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  1. M0Mof3NC

    Will Be Banded No More

    Congratulations! I got my call on Monday. I go July 9 for Pre-Op and Surgery July 22, can't wait!
  2. M0Mof3NC

    I Can't Believe It...

    I received the Cigna notice today requesting more information from my surgeon. Praying they are on it quickly and approval is received soon!
  3. I'm just curious what people's perception is and where they see their ultimate goal. I'm 5'4" tall and started my weight loss journey at 245 lbs and a size 20. I'm currently 179 lbs and a size 14. I originally thought my goal would be about 140 but now I'm not sure. Just curious what people's goals are/were. Did you meet them or are you a work in progress still? If you met original goal did you stop there? Lose more? If you can, provide starting weight/size and then weight/size for goal or current. I think I'd like to be about a size 6/8. I don't like super skinny and don't think I'd look right being just skin and bone. Right now, I'm celebrating being labeled only Overweight and no longer Obese. Congrats everyone on your success and keep up the good work in your journey!
  4. I'm 11 months post op and ttc, haven't told doc yet but have appointment on Thursday. I was on depo and didn't get my last shot that was due April 1. With my first two kids I was not banded (and only gained 11 lbs with first and 18 with second) but after depo shot it took me 5 months to become regular and conceive so I'm hoping to get a positive sometime between June and August of this year.
  5. M0Mof3NC

    1st year anniversary approaching

    You'll be fine! I've felt like a bit of a failure for my Doc, I mean, nothing spectacular as far as weight loss but on the other hand I remind myself in 6 years of meds/dieting/starving/working out I couldn't break the 200 mark and my weight just kept creeping up. I'm finally seeing results and feel great. An anniversary won't be stopping me from getting healthier and in that I will always consider this sucessful! I'm hoping to be around 170/175 by anniversary...counting down! Good luck everyone!
  6. How's everyone been doing? I'm down almost 50 pounds. It's been slow but steady.
  7. I didn't know until my first fill on August 1 that my surgeon had put 4 cc's in my 10 cc band during surgery. On August 1 I got a 1 cc fill and today got another 1 cc fill so I'm up to 6 cc...so far so good.
  8. Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing? I'm two months post op (Surgery 6/21/12) and I'm down 23.4 lbs from my all time high and have lost 12 inches since surgery! I don't see the scale moving quite as quickly as I'd hoped but my clothes are certainly feeling better. I've had a few people notice which is an absolutely great feeling. I currently have 5 cc in my 10 cc band and have had good restriction for almost a month now. Hoping to see Onderland by October 1!!!
  9. M0Mof3NC

    What Do I Do About Work??

    I told my employer I was having a minor surgical procedure. The next week they wanted to go out to eat after a meeting and I was on mushies so I told them I had a hernai repaired and was having a hard time keeping things down. I ended up having a hernia repaired during surgery so it wasn't a total lie but I don't want the questions or evil looks if I don't lose as quickly as people think I should.
  10. M0Mof3NC

    On Your First Fill, How Many Cc's Did You Get?

    I evidently had 4 cc put in during Surgery, they put 1 cc in on my first fill on 8/1. I'm definately feeling restriction now. I'm able to drink fine but when I eat about 5 spoonfulls is max.
  11. My Grandma is like the only "skinny" one in the family and every time I saw her it was like she had to tell me I looked 5 or 10 lbs heavier. One day I wore a dress and my 4 year old asked me if I was a princess, I was flattered even though I knew I didn't look anything like a princess. Next day I wore a shirt and shorts and my son asked me if I was a princess. He grabbed the corner of my shirt and said "No, you're a cow" and even though he's 4 and completely has no idea how that relates to weight or size, it was just the fact that the shirt was black and white that he said that but it really hurt my feelings. I looked in the mirror crying that night just thinking he was right and I had to do something. I'd tried all kinds of diets, phentermine, and was even walking 5 miles a day and the smallest I could get was still a size 16/18 at 203 lbs. I'd now crept up to 230 so I started looking into lapband. I discussed it with my husband who I expected to shoot me down but he was all for it if it made me happy so I was banded on 6/21. This past Wednesday I saw a friend of mine I hadn't seen in about 6 weeks and she noticed--my first NSV! When she asked what I was doing I told her LAPBAND. I don't want to push it on anyone but if they ask I'm more than willing to share!
  12. M0Mof3NC

    Fitness Pal Friends!

    BandedBecca on my fitness pal, I'm going to add you all as well! I'm two weeks post op and just started solids and working out, I need someone kicking my butt if I don't follow through! Look forward to getting to know you all!
  13. What kind of goals are everyone setting for themselves? My first goal is Onderland! It's not that far away now. I'm hoping to meet it by my first fill on August 1. When I get to 190 I have a reall cute outfit I haven't worn in 6 six years that I'd like to wear before summer is over as hopefully next year it'll be WAY too big!
  14. I had surgery last Thursday 6/21 and am back at work today. I used ice packs on my shoulder and abdomen all weekend when I wasn't walking and that helped tremendously with gas pains and swelling. I'm feeling good today. Not having any issues drinking and go for follow up appointment tomorrow with Surgeon. I am getting kind of hungry especially when I fix meals for my husband and kids but once I eat my liquid regimen I'm fine, real food just smells so good! Anyone else given a blood thinner and bleeding though? I take depo-provera and dont have periods but have been bleeding since right after surgery. They said it was because of a blood thinner shot they gave to me in my stomach. Anyone else experiencing this?
  15. I took my own gown (about knee length, zippered with pockets--it works great to put heart monitor or other tubes in if disconnected while walking) and slippers to the hospital. After 2 c-sections and gall bladder surgery I knew they'd want me up walking ASAP and didn't want my back side hanging out. I wore a cheap sundress home. I'd definately suggest a pillow for the ride home, I forgot mine and it was an hour drive home, I started feeling really sick. Now that I've been home for over 24 hours I'm feeling pretty good. I know people say for gas pains to use gas-x or heating pads but I find that for me ice packs work better. Good luck for everyone scheduled this coming week!

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