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  1. Hi so I heard the main reason behind all this is because once your full that's all your body can take at this time now drinking water afterwards your just stretching your little stomach to make it bigger. I'm a year out and it does get easier however, out if habit I still sip water afterwards but just a sip ..
  2. I'm hitting my 5 month mark on sept 27 and I've lost total of 48 pounds I know right not much.. I just realized what I've been doing wrong. I had a hard time finding a good protein shake so I found one I loved it has no flavor it's Soy protein and it has 110 calories I believe. So I make my shake with scoop of protein, and scoop peanut butter, 1/2 bananna, and soy milk and its very delicious but I just realized its a weight gainer. Smh no wonder I'm stuck.. I knew it was high calories but I figured that's all I was really able to enjoy it was ok but now I realize its not.. So please help any one know some good low calorie protein shake that are delicious ? I don't care for chocolate. Any suggestions will help thank you
  3. Rosikah

    I Need Help And Im Very Sad

    Well I started at 197 but I'm short I'm 4'9 and I lost only 50 pounds I'm 147.. I want to be at least 125-130 for my height..thanks for ur post
  4. Rosikah

    I Need Help And Im Very Sad

    Thank u so much ill download the app and I will Akko look for healthier shakes
  5. Rosikah

    I Need Help And Im Very Sad

    Thank u for ur post I guess we're on the same path..as long as we keep losing then that's all that should matter and ur doing good too so it does average about 10 a month hope I lose another 10 this month but it doesn't look like it.. What are you eating if u don't mind me asking.. I eat a lot more now today I had eggs, ham, little bites of sausage ...
  6. Rosikah

    I Need Help And Im Very Sad

    So how much have u guys lost at about 5 months? I know everyone is different but I want to know cause I'm just discouraged.
  7. Rosikah

    Unflavored Protein Powder

    I use the soy protein unflavored and that all I can take everything else is nasty
  8. Rosikah

    I Need Help And Im Very Sad

    Thank u all I felt do bad I just now need to start looking for something healthier to drink I'm my mornings
  9. Rosikah

    I Need Help And Im Very Sad

    Thank you I just can't help to feel a little discourage
  10. Rosikah

    Protein Powders Smell Like Vomit! Help!

    Ok girl I am 2 months out and I still hate protein. I had to buy no flavor cause all the flavors made me sick. I bought soy protein at nutrition.com and I made my own flavor. I love peanut butter so I put 2 scoops peanut butter, 1/2 cup soy milk, 1/2 bannana, and 1 scoop protein and ice and its the best. Til this day I don't taste no other ones.
  11. I'm 2 months out on June 27. I'm running out if ideas of what to eat next. Do u guys have a website or something that I can refer to as far as what to eat at what stage? For example when can I eat peanuts, lettuce, etc. All I've been eating us like beans, lentils, baby shrimps n I've tried imitation crab with clamato. Any ideas would help. Thanks
  12. Rosikah

    What Are You Guying Eating At 2 Months

    Just curious how much weight u guys have lost? I'm 2 months out and I've only lost 30 I hear ppl lose like 50 and I'm scared I'm not doing something right.
  13. Rosikah

    What Are You Guying Eating At 2 Months

    Really steak? I thought that's was til like 3 months. Thanks for tips. I make lots of food for my daughter n niece like hot dogs but I miss it myself. All I have is juices, n protein shakes and it can get boring.
  14. Rosikah

    Muscle Milk?

    Well I don't like the protein shakes either. But I found it better to make my own flavor insnead of buying flavored ones. I bought the dot protein powder no flavor and I add 1 bannana and 1 scoop protein powder, 1 tble spoon peaubt butter, 1/2 or 1 cup soy milk, add ice to blender and this was much better for me to tolerate.
  15. Thanks just wanted to get info. So what does happen if its sooner just wondering. Can we open up our stiches?
  16. Rosikah

    Hungry Girl Buffalo Chicken Dip

    Will be trying this today. Thanks for the posts
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    This sounds good I'm going to try it