is that since i got home i have check bs and before surgery fasting i couldn't have never get done 220 or 230 fasting or 190 before bed and NOW fasting the highest i had it has been 111 and before bed 83 and i am not taking any meds.... thank god... i am able to keep all my liquids, my protein and my vitamins... when i stared my Journey i was 247 as of today my scale says 229.6 (omg).... I'm still working on my head hunger specially when i smell the food or i see other people eating, other than that I am good.....
  15. Hey thanks for the info... good to know that she also coordinates for plastic surgeons