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  1. becky444

    How Long Until You Felt Normal Again

    I returned to work the next week, but I wouldn't advise it. I felt sick and was exhausted, and I left early a few days. I had to move quite a bit at work though, so maybe being at the desk won't be so hard. Good luck!
  2. becky444

    Labor Day Challenge 2012

    weight now: 232, jogged 12 minutes last night (intervals tho, not all at once)!
  3. JenniJune, you should read Geneen Roth's Feeding the Hungry Heart. It is exactly about what you are talking about...that deprivation leads to more problems. It was a good read!
  4. becky444

    Bariatric Supplements

    I would not waste the money on the Bariatric Advantage chewable...I hardly used them! They all taste horrible, and always made me sick. I stopped using them after a week...lots of money down the drain!
  5. Wannabe, my surgery is tomorrow too! I'm very nervous but excited too. I have decided that when I'm scared tomorrow, I'm going to think about you going through the same thing as me! We can do this!
  6. becky444

    What Have I Done?

    Oh man, I hope I haven't screwed everything up! I'm on day 5 out of 13 days of shakes before the surgery. I was so crazy hungry today, and the shakes just weren't taking the hunger away. I'm stressed and tired. I broke down and made myself some scrambled eggs and toast. No fat - I used butter spray- but I feel a little sick now and I'm freaking out that the surgery is going to be canceled now because my liver will be too big or something. If I've gone through all this for nothing I don't know what I'll do =( Feeling pretty low right now...
  7. becky444

    What Have I Done?

    Well, I did get through it. I got right back on the shakes the next day, and thanks to all you supportive people I was a lot less stressed about my slip-up. Thanks!
  8. becky444

    Whirlwind Week...ugh!

    Thank you all so much, it means a lot to be getting support from people who are taking this journey too!
  9. becky444

    Any June Sleevers?

    I'm June 18th! Just started my pre-surgical shake diet today. So far I'm pretty hungry about 2 hours after a shake, but I've been keeping really busy to keep my mind off it.

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