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I Was Bad...sugar Today



I was bad today. They served us lunch and I gave in to a brownie. I have not had real sugar in over 3 months. I really just wanted to see how it tasted and I also wanted to see if I would experience "dumping." I guess I'm a sadist or something. The other day I was happy to have felt "restriction" and ended up vomiting.


Well I didn't have a dumping reaction to the sugar. I did enjoy the treat while it lasted, but afterwards I felt I'd fall into the old craving of sweets. I surprisingly have not. With it being that time of the month, no less! (I know TMI, but hey this is why we have the forum!).


Overall I feel I've tested something within myself with this cheat...but I don't know what...


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My husband bought a big bag of peanut m&m's at the grocery store last Saturday. I admit to having a few handfuls.....BAD!!!!

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How do you stay off hte sugar? I'm struggling at the moment due to a lot stress at work. In my olden days I'd cope by eating a bag of Oreos or getting a large DQ Blizzard with Oreo and Heath bar.

On Saturday, I gave in to a Skinny Cow chocolate stir shake for which I added Almond Milk instead of 1/3 cup regular milk. It was pretty good and less than 250 calories.

But I need to stop COPING with sweets. I'm pretty much addicted to Crystal light at the moment, but nothing does this body better than CHOCOLATE during stress and/or that TOM. I need to shake this habit.

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