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    NenaLinda reacted to Mz_Elle for a blog entry, I Was Bad...sugar Today   
    I was bad today. They served us lunch and I gave in to a brownie. I have not had real sugar in over 3 months. I really just wanted to see how it tasted and I also wanted to see if I would experience "dumping." I guess I'm a sadist or something. The other day I was happy to have felt "restriction" and ended up vomiting.
    Well I didn't have a dumping reaction to the sugar. I did enjoy the treat while it lasted, but afterwards I felt I'd fall into the old craving of sweets. I surprisingly have not. With it being that time of the month, no less! (I know TMI, but hey this is why we have the forum!).
    Overall I feel I've tested something within myself with this cheat...but I don't know what...
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    NenaLinda reacted to Gene1970 for a blog entry, 1 Day Post Surgery   
    I can hardly believe that I had my surgery almost 29 hours ago now. I feel much better than I anticipated I would. My pain level immediatly after surgery was maybe a 6 and the nurse got it down to a 3 within minutes. Once I was back in the room the pain seemed to go down to a 2-3 and stayed there for a few hours then went down to a 1. As I sit here just 29 hours post OP I have to say my pain level is a ZERO!!! No regrets on the surgery so far. I have been drinking plenty of water (slowly) and have had Jello a couple of times, broth a couple of times, and popcicle. Can't wait to see the pounds drop.
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    NenaLinda reacted to Gene1970 for a blog entry, Day 3 Post Surgery   
    Feeling much better today. I have been able to drink and eat with minimal cramps from my new sleeve. I'm getting up and down much better as well. I still have some pulling on the incisions when I get up but it is nothing like it was the past 2 days.
    The menu for the last 2 days included Jello, popcicles, broth, and of course water. My plan allowed me to add some new things today so I have added unsweetened apple sauce, light yogurt, and really think oatmeal. So far everything is settling ok although I am taking it really slow. Hoping tomorrow will be even better.

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